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More UFC 89 Video: Samy Schiavo vs. Per Eklund

From the unaired preliminaries, Per Eklund (he’s the bald one with the peace tattoo) and Samy Schiavo go at it at UFC 89 while some Dutch dudes (or Swedish dudes, if you really give a shit) narrate. The fight has the frenetic pace that we’re accustomed to from the desperate prelim fighters, and it makes for a hell of a scrap that is absolutely worth watching.

It’s tough to tell from the lighting and the camera angle, but it would appear that in England people actually show up for the prelims. There’s a noticeable lack of the empty seats that we’re used to during these fights. Guess that’s what happens when you sell those cageside seats to individuals rather than casinos. Good to see people getting their money’s worth.


  1. mmmiles Says:

    Sun, 10/19/08 - 09:27

    I'm guessing the narrator is swedish. Per Eklund is a swede and the links on the ticker at the bottom are .se swedish sites.
  2. ButtFlies Says:

    Sun, 10/19/08 - 09:33

    dutch?? its swedish douchebag! per eklund is from sweden.
  3. emil Says:

    Sun, 10/19/08 - 09:39

    Correction: The narrators are not dutch, they're from Sweden just like Per Eklund. Sweden got ourselves two victories that night, the other one coming from David Bielkheden which also had a good fight. Better than most of the main card-fights in my opinion.
  4. DDT Says:

    Sun, 10/19/08 - 09:42

    Um, yeah that place is neraly empty.
  5. alan Says:

    Sun, 10/19/08 - 09:45

    idd the david bielkheden fight was pretty good aswell...well now you guys know why i always complain about the swedish narrators:P cant wait to see more from eklund and bielkheden.
  6. Markus Says:

    Sun, 10/19/08 - 10:55

    The narrators are a former pro-boxer and his brother. They're despicable. At least the boxer. His brother actually practices jiujitsu and shooto, so he at least knows a few things about the training and the sport, but the boxer just keeps talking like it was MMA, not pro-boxing, he'd been practicing all those years. (Altough, I admit, he's got a black belt in tae kwon doe, so he might have a point when he's talkin' kicks).
  7. emil Says:

    Sun, 10/19/08 - 11:25

    The thing I hate most about Paolo Roberto the narrator is that he freaks out over nothing, like jumping out of his chair screaming at the top of his lungs a thousand times per fight like "HE GOT HIM!!! HE GOT HIM!!! IT'S ALL OVER!!!" when clearly they're not even close to a finish in the fight. I can watch UFC for free in Sweden but choose not to simply because of that guy. Joe Rogan FTW.
  8. Tok-Erik Says:

    Mon, 10/20/08 - 05:57

    Well David Bielkheden made an excellent fight and I hope to see more of him in the future. Per Eklund the other swede didn't really perform that well. But atleast Per Eklunds fight was better than last time.
  9. mastah Says:

    Mon, 10/20/08 - 08:55

    its an "old" boxer called Paulo Roberto thats screaming. and hes Swedish
  10. re1lly Says:

    Mon, 10/20/08 - 12:05

    Schiavo had a great escape from the arm bar!! it was locked in!!
  11. Tank Says:

    Mon, 10/20/08 - 02:48

    Currently is Per Eklund ranked No.1 in europe in his weightclass.
  12. ife hearted Says:

    Mon, 10/20/08 - 04:20

    Per Eklund looks like John Malkovich
  13. JuliusHolmberg Says:

    Mon, 10/20/08 - 04:21

    I can confirm these are Swedish commentators. SWEDEN RULES <3
  14. Swedish Blood Says:

    Mon, 10/20/08 - 05:32

    Hey Cage-Potato! Im sure the majority of the guests here are from US, but you guys seem to think that ALL of them come from over there. I bet there are TONS of different nationalities here on the site! Could be a nice thing to have in mind...
  15. UxN12SfaIB Says:

    Sat, 10/12/13 - 08:19

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  16. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 06:05

    More UFC 89 Video: Samy Schiavo vs. Per Eklund | Cagepotato... Souls in the Waves...

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