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MMA/Wrestling Body Slams In Football Are, Like, SO Hot Right Now

If you didn’t think that Canelo Alvarez’s multiple attempts to guillotine (and even kimura, at one point) Floyd Mayweather over the course of their 10 round throwdown last weekend was proof enough that MMA is slowly, perhaps even subconsciously trickling into mainstream sports, check these out.

Chances are you’ve seen or at least heard that more and more professional football players are taking up mixed martial arts by the day — either as a hobby or as a way of staying in shape in the offseason. As well they should; it’s a fantastic cardio workout, it increases one’s understanding of balance and leverage, etc. But perhaps the most interesting effect that MMA training (or MMA in general) is having on the world of football can be seen in the vicious slams that have punctuated the first two weeks of the 2013 NFL season.

Just look at the video above, for instance, in which New York Jets cornerback Ellis Lankster pulls off a b-e-a-utiful German suplex on Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Eric Page. And if you think that MMA/wrestling-style slam was an isolated incident, just check out the ones we’ve placed after the jump…

Major props to Deadspin for grabbing this gif of Atlanta Falcons DB William Moore power-slamming St. Louis Rams tight end Mike McNeil yesterday. I imagine that McNeil’s chest felt the same after that slam as mine did during the entirety of last night’s Breaking Bad episode. I’m so fucking topical, you guys.

Our final slam takes out out of the big leagues and into the realm of high school football, where Woodbridge High five-star defensive end recruit Da’Shawn Hand suplexed Josh Hayes into a fine powder during Woodbridge’s 26-22 victory over Osbourn Park last week. As Jim Ross’ God as my witness, that Hayes kid is broken in half.


-J. Jones

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