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Moosin Update: Tim Sylvia Has Slimmed Down to 305 Pounds

(If they were the same guy, this would be a fantastic ad for Trimspa. Photos courtesy of Sherdog.)

Last June, we saw Tim Sylvia‘s alarming weight of 310.6 pounds as proof that he didn’t take his fight against Ray Mercer as seriously as he should have. Well you all can put your concerns to rest now, because according to yesterday’s Moosin: God of Martial Arts weigh-ins, the Maine-iac has hacked off a full 5.6 pounds since that brutal loss, suggesting that maybe he’s leaving that last rib on the plate when he goes out and orders three slabs of ribs. We’re proud of you, buddy. In all seriousness, this isn’t a physique competition, and Mariusz Pudzianowski didn’t really impress anybody in his last fight, which took place just two weeks ago. But Tim’s unwillingness to get below 300 pounds (and his doughy, Wes Sims-like build) may be a sign that his heart isn’t really into training these days. After the jump: Full weigh-in results for tonight’s Moosin show, plus a video of Roxy Modafferi and Tara LaRosa getting all chummy before their fight. Have you made your Moosin picks on FightPicker yet?

Tim Sylvia (305) vs. Mariusz Pudzianowski (273)
Travis Wiuff (253) vs. Josh Barnes (262)
Travis Lutter (185) vs. Rafael Natal (185)
Yves Edwards (157) vs. Mike Campbell (156)
Tara LaRosa (129) vs. Roxanne Modafferi (128)

Ho Jin Kim (196) vs. Lukasz Jurkowski (214)
Ralph Johnson (171) vs. Forrest Petz (170.5)
Matt Lee (170.5) vs. Brett Oteri (175.5)
Frederic Belleton (185) vs. Anthony Lapsley (185)
Paul Barry (245) vs. Stipe Miocic (241)

(Props: Rox23)


  1. Almost North Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 07:41

    Timmy is high as shit in this photo. Trust me.
  2. Bob Reilly Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 07:42

    Its just a paycheck for ol Timmay!
  3. Viva Hate Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 07:44

    That looks like a before and after picture from some shitty infomercial. Also, nice attempt by Big Tim to suck in the gut but we can see you trying way to hard, just don't shit yourself buddy.
  4. Joedirt Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 07:53

    I think they'll be pulling the Pud off of Timmy. He probably would have been in better shape but his boss at Starbucks wouldn't give him the time off to train.
  5. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:03

    Tim had to suck in his gut just to see the number on that shitty bathroom scale they got from Bed, Bath and Beyond the day of the weigh-ins.
  6. ReX13 Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:06

    It looks like someone in the crowd cracked a Pollock joke while Pudz weighed in.
  7. Ratel Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:09

    Sylvia needs to be put out to pasture. The dude has sunk so low he's gone from being the UFC's HW champ to to a sideshow fatbody. What an embarassment.
  8. sp00ki kabuki Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:11

    all of you are talkin about tim. the biggest surprise to me is that lutter made weight!!
  9. PingPong Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:13

    Nice udders Tim, you put the Moo in Moosin.
  10. jimbonics Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:13

    Man, I guess that pee pee tastes pretty damn good.
  11. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:14

    PingPong Says: Fri, 05/21/2010 - 11:13 Nice udders Tim, you put the Moo in Moosin. This made laugh out loud. If only there was a shorter way of typing that. If only...
  12. Joedirt Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:17

    I'm thinking i might toss a $20 on Pud... just because. Tim Sylvia NEVER fails to disappoint. Now if it were a chicken wing eating contest I may bet the other way.
  13. ReX13 Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:18

    PingPong and Jimbo>> +1
  14. DangadaDang Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:37

    Will someone tell Morgan Spurlock that we all saw "Super Size Me" and he can stop living off Big Mac's and shame now?
  15. Crap Factory Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:37

    The Butterbean vs. Lyndon Byers fight was canceled. The Massachusetts Athletic Commission wouldn't sanction it.
  16. ytrebil Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:43

