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MMA One-Liners: Huerta, Griffin, Liddell, Le + More

(Roger Huerta could be ending his fight-hiatus in August.)

Brief (but important) developments in the world of organized violence…

MMAMadness has learned from a “very reliable source” that UFC lightweight Roger Huerta will return to the Octagon at UFC 87 (August 9th, Minneapolis), against a yet-unnamed opponent. Could this be related to Kenny Florian‘s recent call-out of “El Matador”? If it’s not, Joe Silva can basically go eff himself.

— In his first TUF7 column for Fox Sports, Forrest Griffin reveals that all the fighters were instructed to show up at no heavier than 190 pounds; so that one dude who had to drop 17 in one day only has himself to blame. Also: “I noticed that for the first couple of days ‘Rampage’ was much more funny than me and I was upset by that.”

— Perhaps due to the controversy spurring from last week’s news coverage of kiddie MMA, legislators are seeking to ban children’s MMA competitions in Missouri, the only state where youth matches are allowed. The MO-based youth-MMA organization Freestyle Combat League already requires its fighters to wear head gear and shin guards, and prohibits strikes to the head of a grounded opponent. The head of the FCL, Nathan Orand, says he’ll also be adding chest and stomach protectors for fighters younger than 14, allowing referees to stop a match if they see the danger of a joint injury, and switching from a cage to a ring. Sounds safe enough for our daughter!

This Portfolio article on Chuck Liddell-as-accountant is notable for the following metaphor: “When I’m watching pre-fight tapes, I’m collecting all my receipts on my opponents, accumulating data,” [Liddell] says. “Once I step into the cage, it’s April 15. Everything is due.”

— MMAJunkie just put up an article evaluating the UFC performance of the 100 fighters featured on the first six seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. Junkie’s rather downbeat assessment: “[O]nly about 20 percent could be generously credited as UFC stars, or even serious contenders in their weight classes…more than half of the “TUF” contestants were unequivocal flops in that they failed to last more than two or three fights with the organization, if even that long.”

— Our buddy Ariel at JarryPark was recently named Editor-in-Chief of (mazel tov, brotha), and just put up a great audio interview with Cung Le, in which the new Strikeforce middleweight champ discusses Frank Shamrock‘s trash-talk and his current contract situation with Strikeforce.

— Have a friend you don’t mind getting uncomfortably close with? Then these 10 “Ultimate Fighting” Exercises might be for you…

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J Brown- June 12, 2008 at 6:56 pm
HeyTONER BREATH maybe you haven't noticed he's almost perfect record, and it's not a sock it's called a cup all the guys have to wear them. Stop being gay and take BONEMAN'S head out of your a** and get a life.
Boneman- April 4, 2008 at 6:42 am
Huerta is a burritto selling bitch!
Noah- April 3, 2008 at 6:08 pm
Why does MMAJunkie think it's a bad thing that 20% of the contestants on the Ultimate Fighter become legitimate fighters in the UFC? I think that's damn good, it's a show to see if they belong in the UFC! If you get 2 or 3 per season who become solid fighters, I think you're doing pretty well.
TheFeniX- April 3, 2008 at 4:25 pm
Why do I get this vision of a commercial where the guy says "I got people," then Chuck jumps into the room and knocks some guy out?

Shit, I'd let him do my taxes.
Toner Breath- April 3, 2008 at 3:17 pm
I LOVE the KenFlo v Huerta fight... I hope that happens...

prediction: KenFlo knocks the SHIT out of Huerta in the opening minute, then pulls out the sock in his shorts
mmacoach- April 3, 2008 at 3:08 pm
If those are going to be the rules to kid's mma, they should let it be. It is only as dangerous as boxing or jiujitsu with those rules.