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New Additions to TUF 11 Finale Card Include Bryant vs. Noke, Tavares vs. Baczynski

You already know that Court McGee vs. Kris McCray will be the co-headliner at next Saturday’s TUF 11 Finale show (Spike TV, 9 p.m. ET/PT), and we also told you that Rich Attonito won the "who gets to kick Jamie Yager‘s ass" sweepstakes. So who else will join them at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas? Spike has confirmed the following bouts for the event…

Josh Bryant vs. Kyle Noke: No, Bryant won’t be facing off with fellow semi-finalist Brad Tavares in a third-place match. Instead, he has drawn Kyle Noke, the Australian veteran who was upset by Kris McCray in the TUF 11 quarterfinals.

Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski: You see what they did there? Tavares and Baczynski get to have a rematch after their quarterfinal match ended abruptly via soccer kick disqualification.

Chris Camozzi vs. James Hammortree: You’ll have to go back to the beginning of the season to remember who Chris Camozzi is. He was the dude who smashed Victor O’Donnell in the elimination round, then dropped out of the competition due to a fractured jaw, which allowed Baczynski to return. Hammortree compiled a 1-2 record on the show, stopping Norman Paraisy in the elimination round, then losing back-to-back fights to Brad Tavares and Court McGee.

More fights could potentially be added by next week, but at this point, it looks like the only round-of-14′ers who didn’t get spots on the finale show are Joseph Henle, Nick Ring, Charles Blanchard, Clayton McKinney, and somewhat surprisingly, Kyacey Uscola. The current TUF 11 Finale lineup is below.

Keith Jardine vs. Matt Hamill (This is a headliner? Don’t get me started…)
Court McGee vs. Kris McCray
Aaron Simpson vs. Chris Leben
Spencer Fisher vs. Dennis Siver
Jamie Yager vs. Rich Attonito (According to, this one is indeed on the main card. More proof that being a big-haired loudmouth is always in your best interest. Notice that neither semi-finalist is guaranteed airtime.)

John Gunderson vs. Mark Holst
James McSweeney vs. Travis Browne
Josh Bryant vs. Kyle Noke
Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski
Chris Camozzi vs. James Hammortree


  1. Swedish Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:21

    Yager needs to get his ass whipped.
  2. Zenom Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:27

    @Swedish I agree, if you run your mouth that much you sure as hell better be able to back it up and not puss out and then say "i was injured". The only thing injured was his vagina as it was swollen.
  3. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:30

    What a weird ass card. It's like they cobbled it together out of the heap of scrap metal from Junkyard Wars. I always knew Keith Jardine was the perfect extra in some post apocalyptic survival movie. If there was a nuclear holocaust two things would survive: cockroaches and the Queen of the Green Queef Sardine.
  4. Stak40 Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:41

    Yager pretty much did get his ass kicked already. I feel after he bitched out, he should never be able to compete in any MMA event ever...unless its against someone who could make him want to never compete again and Rich aint it.
  5. Videodrome_NOW Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:46

    3 words. Horrible fucking card!
  6. Cock_Chestnar Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:48

  7. ReDx Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:49

    Its funny they gave Yager somebody who he really didnt have any problems with.
  8. kmax1940 Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:50

    Whats wrong with Keith Jardine vs. Matt Hamill as a main event? So what if it does not mean anything in regards to standings or a title shot... They are 2 well known people who will put on a good show... thats what its about.
  9. Clinch-Smash Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:53

    @ mr_misanthropy the sad thing is he look right at home in Butte Montana, everyone up there has some sort of "weird thing" going on. It's the water, you can't even drink it. The water is full of chem. from the mine. It's so bad the when i was in high school playing football/wrestling we would bring our own water.
  10. superflat Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:56

    Eh, Jardine vs. Hamill is some solid free television. It's not always about who's the best, or even good. Sometimes, all that matters is you recognize the face being smashed.
  11. Myles Kilometers Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:57

    Didn't Uscola's dick get gnarled? I'm assuming that's why he isn't on the card. That and he went oh-fer after the elimination round.
  12. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 12:58's free. What's to complain about?
  13. RearNakedPoke Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:00

    yager ran his mouth way to much, it would have been ok to do BUT HE QUIT!!! NOBODY LIKES A QUITTER !!!!!!! all attonito has to do is last 2 rounds and answer the bell for round 3 win!
  14. leonard cohen Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:04

    "Queen of the Green Queef Sardine" God that's hilarious.
  15. Japanadian Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:05

    Yager throws the sack of flower at Hammortree, then says it wasn't him?!?!! Then he lies about quitting on the stool saying he got "rocked". I hope he's a victim of a driveby after he quits on the stool vs Attonito. Yager makes me feel like such a racist when i'm watching or listening to him
  16. Nealio Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:05

    I think its a better card than the last PPV... LOL
  17. 2DaDeath Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:06

    I hope Yager wins. There aren't enough jump kicks in MMA.
  18. Stak40 Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:15

