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Mr. Herpes Lands on His Feet

(Yep, this again.)

A few weeks ago, FiveOuncesofPain reported that a former All-American wrestler named Paul Bradley — who was rumored to be a castmember for The Ultimate Fighter 7 — had just been signed to a fight contract by EliteXC. It didn’t mean all that much to us until this morning, when we realized, OMG, Paul Bradley is the dude who was just kicked out of the TUF house because of his cootie-neck! In a new interview on 5oz., Bradley gives his take on his TUF eviction, and his transition to the UFC’s biggest competitor. Some highlights:

Sam Caplan: Just to clarify, your condition is called Herpes Gladiatorum?
Paul Bradley: Yes, that’s right. There’s type I and type II. Type I is sexually transmitted and type II, which is what I had, is transferred from the skin. It’s basically a cold sore but I get it on my neck…

Like my college trainers say, in college wrestling you deal with this a ton because of the skin-to-skin contact. If you wrestle five years and don’t get it, you’re pretty lucky…

I went and saw a doctor that morning and he’s like, “Two days on these meds (the Valtrex) and you’ll be fine.” And I’m like, “Alright, great.” So I went back and then Dana brought in his close, personal friend and the guy is saying this and that about that I can still give it to someone, but that’s not how it works. It’s got to be broken out, which it was but two or three days on the medicine and it was going to be gone…it wasn’t going to happen again throughout the whole show — I can guarantee you that. Especially when I was taking that medicine every day.

Sam Caplan: So it was a pre-existing condition. Had you disclosed that when you submitted your medicals?
Paul Bradley: Well, I had submitted all of my medicals from college so I’m sure it was in there. But like I said, I can name a ton of fighters in that organization that have it right now. Of course I won’t (name them), but half of the guys are wrestlers and I can name a couple off the top of my head right now. A couple of them I keep in touch with and they couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t believe it because it is so common in amateur wrestling and in wrestling in general you hear about it all the time. It was no big deal in my wrestling room at Iowa. “I got the herps” today is what you would say and you’d have to sit out a few days and get your medicine and you’re good to go within two or three days.

I was just shocked when Dana said he had never seen anything like this because with jiu-jitsu, wrestling, or any sport with skin-to-skin contact, you can acquire it.

Bradley went on to say that he’s in talks to get on the undercard of EliteXC’s June 14 event in Hawaii, in the first of a potential three-fight deal. Hopefully, the bit of infamy he got from his appearance on TUF doesn’t hound him from the rest of his career. It’s not fun to be known as “the herpes guy”; we know, we went to high school. But hey, if you’re going to have an incurable disease, you’re going to want one that sounds as badass as Herpes Gladiatorum. Fun fact: “Herpes Gladiatorum” is the official name for the piece of music that plays in the UFC pay-per-view intros

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herpesfinder- January 12, 2010 at 12:45 am
1 in 4 have an STD, are you one of them? Try this herpes dating site
todd- April 17, 2008 at 12:57 pm
nothing like a neck full of craby crusty Herpes to start your day with
High Roller- April 17, 2008 at 8:42 am
This is just more Herpes bullshit. The level of ignorance and denial in our society surrounding Herpes Simplex Virus is simply astounding. People don't give a shit about "cold sores" but get all freaked out about "sexually transmitted" herpes. What a fucking farce.

Paul Bradley is wrong on two counts: First, Herpes Gladiatorum is usually caused by HSV-I. Second, to describe HSV-I as "sexually transmitted", while describing what he has (probably incorrectly described as HSV-II) as "transferred from the skin" is a misrepresentation. Technically all HSV infections (including what he has) could be sexually transmitted and ultimately, all of it is "transferred from the skin". Obviously he's saying it this way to change people's perception of what he carries, but it's simply dishonest (or more likely, ignorant).

HSV-I and HSV-II are basically the same thing. The principle difference is where they prefer to establish themselves in your body. HSV-I prefers the mouth while HSV-II tends to prefer the genitals. Note that I said "prefer" as there is no guarantee that genital herpes are type II nor that cold sores are type I.

The dude has HSV. Guess what? You probably do too.

One out of every five adults has HSV-II (genital, oral or elsewhere).
Three out of every five adults has HSV-I (genital, oral or elsewhere).
Two out of three of those people have symptoms too mild to notice.

Guess we all better stop rolling.

Next time you go down on someone (assuming you do that), remember that you could contract oral HSV (either I or II). When you start showing symptoms, would you tell people "Yeah dude, I totally got this sexually transmitted disease from that person"? Enough with the bullshit. Let's just call it what it is: Herpes.

Read this:
Turd Ferguson- April 16, 2008 at 8:56 pm
Well, im glad this dude has another way of paying his bills.

I think if it's that common in the sport Dana should know about it. I mean MMA is his business and if it was in his medical report Dana shouldn't bitch about it. Maybe Dana should pay more attention. People get shit all of the time from MMA or wrestling. Staf infections and all types of skin irritations. You are rolling around trading sweat with another guy (as gay as that sounds).

2nd I think Dana is an evil genius. He basically got two whole episodes of TUF action packed for free. Those guys didnt get paid for all of those fights. He used those guys just to get ratings for TUF.

Dana White is an Asshole.
Kim Couture is a cunt- April 16, 2008 at 8:47 pm
That guy sucked anyways, HIV carrier.