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Must-See Video: Ozzy Man Reviews The Now-Infamous 9 Second Super Fight League KO

A few months back, we passed along a video of a supremely arrogant Super Fight League champion (well, former Super Fight League champion now) named Jason Solomon receiving his comeuppance in the form of a vicious 9 second knockout to challenger Amitesh Chaubey at SFL 43. The video went viral shortly thereafter, as most depictions of karmatic justice are sure to, and eventually wound up in the hands of Ozzy Man, an Australian comedian/entertainer known for compiling hilarious running commentaries of everything from Classic Dad Saves to Animal Fights to Burning Man.

Anyways, Ozzy Man decided to lend his voiceover talents to Solomon vs. Chaubey yesterday, and the results were some must-see Internet.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Solomon vs Chaubay Me critical analysis of a cocky vs focused MMA fighter. A work of Fair Use, but let’s see if that gets honoured this time (opposed to the Rousey takedown). Cordially, Ozzy Man Reviews

Posted by Ozzy Man Reviews on Monday, December 7, 2015

A few choice pull quotes:

(:33) “I like his keys to victory: Avoids Damage, Uses His Reach, Takes It To The Ground, essentially how I’d fight when I was six years old. Liked to lock meself into the end of the couch and bicycle kick me older brotha.”

(:51) “His mind is still very much focused on the Sheilas in the crowd, making sure he can secure a post-match gobby.”

(1:30) “Solomon is down, he’s fuckin’ knocked out in 9 seconds. The bloke whose mind is on the job wins. That does make a lot of sense in hindsight.”

Brilliant stuff all around, especially for someone who will giggle at damn near anything with an Aussie accent. Head over to Ozzy Man’s Facebook page for more.

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