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NSAC Recap: Jake Shields’ UFC 150 Drug Test Revealed, Ashlee Evans-Smith Receives Temporary Suspension + More

(Oddly enough, Shields was much more compliant during yesterday’s hearing. via Combat Lifestyle)

Remember how the Nevada *State* Athletic Commission (enough with this NAC nonsense, MMA media) was supposed to hold a meeting yesterday regarding Jon Jones’ drug test/their complete mismanagement of Jon Jones’ drug test? Well, they did, and without mentioning him by name, the commission came to the conclusion that they “might” form a committee to address out-of-competition drug testing. Huzzah!!

The meeting was not without it’s fair share of actual, noteworthy highlights, however, so let’s get to them…

- If you recall, Jake Shields fought Ed Herman in a middleweight contest at UFC 150 back in 2012, emerging victorious via unanimous decision. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Shields had tested positive for a banned substance, resulting in a $5,675 fine and his win being overturned. What Shields tested positive for exactly remained a mystery until yesterday’s meeting, when in the process of applying for a fight license for his upcoming WSOF 17 main event fight with Brian Foster, Shields admitted to using diuretics, not Mary Jane as we had suspected, prior to UFC 150. (via MMAFighting):

Shields said he was given the diuretics in 2012 by someone he knew from fighting, but not a fellow fighter. He said it was someone he didn’t know very well and called it a “mistake.”

“I learn from my mistakes,” Shields said. “I’d like to think that, at least. I’m not one to go through what I went through before.”

“I didn’t know it was banned, but it was my fault,” he said. “It was my responsibility.”

Shields was eventually granted a license for his upcoming fight, as was Anderson Silva. The latter celebrated this by beating a training partner within an inch of his life.

-Speaking of diuretics, Ashlee Evans-Smith’s recent positive test for the banned diuretic hydrochlorothiazide (or as her manager called it, “flowers and sh*t”) was also addressed by the committee yesterday. Evans-Smith was handed “a temporary suspension pending a full disciplinary hearing” and opted against contesting the ruling. Her manager, on the other hand, had less than kind things to say.

It’s not performance-enhancing or anything. I don’t understand why they’re talking about her doing diuretics, but Jon Jones did cocaine and nothing is happening to him. Cocaine is okay because it’s out of competition? He was in training camp.

- Finally, the Nevada State Athletic Commission handed out 9 month suspensions to Bellator heavyweight James Wilson and WSOF lightweight Bryson Gutches. The former pissed hot for nandrolone metabolite and was fined 33 percent of his $2,500 purse (LOL!). The latter tested positive for the diuretic furosemide, and the resulting fine is equal parts hilarious and depressing. (via MMAJunkie):

Gutches was paid $1,000 in “show” money for the contest, as well as $1,000 for his win bonus. The NSAC elected to fine him the entirety of the win bonus, as well as 20 percent (or $200) of his win bonus, amounting to a total fine of $1,200. 

We hope it was worth it, fellas.

-J. Jones

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