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Nate Marquardt’s Suspension Lifted by PSAC

(“Both my black eye and my low testosterone can be traced back to tainted supplements…”)

Just over two weeks after being suspended by the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission, forcing him out of the main event of the UFC Live on Versus 4 card, Nate Marquardt‘s fighting future is no longer uncertain. MMAJunkie reports that PSAC has lifted Marquardt’s suspension after the former UFC middleweight-turned-welterweight met all of the commission’s medical requirements and passed all of his medicals.

Marquardt didn’t offer comment on the good news, but Alchemist Management released the following statement on today’s development:

“Today Nate Marquardt was taken off suspension by the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission. This comes less than three weeks after not being medically cleared to fight at UFC on Versus 4 in Pittsburgh and being placed on suspension. Nate is no longer restricted from fighting in any jurisdiction and is looking forward to competing in mixed martial arts again as soon as possible.”

Although they didn’t say whether or not Marquardt was close to coming to terms with any particular promotion, the statement all but quashed any rumors of Nate going to Bellator to face middleweight champ Hector Lombard as he is planning at resuming his career at 170.

“Nate is currently fielding a large number of offers from several MMA promotions and is excited at the wide range of options he has before him. Nate is still one of the best MMA fighters in the world and will resume his career in the sport after deciding which venue is right for him,” the statement continued. “He felt very comfortable with the drop to welterweight and will most likely compete in that weight class. Nate would like to thank his sponsors, family, and friends who supported him through this difficult time.”

According to the story Marquardt fought three times for the UFC — at UFC 128 in New Jersey, UFC 122 in Germany and UFN 22 in Texas — while undergoing testosterone replacement therapy under the supervision of his personal physician. Nevada State Athletic Commission Director Keith Kizer has gone on record to say that Marquardt will not be granted a therapeutic use exemption in Las Vegas as a new rule implemented by the commission recently does not allow athletes who have been found using steroids in the past (like Marquardt was following his UFN 1 win over Ivan Salaverry) to apply. Following the bout, which was actually his UFC debut, Marquardt tested positive for high levels of the steroid Nandralone, but he denied any wrongdoing and blamed the positive results on tainted supplements. As a result, his suspension was reduced by NSAC from six to five months and the outcome of the bout was not changed to a “no-contest.”

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