    2dd I agree. Flying kicks are almost cool as flying bitch slaps but i am not sure i am willing to compromise my feeling on Yager just to see flying kicks.
  19. Viva Hate Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:17

    I was reading that they scratched one potential bout of Nick Ring vs. His Sexuality because the outcome was all too obvious.
  20. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:19

    Yaeger by Tekken capoiera pantomime rd. 1. The best break dancer always wins, man. Dance sucka you ain't got nuthin' on me... you been serbed.
  21. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:20

    It feels like they're feeding Yager another can to prop him up and keep him around a while. I have nothing to back this up, other than the fact that they could have given him any one of the 3 guys that volunteered to fight him.
  22. PortlandMMA Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:21

    @ Clinch smash you didn't drink the delicious water in Butte? A little arsenic never hurt anyone...oh wait. I have tons of family there and I still visit every couple years, Butte is like another fucking country and Jardine looks like the perfect representative. It is however one of the only places in the US you can walk around with open containers of alcohol and The Knievel Days are pretty bad ass.
  23. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:21

    That main event is utter dog shit.
  24. Stak40 Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:23

    Yager vs Ortiz UFC -123:Quit or...fuck it just quit!
  25. PortlandMMA Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:23

    Its free who gives a shit, don't watch it if you don't want to, its not the worst Ultimate Fighter finale.
  26. justscrappin Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:25

    Listen...I know alot of dudes that are like Yager. They are primarily tma practitioners who whooped ass in karate point sparring competitions....but never learned enough grappling to be good at mma. I knew this dude that could crumple guys with a back spinning kick...but saw him get owned on the mat by a half-assed high school wrestler that only knew rnc's and guillotines. They are quick enough and strong enough to ko most people on their feet...and fleetfooted enough to get away from half-ass takedowns. As soon as they get grounded by a real's a wrap...they freak out...have no defensive posture off their back...and either gas...or just give up cuz they feel helpless and unable to get out of a bad position. He had his 15 minutes...and unless he has been focusing on surviving off his back, ( which most those guys don't cuz their egos get in the way) he will suffer the same fate against Rich.
  27. PortlandMMA Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:27

    I stand corrected I looked and this is probably the worst finale ever, but fuck its still free.
  28. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:36

    @justscrappin TMA practitioners? Too Many Apples? Tough Monkey Amnesia? Three Minute Abs? Tickle My Ass practitioners? Ok, that makes sense.
  29. justscrappin Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:40

    Traditional Martial Arts...but yours are more accurate.
  30. Viva Hate Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:44

    Another potential fight was Nick Ring vs. Shad Smith but no one wanted to take that risk.
  31. Elentius Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:48

    I like Jardine and Hamill and always will so that's the only negative I see about this match. I am kinda hoping Jardine pulls this off though. I like the personality of certain fighters not their record. This fight actually interests me more than Liddell and Franklin and it is free so I guess I win. They should have put Yager up against someone that really dislikes him.
  32. Elentius Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:50

    Oh and Jardine was in "The Gamer" which fits him well. He should also be in Harley commercials.
  33. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:52

    @justscrappin Gah, of course! I feel dumb now.
  34. PortlandMMA Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 01:53

    Does anyone else think Jardine looks exactly like the Toxic Avenger?
  35. Viva Hate Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 02:00

    PortlandMMA, Please never insult Toxie or the fine people at Troma Films again with such a disrespectful comment.
  36. justscrappin Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 02:03 have said so much clever...funny ass shit...I have to disagree with you. Its okay if your not up on every acronym on the make up for it with your rapier wit. I just hope of the of the charges stick ( get it...rapier...rape her...nevermind fml (that's fuck my life if wondering)...)
  37. Almost North Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 02:22

    Aww whats up with no Clayton Mckinney? He won an actually entertaining fight and then lost with a busted up shoulder he shouldnt have been fighting with in the first place but Tito apparently thinks only he can be injured and everyone else is faking. War more emo kids fighting in the UFC. PS Man fuck Tito, I hope they don't bring his dumb ass back.
  38. PortlandMMA Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 02:23

    Yes the makers of such fine films as Monster in the Closet and Surf Nazis must die. I'll give you Class of Nuke Em high and Toxic Avenger though.
  39. PortlandMMA Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 02:25

    I wonder if Nick Ring is still recovering if he had surgery or if Dana is pissed he didn't fight.
  40. Almost North Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 02:33

    Oh and what bullshit thing will happen in this Hamill fight? Terrible decision? Disqulification? The ref hitting him with a steel chair when he isn't looking? For some reason this guy's fights go all WWE.
  41. KidDinomite Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 02:56

    FUCK CANADA!!!! Oh wait, wrong message board.... Anyway, this main event sucks. Having to watch two UFC scrubs compete for what? Their jobs? Honestly, I think Hammill has this as Jardine has a penchant for telegraphing everything he does. It's a wonder Greg Jackson allows him to be on his team. They should have made the main even Roy Nelson vs. Junior Dos Santos instead of sticking them on the main card of a PPV in order to save this finale.
  42. Shatski Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 03:10

