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Is MMA Like a Beauty Salon?

The Los Angeles Times has a good piece today on Dana White’s continuing love with money. Not to beat a dead horse – as we’ve been quite vocal about the uneven pay structure within most fight organizations – but it’s pretty damn cool to see The Times giving some attention to the tension Baldy has created by defending his undefendable position. Saying shit like:

“We’re running a business here. This is not ‘Fantasy Island’….”MMA is like a beauty salon, with all these [fighters] sitting around talking about what they’re not getting.”

Lex Luthor’s twin goes on to say a bunch of other dumbass things, like how he’s the reason any of the fighters are successful, most of them are happy, Randy and Tito are dicks, blah, bah, blah. We’ve heard all this, but it gets more sickening when the actual figures are broken down.Of course, Randy Couture is featured prominently throughout the article and there are some good Tito Ortiz quotes.

“We’ve had to put our lives on the line, and now that we’ve seen the UFC making its money back — and more — we’re asking, ‘Where’s the money?’” Ortiz said. “Dana’s famous words are, ‘I’m going to make you the biggest superstar in the world,’ but they make great [dollar] numbers on their video games, merchandising, and DVDs of us fighting, and the fighters get none of it.”

The boxing world weighs in, too.

Boxing promoter Dan Goossen said the MMA fighters’ gripes are no different from the sometimes contentious labor negotiations in other sports.”Success brings headaches,” Goossen said.”MMA/UFC is just starting to feel the repercussions of its success. . . . You wouldn’t be having these arguments if the UFC was not so successful in its promotion.”

Sure, Dana is a promoter and marketer, and yes, he got the UFC off to the races. But palm the guys a little extra fucking scratch who are the reason the sport has made you a gazillionaire. But, I digress…Keep it coming LA Times.


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Me- December 27, 2007 at 4:27 pm
Why pay these guys top dollar? So they can get a massive contract and pull a Cro Cop and lose fight after fight? Dana is smart. Because at any time a newcomer like Houston Alexander can get people to come to UFC events and pay for the PPV shows... even though he last his last fight, that guy is going to get table scraps for pay and they will make major $$ off of him.. and any other new guy that comes in and beats some ass. Just like War Machine and Jrock.. I would rather watch those guys go at it again then any type of Tito or Randy fight.. and definetely a Tim Sylvia fight! Good job Dana... MMA's favorite jew.
lolwut- December 27, 2007 at 7:35 am
well since u insist UR A FAGGOT! but yes i do agree with u.
dlush125- December 27, 2007 at 4:32 am
Not to be a dick and disagree, But.... As harsh as it sounds alot of fighters are a dime a dozen. I know the ufc is world class fighters, I am not saying i am anywhere near their level. Unfortunately there are guys out there who will fight harder for cheaper. I think at times some of these guys get in their get some fights under their belts, see some green and get lazy. I know this is gonna come off dickish but it is just an opinion. I am in no way saying these guys dont deserve respect or more money. I just think some should really earn it. Tito hasnt earned shit in my opinion. is last victory was at the expense of poor ken shamrock who i think is showing early signs of being punch drunk. His other 2 "victories" were against cote which should have been a draw and griffin, dont even get me started there. Either way thats my opinion, everyone can start talking shit to me and calling me a fag now....