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Not This Again: Matt Hamill Wants Out of Retirement and a Rematch With Rampage Jackson in Bellator

(“F*ck yeah I’ll watch this again!” — Nobody, ever. Photo via Getty.)

We have lamented at length about Matt Hamill‘s decision to unretire the *first* time and the uninspiring results it garnered, but alas, it appears the TUF 3 alum simply refuses to listen.

That sounded wrong. What I meant to say was that our words have fallen on…goddammit, this was a terrible analogy to use.

Matt Hamill is un-retiring, again, despite recently retiring from MMA (again) due to “a nagging injury” that forced him out of his expected WSOF debut in May. And not only that, but now he’s calling for a rematch with Rampage Jackson in Bellator over Twitter.

“@scottcoker I want a fight with @rampage4real. The Hammer is coming back and want to come to @bellator,” tweeted Hamill last night.

It’s a lofty request to say the least. Not only does a fight between Hamill and Jackson make absolutely zero sense no matter how you slice it, but considering the plodding suckfest that was their first encounter back at UFC 130 (which saw Jackson emerge victorious via UD), it doesn’t even seem like something fans would want to see again. Seriously, does anyone remember how sluggish and ineffective Hamill looked that night? Come to think of it, “sluggish” and “ineffective” would be two great ways of describing how Hamill looked in his fights against Roger Hollett and Thiago Silva after coming out of retirement for the first time.

This is not meant as a knock against Hamill, cruel as it may seem, but rather a call to reason. I can only begin to understand what drives a once prominent fighter to step back into the cage despite every warning sign that he shouldn’t, but rather than fall back on the same tired speech about why someone in Hamill’s inner circle should be stepping in and preventing this from happening, I think I’ll just list some facts:

- Matt Hamill is 38 years old.

- He has not fought since October of 2013

- Less than a year ago, Hamill cited “a┬ánagging injury that never healed and has worsened with time” as the reason for his second retirement. An injury that has apparently healed through some sort of magic.

- Hamill is 1-3 dating back to 2011, and is 0-1 against Rampage Jackson.

- It is very likely that Bellator will take him up on his offer.

That last fact is perhaps the most depressing of them all.

-J. Jones

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