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New ‘Gladiator’ Loses Shit, Beats Husband

(Erin Toughill, limbering up before a pill-induced rage.)

In a development that will set female American Gladiators back ten years, MMA fighter Erin Toughill — who will be appearing alongside Gina “Crush” Carano in the next season of the spandex-and-ball-cannon freak show — was slapped with a restraining order last week by her husband Clark Bevans, who also happens to be an MMA fighter. As TMZ reports:

[Bevans] claims Toughill went “insane” with jealously, and accused him of being “a pedophile, sociopath and homosexual.” Aside from allegedly beating him on several occasions, Bevans claims Toughill smashed the windshield of his RV. He also says Toughill “bodychecked, hockey style” a trainer at Gold’s Gym he had dated years before. … Bevans has filed for annulment. As for the restraining order, it was granted.

Sadly, that description only scratches the surface. Combing through the criminal report reveals the most amazingly batshit craziest bits. For example:

— “Over a twelve month period, during and after our marriage, Respondent obtained over nineteen (19) prescriptions for NORCO, a narcotic similar to “Oxycontin.”

— “We both came clean about dating other people during our separation…lmmediately after the “coming clean” session, Respondent went insane that I had dated others, despite the fact that she slept with two of my best friends and is currently engaged to a fellow marine friend of mine. Since then, Respondent tapped into my cell phone and has harassed, stalked and threatened most of the people that she found in my text messages (women). Said parties include my attorney, my hairdresser, my manager, various employees, a restaurant owner and her daughter and even the janitor at Gold’s Gym. She has even gone around and accused me of sleeping with my friend Andrew.”

— “On April 4, 2008…Respondent arrived at Shear Talent Hair Salon, barged in at 10:15 a.m. and yelled ‘Who’s Shelley Smith?’. Ms. Smith is my hairdresser. l had not seen her in over a year. A couple of days prior, via text message only, we confirmed a haircut appointment for me at 11:00 a.m. for the 4th. Respondent then yelled out – ‘Great, just wanted to see the bitch that was fucking my husband while we were married.’ [ed. note: LOFLZ!] When I arrived and learned all of this from Ms. Smith and others in the salon who were shaken up, I realized that once again, Respondent is accessing my T-Mobil account.”

Wait, it gets better…

— “In the last two (2) weeks, I had to have my windshield to my motor-home fixed because Respondent hurled a rock through it and shattered it one evening last month. The same night she trashed my exterior speaker system and tried to steal my bicycles attached to the motor-home. I saw her drive away in her white BMW convertible after screeching her tires and peeling out the drive way.”

— “Last month, for approx. three (3) weeks, I would get approx. 6-8 calls per day where someone would just play ‘sad country music’ until I hung up.”

— Two (2) separate incidents, one on our honeymoon [!], and the other months later, involved Respondent getting very drunk and taking pills. This resulted in Respondent getting physical with me, beating me and then being remorseful the next day.”

— “Attached to my attorney’s declaration, filed concurrently herewith, are e-mails from the Respondent wherein she sets forth that I am a homo-sexual and am on enough Prozac to kill a horse.”

First off, let he or she who has never stalked a girlfriend/boyfriend while on a pill binge cast the first stone, alright? It happens. Clearly Erin and Clark weren’t compatible — she’s a BMW convertible kind of person, he’s a lives-in-a-Winnebago kind of person — but Toughill obviously has the intensity needed to bump with Wolf, Siren, and Titan on the second season of American Gladiators, coming to NBC on May 12th. So, we’re still Team Toughill, all the way. We would, however, advise Gina Carano to never make eye contact with Erin, or book any more hair appointments at Shear Talent.


  1. Ultimate Says:

    Wed, 04/23/08 - 07:04

    LOL, this is the best article I've read in weeks. This girl's gladiator name has to be "Rage."
  2. ANNOYED Says:

    Wed, 04/23/08 - 07:49

    Lose the dinging ad on the home page. That is incredibly annoying.
  3. Noah Says:

    Wed, 04/23/08 - 07:53

    I am sure you will be getting plenty of these until it goes away, but I agree with ANNOYED. That ad that dings over and over must be destroyed.
  4. TEMPLE Says:

    Wed, 04/23/08 - 07:58

    All coutry music is sad. What can you do? But, it isn't a very good sign when you are an MMA fighter and your wife, tough as she may be, beats you up semi-regularly.
  5. TheFeniX Says:

    Wed, 04/23/08 - 08:14

    "I told you I was hardcore." Hilarity that they were married on April Fool's Day.
  6. Estrada Says:

    Wed, 04/23/08 - 08:38

    " isn’t a very good sign when you are an MMA fighter and your wife, tough as she may be, beats you up semi-regularly." Bevans is in a shitty situation: if he retaliates then he's beating his wife, if he doesn't then he was "beat up" by his wife. Sounds like a lose-lose situation, but where one puts you in a poor position from a legal and moral standpoint (i.e. the one he didn't chose).
  7. Poopsmith Says:

    Wed, 04/23/08 - 08:52

    Homegirl's gunt is extreme. She seriously looks like she's packing a pair of socks down there.
  8. Boner Says:

    Wed, 04/23/08 - 11:54

    I love that she played sad country music for him hahahaha!
  9. KTFO Says:

    Thu, 04/24/08 - 07:48

    I'd like to get her mounted....sadly it would probably be the other way around.
  10. C-Bus Allstar Says:

    Thu, 04/24/08 - 11:40

    Estrada is right on this. There's a serious double-standard about this situation. If a man strikes a woman, it doesn't matter the circumstances, he's abusing her and all this shit. But if a woman beats the hell out of a guy, there's nothing that really gets done about it. It's kind of like, well, deal with it, you're a man, and she's a woman, doesn't matter if she can bench more than you or not.
  11. TEMPLE Says:

    Thu, 04/24/08 - 12:45

    Good points Estrada and C-Bus, but legally, if Bevans gets knocked around a bit, and then hits back, wouldn't there be evidence that it was self-defense? That is, he'd have some marks and bruises and such. It would be hard for a judge to take someone like Toughill seriously as a victim, given the crazy criminal record and all. And, she is a professional fighter. Just some thoughts.
  12. You_tards Says:

    Thu, 04/24/08 - 05:16

    If your girlfriend benches more than you, GET YOUR FATTY ASS TO THE GYM!
  13. phil magroin Says:

    Fri, 04/25/08 - 07:07

    I bet she has like an eight inch clit.
  14. Josh Says:

    Tue, 05/27/08 - 06:40

    Lmao at the "played sad country music", like there's any other kind. And that is pretty creepy in this context. Also I lol'd at phil magroin when he said "eight inch clit".
  15. Insane Membrane Says:

    Fri, 05/30/08 - 01:42

    This chick is FREAKIN' nuts! JEEEEZZZZZ! Lock her as up ! If this was a guy he'd be in jail. What happened to "equality"?
  16. "Steel" fan Says:

    Fri, 07/11/08 - 01:18

    id still bang her in a heartbeat.
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