    I agree that it's weird that none of the guys that had a problem with Yager are the ones that get the fight, but on the other hand it's good that Rich gets another shot. Same with Camozzi, too. Really thought they'd go with Uscola for Yager since it seems like they were doing their damndest to build that up as far as what made it to air. Now that I think about it, if you shaved Yager's head, he'd look like the bastard child of Ernest "The Cat" Miller. That would also explain the wild kick. Somebody call his momma! For confirmation of parentage, I mean.
  43. Angry Whopper Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 03:27

    No matter what happens with this finale card, it cannot be worse than TUF 10's finale with Fat Ass Nelson and Meathead, not to mention Kimbo vs Houston Alexander, where neither one bothered to fight at all. Anf how about Big Baby against Schaub the Knob? This disappointments abounded with that sideshow of a broadcast, and you gotta know that this post would be roflmao funny if Mr_Piss_in_the_Trophy or El Guapo had written it.
  44. Angry Whopper Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 03:28

    Also, Uscola had the most fights for sure. He also had the most losses in his career as a fighter, and on the show. His W/L ratio is less than 50%, which doesn't help one get into the UFC. All this to say I am not surprised at all that he's not on the finale.
  45. PortlandMMA Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 03:58

    @ Angry Whopper the TUF 10 finale wasn't that bad the 12-6 elbow part of Jones murdering Hamill was fun to watch and Frankie Edgar was on the card. Also I think Schaub fought Nelson and Meathead fought Big Baby. I will agree with you though that Kimbo vs Houston Alexander was possibly the worst fight I've ever seen. I think Jose Conseco was sitting home talking shit about it.
  46. Mdot50 Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 04:20

    I liked uscola as a fighter, thought he under achieved but wanted to see him or hammertree fuck yagers lying, arrogant , hypocritical ass up.
  47. cwr Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 04:41

    @PortlandMMA Idk about the Kimbo v. Alexander fight being the worst ever. For my money that title will always belong to Gabe Gonzaga v. Kevin Jordon. I don't even know if it is as bad as I remember but all I can remember from the whole fight is one punch from Gonzaga.
  48. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 04:43

    I think it'll be an entertaining free card. It has the appeal of a carnival sideshow, a complete gallery of freaks and weirdos. It's like a Special Olympics themed UFC, what more could you ask for (midgets)? It has the same visceral appeal as Japanese bug fights. They should host it in a circus tent in the middle of the desert in Sonora, Mexico and have it be sponsored by Coca Cola and La Migra.
  49. Lysol Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 04:50

    ...And exactly how is the main event even somewhat relevant to the LHW division?
  50. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 04:58

    @Kid Dinomite "Anyway, this main event sucks. Having to watch two UFC scrubs compete for what?" Mate, its free, and you dont "have " to watch anything, wash your car, mow the lawn, whatever, but its fucken free man, I'm gonna be glued to the TV with an esky of frosty adult beverages to sustain me, and i quite like the idea of Jardine v Hammil it should be an entertaining scrap.
  51. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 05:06

    @ Lysol, relevant schmelevant, its basically an exhibition card, they've thrown in a couple of recognised names who people will hopefully tune into watch for free, never know, might even convert a couple of casual fans into PPV buyers
  52. napes Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 05:30

    @ fatbelly I agree. Everyone should just sit back, watch, and enjoy a free night of fights! All of these fights have the potential to be brawls aka exciting KO's!!! Although, I would have liked to have seen Josh Bryant Vs. Noke. Bryant was my guy on the show, a hell of a fighter.
  53. dranokills Says:

    Thu, 06/10/10 - 07:24

    fuck it I am Yager fan, regardless of what he did, and how much people hated him, I see potential. If he got in a good camp that taught him control, and cardio, hes going to kill rich. And I hope he does.
  54. Ballkick Says:

    Fri, 06/11/10 - 09:27

    As a Muay Thai Instructor I like Yeagers kicking skills, that said, after training MMA fighters for the past 3 years I have resigned myself to the fact that high kicks if not thrown at the right time in a MMA fight is a sure way to be taken to the mat. All Rich needs to do is train his defense to come forward as the kick is coming and take "Sideshow Bob" to the mat. Yeagers ground game is horrendous. I Don't like the lack of character Yeager showed during the TUF 11 show and hope he gets his ass handed to him. As to "Why" he's there in the main portion of the show,.....he said it himself,..."A closed mouth don"t get fed." He definitely opened his mouth enough to get fed. Not to mention that now that Tito is out,.. the UFC needed a new "HEEL" for the fans to hate. Dana and the UFC are just taking a page out of the WWE playbook......SAD :-( BTW am I the only one who noticed the resemblance between Yeager and "Sideshow Bob?"
  55. dranokills Says:

    Fri, 06/11/10 - 01:21

    feh on you Yager hater.
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