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MMA: Inside the Cage #132 — “100 Knockouts Strike Back!” [VIDEO]

Regardless of how you feel about Casey “Glorious Ball Tickler of Absolute Douchiness” Oxendine, it’s hard to deny that he and co-host Cyrus Fees are doing a fantastic job bringing mainstream audiences the best in small promotion fight news over at MMA: Inside the Cage. Specifically, bringing us knockout videos from local promotions spanning across damn near every continent on this planet (for some reason, Antarctica’s Igloo Fighting Championship has yet to truly take off). While these knockouts are often sporadically placed throughout each episode, every now and again we are treated to an entire episode devoted to the knockout videos fans of the show have sent in from around the world.

So to honor Inside the Cage’s third collection of 100 epic knockouts, we’ve thrown the full video of episode #132 above for you to enjoy. Featuring more falling tree, lawn chair, and King slow-Mo knockouts than you can shake a stick at, episode #132 is destined to reside in the bowels of MMA culture until at least Wednesday, so check it out and let us know which knockout you think took the cake.

-J. Jones

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2Dogs- March 4, 2013 at 10:17 am
Great Vid, far as "shave face" is concerned, well at least hes a commentator/reprter who is trying his hand in the cage and not some keyboard warrior...just sayin...but crazy as it seems from a marketing and "know your face" perspective its just another page out of Madonnas PR campaign. peace