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A copy of the lawsuit against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and his bone head manager, Juanito Ibarra, is now floating out in cyberspace. White Chocolate Management (WCM) president, Reed Wallace, is seeking $10,000,000 in damages for the company, alleging that Ibarra talked shit about WCM and road-blocked some deals the company brought to him with the plan of going after the same deals later and keeping the spoils for himself. Doesn’t seem like something a colleague of the uber-classy Rampage Jackson would do, now does it?

MMA Fightline has some choice quotes from the pissed-off Wallace:

“Rampage has lost literally millions of dollars in deals that Juanito [Ibarra] just sent away because he didn’t want someone else taking credit for those deals,” Wallace explained. “Juanito tried to go back to those companies and do the deals on his own and it just didn’t work out. I know of two of [these deals] that he’s still working on right now and one of these deals is a deal whereby Juanito will only agree to allow the deal to happen with Rampage if the company in question agrees to do a deal with him personally as well.”


“It’s available by court/public record as an exhibit to the lawsuit… he needs to stop lying,” said Wallace.

And more still:

“As a result of the lawsuit, we are getting many calls and emails from people that Juanito has burned or slandered and he uses Rampage as leverage to benefit himself. That’s not the way to do business but then again, he’s a cut man and trainer, not a manager. This will all come out in court.”

Attorney Robert Hantman is handling the “he said/she said” marathon for WCM. He even sneaks in a MMA-inspired quote of his own: “let White Chocolate do its job without interference and honor his [Rampage's] contract. The alternative is to go the distance. The decision is his.” Talking like such a badass probably made him pee a little in his legal briefs (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Take that, Bitches! I’d be shocked if Rampage had to cough up that many bones, but it does look like Ibarra shit the bed for both of them on this one. And like we’ve been dishing about for weeks now, the more and more money MMA brings in – specifically the UFC – lawsuits are going to become a regular thing. Rampage is gonna’ continue to play dumb about this – something he does well – but he had to know what was brewing. Unless, he really is that brain damaged.

Ibarra has been tight-lipped about this of late, which is probably smart since he’s guilty as sin.

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robert hantman- January 2, 2008 at 5:46 am
no one is "pissing in their briefs"