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NSAC BLOODBATH: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Hit With Fines and Community Service, Wanderlei Silva Gets Lifetime Ban at Disciplinary Hearing

(Yes, this is the actual poster image used to promote the stream on Fight Pass, and not the cover of a jazz album. MMA is the greatest circus in the entire world.)

Today was Judgement Day for a trio of misbehaving UFC stars, as the Nevada State Athletic Commission held a disciplinary hearing today to address the infamous Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier media day brawl in August, as well as Wanderlei Silva‘s equally-infamous dodging of a random drug test in May. Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first — the punishments:

- Jon Jones was fined $50,000 for his role in the brawl, which is 10% of his disclosed purse for his upcoming fight against Cormier in January. He will also be required to complete 40 hours of community service in Las Vegas; Jones is not psyched about that part, as he feels it will impact his training for the fight.

- Daniel Cormier was fined $9,000, which is 10% of his disclosed purse for his upcoming fight against Jones. Cormier will be required to complete 20 hours of community service in his hometown of San Jose, CA. The Nevada Commission felt that Cormier had less responsibility in the brawl — despite the fact that Cormier’s shove set it off — and gave DC a smaller community service requirement as a result.

- The newly-retired Wanderlei Silva has received a lifetime ban and a $70,000 fine, which represents 35% of the $200,000 purse he was expected to earn at UFC 175. NSAC board member Anthony Marnell wanted to take the whole thing.

Here’s what else you missed, if you didn’t watch the Fight Pass stream…

Jon Jones claimed that his brawl with Cormier cost him a six-figure sponsorship with Nike, as well as another potential six-figure sponsorship that he and his lawyer wouldn’t name. Cormier said that some of the kids in his wrestling program left because of the brawl. Advantage: Jones.

From the BloodyElbow recap:

Jones apologized to the commission, to the fans and to the sports of wrestling, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and boxing as well as the “great sport of MMA.”

Jones told the commission that he had planned to make forehead to forehead contact with Cormier that he had made with other fighters Rashad Evans, Brandon Vera and others. He said that when Cormier touched his throat he felt he had to respond to show he was still champion.

Jones said his howl after the brawl was an instinctive, primal gesture, not a planned action. He said he was feeding off the excitement of the crowd and their enthusiasm for the brawl

Another commissioner pointed out the absence of Dana White might have played a role and that the UFC learned that “a real presence” is required…

(Underhooks, Sholler! Like we did in practice!)

Commissioner Brady asked for mercy for Jones due to his having already lost one of his fights this year due to injury

The commissioners said they are “pissed off” at the outcome of “the last time we tried to do something non-traditional” which presumably refers to attempts to use Chael Sonnen as an advisor on drug testing and testosterone replacement issues…

Cormier then appeared before the commission. His attorney said the NSAC was under pressure from the media due to the “non-sporting event actions of athletes” and he pointed out that “this is not a domestic violence situation, not a drunken driving situation and not a brawl between a professional athlete and a non-professional. Rather it was a brawl at an event designed to promote a fight.”

Cormier’s attorney says that he is standing by his filing that the brawl was a self-defense action on Cormier’s part and that his client is not at fault…

One of the commissioners asked Cormier what he could have done differently. Cormier said he could have taken a step back. [Ed. note: Like a punk?? Nah, son.]

Cormier told the commission that he was surprised by the intensity of the stare down because he and Jones had been cordial backstage before the stare down.

Cormier denied that he was thinking that he would benefit from extra-PPV sales due to the brawl.


Wanderlei Silva’s lawyer called the hearing a “kangaroo court” and promises to appeal.

Kevin Casey got a one-year suspension for his positive steroid test.

One final note, boxer Luis Bello was just disciplined for having the highest T/E ratio in Nevada history … hold onto your hats. 40:1. Yup.”

In short, a day of ceremonial ass-kickings from the suits in Nevada. Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcasting.

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