    This is going to be the most boring, gassed fight since McSweeney Vs Shivers… Strong man to win by LnP.
  17. Kicktothegroin Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:45

    Is it just me or does Pudzianowski look like a roidier, less orange version of the "Situation"?
  18. justscrappin Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:47

    The peepee comment reminded me about the fact that Timmy was able to bang that incredibley hot ( fake as well...and obviously retarted..but most models are) skank that Arlovski was dating. Just goes to show you that money/power crazy bitches have no scruples...and no logic. The bitch might as well started fucking the belt...cuz that's what she was there for....ooooh shiny! Yes I know that this comment would have been more pertinent in 2007.
  19. Viva Hate Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 08:50

    Damn Massachusetts for once again shitting on everyones fun! I really was interested to see how Byers could do, he was fun to watch slug in the NHL and lets face it, Butterbean is no Fedor. I know it was a silly charity fight but it was going to add some fun.
  20. Horror Fighter Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 09:16

    Does Tim still train at the Miletich camp?
  21. Crap Factory Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 09:26

    Now I get to have beers with LB tonight instead of watching him get his ass kicked.
  22. the mocker Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 10:01

    I bet Tim strikes the same pose every day when he gets out of the shower looking for his nub.
  23. netterbog Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 10:02

    Girls are weird.
  24. Robocop Didnt Tap Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 10:13

    Two observations... -Tim Sylvia does look a little baked in his photo. With the way his arms are held and the look on his face, I can just imagine him thinking "whoah, I'm totally floating dude!" -Pudz reminds me of Joe Swanson from Family Guy for some reason...minus the paralysis.
  25. cecils_pupils Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 10:13

    horror fighter - no, Tim ATE the Miletich camp!
  26. Goog Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 10:27

    If that's accurate that Puds is 273, that means he's dropped almost 27 pounds in a couple months or not less. I sure he's strong as hell, but I won't be surprised to see him go down even more, possibly in the low 260's or mid 250's. Some of his strength will obviously go with that. He's got a very short window for capitalizing on the size if he steps into fights outside a fairgrounds-size promotion and is gonna need to put together a striking game before it's too late. The lifestyle and supplements needed to maintain the strongman physique are behind him and he'll soon be "a big son of a bitch", not an "OMG freak of nature". I like the guy, but pulling a bus and getting punched in the face are two different things. (aren't they?...)
  27. That_guy Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 11:06

    That was damn disrespectful towards Wes Sims. He may be a giant talentless buffoon but he wasn't as fat and soft looking as Tim. I see no muscles at all on Timmy.
  28. 513 Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 12:00

    as if either of them stood a chance vs Ken Shamrock
  29. mikesite Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 12:15

    Tim looks like mayonnaise wrapped in saran wrap
  30. Ratel Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 12:34

    Horror Fighter - latest reports say that Tim trains exclusively at an unspecified all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet in downtown Maryland. Rumors are flying all over the place on this fight, ranging from Ken Shamrock cornering for Big Pud to Shamrock being the Special Guest referee.
  31. Ratel Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 12:43

    @ That_guy save your empathy for Sims, dude. That's one muhfuh who's gonna be living under a bridge again, real soon. He got choked out by a rookie on TUF 10 in less than a minute. I think he lasted 37 seconds.
  32. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 01:00

    Pudyankskidooski looks different when he's not all lathered up with baby oil, somewhat more pink and fleshy, as if he was carved out of Spam. I think Fedor actually permanently damaged Tim's brain when he battered him senseless (the choke was just for show-offs). It's sad to see a middle aged man dodder about in his adult diapers. Take him back to the turkey farm.
  33. Ratel Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 01:01

    @ MR_Mis - +100 for that!
  34. mikesite Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 01:49

    There Back! In a movie based real life events, Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best roll yet stepping in as former strong man Marious Pudzianowski. And former UFC champ Tim Sylvia, played by nonother then Danny Devito. Universal Studios bring you…..Twins 2.
  35. bozothebrown Says:

    Fri, 05/21/10 - 05:19

    he looks like a fat john goodman
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    Sun, 11/10/13 - 10:22

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