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MMA In the Wild: Bully Picks Fight With Blind Kid, Receives Instant Karma

(Photo/tip via UPROXX)

I can’t even fathom what level of coward/scumbag/sadist you’d have to be to pick a fight with a blind kid, but as a guy who spends most of his days watching “street justice” videos, I’m *almost* glad the skater punk (pictured lying in a heap above) did, if only for the swift and brutal retribution he received as a result.

Video after the jump.

So here’s the scenario, as CBS LA tells it:

A student who is reportedly blind was being slapped around and punched by one student as several people looked on. The victim and suspect know each other and have a history of not getting along. Yesterday the victim walked past the suspect and they got into an argument.  

That’s when a third kid (identified as Cody Pines) stepped in and absolutely leveled the unidentified “suspect” with a right hand. The bully’s friends then try to intervene, but are clearly too scared by what they just witnessed to actually get physical about it. Instead, they opt to help their pal to his feet as Pines gives them a Dana White-esque tongue lashing.

“I swear to God, if you fucking fuck  with this kid again, I will  fuck you up!” he shouts, no doubt forcing one of the group to evacuate his bowels.

This was some straight-out-of-a-movie heroism, which of course means that Pines has since been suspended from school as a result of his actions. Thankfully, someone started a petition to right this wrong and it has already received 30,000+ signatures.

As for the bully, well, he has been arrested on misdemeanor battery charges, not to mention thoroughly embarrassed for being the punk that he is. I can only hope a handful of future ass whoopings lie in store for him, as well as his friends, his family, and the people who just stood around watching as he took shots at a blind kid. Seriously, every last one of you are the *worst*.

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