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Must-See: Drew Fickett Goes Before Judge Judy

Major props to CagePotato reader "Soorma" for passing along this circa-2001 clip of MMA crazyperson Drew Fickett getting called before the most testicle-crushing judge on television for a little misunderstanding involving golf balls being hit off the top of a car. Drew’s airtight defense? Like all women, the plaintiff is simply infatuated with him. It seems that the conflict started when, at a graduation party for a University of Arizona student, Drew just had to be that asshole who showed up in an Arizona State hat. (Wow, can Judy hand out the death penalty in situations like this?) FYI, everything after the 6:06 mark is unrelated junk, and part 2 is unembeddable for some reason, but you can check out the conclusion here. Basically, Drew’s cute girlfriend shows up as a character witness, Fickett loses the case — based on a single unreliable eyewitness, but whatever — and the U of A brats lift their noses at ASU. ("We don’t associate with people like him…everyone I talk to says he’s psycho.") THIS IS JUSTICE?


  1. Bas Rutten Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 06:09

    Fuck a Judge Judy.
  2. nicey Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 06:31

  3. Machete for hands Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 06:59

    that shit looks like it was shot in the early 90's or something
  4. Machete for hands Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:01

    hahahaha that cool shit was taken out hahaha
  5. vrane Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:02

    can someone ip ban that cool guy? =/
  6. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:02

    Jeez, you guys should just become a UG franchise.
  7. Dynamite!! Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:04

    i sure hate judge judy

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:05

    And heeere weee go! i got it 29-28 fickett. Good ground defense, but sloppy eye movement may have cost him late in the ruling. and it is alll over!
  9. Dangada Dang Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:07

    Fickett has the charisma of Hellen Keller during a game of 'Name That Tune'
  10. rokabee Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:09

    Loved the Judge Judy dancing girls at the end!!!! Makes the show so much better. That stupid whore is infatuated with Drew, shes jealous!
  11. shitletot Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:13

    Who is judge judy?
  12. Sam Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:16

    Damn, why couldn't the case have been over something to do with Fickett's band? I would have given anything to hear Judge Judy say the words, "Cock Sandwich".
  13. CanadianProduce Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:26

    These guys get paid to appear on this show right? All kinds of umm celebrity types have appeared on these show. Is Fickett that hard up? Also...Dangada're gay.
  14. BIG CHRIS Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 07:30

    Danga Dang- That was funny....
  15. armfarmer Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 08:18

    Guilty until proven inoccent... that was bullshit.
  16. keendreams Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 08:43

    Say what you want about the plaintiff or judge, the replay will clearly show Drew was not intelligently defending himself.
  17. Dangada Dang Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 08:51

    I fail to see the validity in such a claim, sir grapes and yams and breakfast cereals of this "Canada"
  18. CanadianProduce Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 08:57 validy. Just looking to start a fight. I just don't know how to write on CP without flaming someone.....flamer.
  19. GSP Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 09:14

    I was not imprezzed wit is pa-form-anz
  20. TPark Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 09:29

    If I was DF I woulda paid that bitch in monopoly money. A single dollar at a time. Funny how her witness doesnt the the day of the party or the full name of his friend.
  21. GayDar... Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 10:32

    Die Judy Die... 50k monopoly money bounty on that whore
  22. LBo Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 11:37

    Terrible gameplan by Fickett.
  23. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 11:54

  24. Rich S. Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 12:03

    haha, when mr. joe moore walked on i thought fickett was about to whoop his ass.. he looked pissed.. but 22 years old? either he is a fucking beast for his age, or this is old as shit..
  25. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 12:15

    if you goto judge judy your fucked reguardless of what you did, shes a man hater and any case against a man and a women will result in the man getting ass fisted even if he was suing the women for getting ass fisted.
  26. Ryan Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 12:46

    Judge Judy is such a fucking joke. "I don't see what motive this witness could have for saying you did it." Uhhh... the fact his friend's car has $2000 worth of damage and they were all passed out drunk and have no idea who did it? Drew really had a horrible defense... he needed to argue the following: I am a cage fighter. I have a reputation as such, and I'm well-known in the area. The plaintiff and her witness found out I was at the party, and after discovering the damage, they decided to pin it on me because such behavior would fit with my reputation. The fact they didn't call the cops that night just shows they didn't know about the damage until the next day... claiming "we called but they never showed" is just ridiculous, as is Judy's bullshit "it was a party night, cops were busy." That is such bullshit, $2000 of damage to a car and the cops will fucking come and take a police report. God damnit I hate Judge Judy and that smug bitch plaintiff and her retarded ass witness.
  27. Dangada Dang Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 01:21

    You see the difference between me and you Produce, is that i happened to scroll across your comment and post a response when i could get around to it. You on the other hand likely waited around all day, compulsively masturbating to amputee porn and living off the steady supply of Tyson TV Dinners your weekly "Workers Comp" check provides, just ITCHING for me to comment back so you could hit me with a SICK BURN you thought up during one of your online Gears of War tournaments...where the kids think your the coolest dad around...except your not a dad..your just old -StayclassyRonBurgundy
  28. AngryErik Says:

    Tue, 02/24/09 - 01:31

    As if getting TKO'd by Jesse Taylor wasn't bad enough, he just got destroyed by Judge Judy. He should have tapped out to save face. Fickett just made Tim Sylvia's appearance on Blind Date look really classy.
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