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New, Sickening Details Emerge in Alexander Emelianenko Sexual Assault Case

(Yup, that’s the face of a rapist alright.)

A couple months back. I lamented the fact that Alexander Emelianenko had managed to settle down with a willing human female despite being incarcerated for the sexual assault of a different, unwilling 26 year-old woman (among other things). While details were scarce at the time as to what Emelianenko had allegedly done to Moldovan Polina Stepanova, a housekeeper at Alex’s apartment complex, Russian publication BFM.Ru  (via Bloody Elbow) recently released some of the horrific particulars of the case.

Read on if you can stomach it.

The charges currently pending against Emelianenko range from sexual assault to “kidnapping” by withholding a passport and the forced use of “narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.”

It appears the veteran fighter stole his substitute housekeeper’s passport from her purse while she was cleaning the house and extorted her for sexual favours.

“According to Pauline, she was removed for a long time in the apartment, then Emelianenko offered her to play cards with him, but she refused. After that, he slapped her on the head. He forced her to smoke a cigarette with “grass” and drink alcohol. All requests to let her go home and not to touch Emelianenko were refused.”

However, Emelianenko did offer her to “jump out the window” if she desired.

In the time since Stepanova has pressed charges against Emelianenko, she has additionally been facing harassment from his friends, who I can only assume look something like this. In addition to threatening the lives of Stepanova and her children, Emelianenko’s friends have allegedly attempted to bribe her to change her testimony.

Alexander, on the other hand, is claiming that the “intimate” act that happened between himself and Stepanova was consensual.

Ugh. I just don’t understand how one Emelianenko can be a harmless, humble, ice-cream loving teddy bear outside of the ring and the other a sadistic rapist.

-J. Jones

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