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Must-See: The Best Finishes of 2009 (So Far)

(Props: Caposa3 via "CRE" on the UG)

Less than three full months into 2009, and we’ve already seen some of the most creative submissions and brutal KOs in recent memory; this new highlight comp collects the best of them. Between the slo-mo footage and understated, ambient soundtrack, moments like Demian Maia‘s triangle choke of Chael Sonnen (1:17-1:47) and Nate Marquardt‘s devastation of Wilson Gouveia (3:46-4:02) seem even more epic. Enjoy. 


  1. Curtis Sample Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 07:59

  2. Benigo95 Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 07:59

    Very nice mix! I love BJ's face in blood :)
  3. Curtis Sample Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 08:02

  4. Lek Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 08:18

    thanks, excellent
  5. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 08:22

    Nice Work!!!
  6. Jer Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 08:26

    Nice Work!! What soundtrack/song is this?
  7. fightguy189 Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 09:00

    I don't think bj would approve of being on this highlight video at 6:50 where gsp is clearly hitting him in the back of the head.
  8. berg Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 09:20

    the song is from the soundtrack of the movie man on fire. I believe it is the song that plays as Denzel Washington dies.
  9. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 09:25

    umm just outta curiosity fightguy, How can GSP be punching BJ in the back of the head while his head is flat on the ground? Jesus you must be bitch J Penn himself looking for more outs as to why you got completely dismantled by the P4P best fighter in the world suck it up and move on!
  10. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 09:45

    Im not sure what the song is but i know its by Lisa Gerrard and thats its fucking amazing
  11. Dana Mother F$%king White Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 09:55

    Nice, that's a different camera angle from the Fedor/Arlovski fight. It looks like Fedor blocked that last kick from Arlovski, never noticed that before.
  12. ftg314 Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 10:01

    Nice. Was hoping to see BJ's quitting in there and BAM! Right at the end! I saw one fight ending with a guy unconscious due to arm triangle choke, I don't think it was in the video. Don't remember who it was. Note to fightguy189: the ear is situated on the side of the head. Therefore, elbows hitting the ear are considered shots TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD. If you know anybody with ears in the back of their head, please direct them to the nearest plastic surgeon or NASA for superpower assessment.
  13. backbaconbilly Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 10:02

    Nice little vid,perfect ending with Bj's bro signalling the end.
  14. AngryD Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 10:20

    no, the best finish of the year has been bj penn's dignity being submitted by hours constructing formal complaints.
  15. AngryD Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 10:21

    ^ *of constructing formal complaints*
  16. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 10:26

    I agree with AngryD, the video should be edited to include BJ's pussy complaints.
  17. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 10:30

    No Brock Lesnar pounding on Coture's head like a basketeball
  18. mexican arm bar Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 11:06

    wow, i guess im the only one who couldnt watch this video due to the music
  19. ElTerrible Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 11:15

    I love this site, both for the content and quality of the (frequently hilarious) writing, but saying the last three months have produced some of the most creative submissions and brutal KOs in recent memory is kind of like saying some of the most memorable tapouts induced by submission holds and some of the most amazing KOs precipitated by strikes. They're the most creative and brutal in recent memory possibly because "recent" memory is largely dominated by the "recent" past, wouldn't you say? Sorry for being a bitch.
  20. Smacker Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 11:17

    I loved it! They saved the two most epic fights for the end. Mooo rooo reeeh ooooh keeeeshha, mooo rooo reeehhh ooooh keeeeeshhha
  21. Taliban Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 12:04

    He's not the best p4p fighter in the world.
  22. Shatski Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 12:05

    Thought the song sounded like it was from Gladiator, except for the mixed vocal part in the middle, which would have been appropriate if you ask the UFC, looking at their openings. The pacing was one well. I felt like I was watching Planet Earth or something. Only cooler.
  23. CZ Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 12:49

    Nice video, but the music kinda made it like wasting a boob job on your grandma.
  24. Sammich Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 12:50

    That video is sick, but you can clearly see the globs of Vaseline flying off of GSP's body while BJ was sinking in that submission. Oh, or was that just BJ's head getting bludgeoned.
  25. The Juice Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 02:05

    My favorite moment of 09 so far was Page taking time off with his asian girls on an island, rehabbing his nagging injuries. JUICE
  26. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 02:46

    Unless the back of your head starts where your cheek meets your ear, I don't see anyone getting hit in the back of the head.
  27. MMA FAN Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 02:59

    best? more like all... there are like 20 finishes there lol
  28. Wandering Wade Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 04:02

    @ Jer Lisa Gerard- The End That was an awesome vid.
  29. hotsaucemonster Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 05:28

    im sick of seeing shoguns knockout out of mark coleman on highlight reels, sure its cool looking but it gives the illusion that he was awesome that night. Coleman could have been first in the first round but it took rua 3 rounds of panting to do it, shoguns washed up its sad but true
  30. bucks Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 06:33

    excellent! thanks.
  31. caposa Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 09:04

    thanks guys i just upped The Finishes of 2009 part 2 [Japan]
  32. Andy Says:

    Sun, 03/15/09 - 11:38

    The jeremy stephens KO uppercut punch was missing :(
  33. cin Says:

    Mon, 03/16/09 - 12:41

    Queer music...not bad video on mute
  34. Little Dan Says:

    Mon, 03/16/09 - 05:01

    Great video. F-in epic indeed. If I was GSP I would have the the last 30 seconds looped just playing constantly on a TV in the house.
  35. FXDFP Says:

    Mon, 03/16/09 - 10:39

    Enya and A$$ woopin just don't mix - better music next time - what the hell were you thinking?
  36. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 12:50

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO faggot Zuffa pulled the video. I loved that music.
  37. caposa Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 03:16

    yep, cocksuckers at youtube for some reason it looks like the embed vid is still working but im gonna re-up it to somewhere else very soon
  38. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/22/09 - 06:54

    Someone repost this shit
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