MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails

MMA Video/Gif Tribute: The Flying Mouthpiece

Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken a look at several unique knockouts in the world of mixed martial arts, and as Nick Diaz will tell you, now that we’re hooked, there’s no turning back. So today, we pay tribute to yet another aspect of the fight game, specifically, one that only happens on the rarest of occasions, like Halley’s Comet or Bob Sapp showing up to win. We’re talking, of course, about the moment in combat sports when a fighter delivers a shot with such force that it is able to dislodge the airtight mouthpiece from the opponent’s…mouth. It’s embarrassing, often causes a stop in the action, and doesn’t always end in a knockout, but it’s also hilarious, and that’s what we’re all about anyway. So with that in mind, here are some of the finest instances of the flying mouthpiece in MMA.

Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz – UFC 106
Forrest kicks out Tito's mouthpiece [UFC 106]

Rob McCullough vs. Olaf Alfonso – WEC 19

Ricardo Lamas vs. Bendy Casimir – WEC 47 

Scott Jorgensen vs. Brad Pickett – WEC 50

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  1. I Know Nothing Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 09:17

    great job by the ref in the McCullough/Alfonso fight, he made sure that mouthpiece was safe & good thing too because now Alfonso can use it permanently to keep from swallowing his tongue while he's in a coma due to all the extra shots he took while the ref went after it.
  2. Me likey Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 09:17

    i feel a flying snot and slober gif/tribute coming next.
  3. Me likey Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 09:20

    the mccullough/alfonso fight could have been a no contest result if the replay system was in place. he clearly takes a shot to the nuts right before being ko'd. did his hands drop because of the nut shot? probably not but who knows.
  4. hitekredneck Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 09:27

    wasn't a nut shot, hit right at the belt line.
  5. Onan Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 09:33

    Alfonso must be one of those rare fellows who stores his nuts up near his right hip...
  6. mma fan Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 10:36

    at first look i thought it was a bad nut shot also but if you look closer it was on the belt line as hitekredneck pointed out. man did he take some unneccesary shots though.
  7. The12ozCurls Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 10:50

    "The Flying Mouthpiece" is pretty damn good but ...... Let's go with a more brutal one - "THE FLYING TEETH" tribute. I nominate Karo Parisyan vs Diego Sanchez as well as Gerard Gordeau vs Teila Tuli. And what about TUF contestant Frank Lester who had to pull a couple teeth out of his own mouthpiece after round 1 with James Wilks. We can call it "Floating Chick-lets" or "Broken China" or something much more creative.
  8. Sho Nuff Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 10:55

    I agree with I Know Nothing, that ref gonna get somebody killed.
  9. bootystar Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 11:27

    too bad you couldn't find the one where Kimo spit out his guard on purpose cuz Sapp had the ref hanging off his nuts
  10. Me likey Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 12:19

    idk. his shin looks like it goes right across where his trunks say otc. probably is a little high but even when you get hit on top it hurts hence "below the belt". either way his right hand was on his hip and he didn't pull his jab back so he was getting hit anyway.
  11. Me likey Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 12:20

    @ The12ozCurls i nominate randy couture vs lyoto machida.
  12. NinjaVanish Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 02:13

    I was in the third row for that Lamas vs Casimir fight, for a second I was hoping that mouthpiece was gonna come out and get caught by a fan lol.
  13. Organ Donor Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 03:35

    Wow, I missed the fact that Steven Segal had been advising Forrest Griffin.
  14. dillweed Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 06:44

    we train that brad pickett mouthpiece recovery shit hardcore at my gym, cuz you never know... you just never know
  15. Todd M Says:

    Tue, 02/14/12 - 08:28

    Good spot I Know Nothing, thats Yves Levigne levels of refereeing right there.
  16. Bellator 62 Recap: Those Are the Breaks « Rocked MMA Says:

    Sat, 03/24/12 - 08:04

    [...] choke, guillotine, and kimura before landing a beautiful pair of upkicks that sent Ambrose’s mouthpiece flying. From there Weedman took control, securing JJ’s back and working for a rear naked choke to [...]
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