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On This Day in MMA History – Kazushi Sakuraba Born Forty Four Years Ago

(Baby Saku – Already cooler than you or I at age 1)

If the sport of MMA continues to grow in popularity, decades from now there will be legions of fans raised only on the UFC who will have no idea who Kazushi Sakuraba was and is. I’ll feel sorry for them.

To date, Sakuraba is the greatest and perhaps bravest fighter to have come out of Japan in the sport’s history. He became a super star while fighting for the defunct Pride Fighting Championships.

Sakuraba’s prime warring days took place before an appropriate weight class came into existence for him and as a result, the natural welterweight fought light heavyweights and heavy weights. Usually, he beat them.

Sakuraba would, and sadly still does, fight anyone, anywhere and always does so in exciting and unrelenting fashion. He is a jester-samurai if there ever was one, quick with a Kimura shoulder lock or smile. Sakuraba combines excellent wrestling with dynamic submissions and effective stand up striking.

In recent years, Sakuraba has fought on past his health and has taken brutal beatings. Though they make us cringe, they do not and cannot possibly diminish this champion’s legacy.

Win, lose or draw, from lightweight to heavyweight, from Gracies and Wanderlei to “Rampage”, Belfort, Nogueira and “Cro Cop”, no one that has ever gone into the ring or cage with Kazushi Sakuraba has left it without respecting him. Enjoy the highlight videos of Sakuraba and always remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

More highlight videos after the jump.

Kazushi Sakuraba – Survivor:

(Via CagePotato’s Youtube page)

Tribute to Sakuraba:

- Elias Cepeda


  1. Gener Says:

    Sun, 07/14/13 - 05:58

    Happy Birthday, Saku. God bless you! For all you poor bastards out there who don't know MMA pre Forrest Griffin on TUF, this guy is a legend.
  2. The12ozCurls Says:

    Sun, 07/14/13 - 07:47

    LEGENDARY That is all.
  3. dexter2323 Says:

    Sun, 07/14/13 - 09:19

    Is Rickson still ducking him?
  4. BadMonkeyMW Says:

    Mon, 07/15/13 - 07:30

    Win or lose, one of the greatest warriors of all time. Even in his baby picture he looks hard as fuck. Happy Birthday Saku!!
  5. Deadpanda Says:

    Mon, 07/15/13 - 11:11

    Poor a glass for one of the greatest MMA figures of all time.
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    Sat, 08/17/13 - 01:50

    [...] Lashley, Giant Silva, Bob Sapp, Dos Caras Jr. (aka Alberto Del Rio), Dan Severn (Google it) and Sakuraba will not be covered here — although a few of these men will make appearances in this article. [...]
  7. jalia parsnip Says:

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    On This Day in MMA History - Kazushi Sakuraba Born Forty Four Years Ago | Cagepotato... The Birch of the Shadow...
  8. mark mania Says:

    Tue, 12/03/13 - 10:16

    On This Day in MMA History - Kazushi Sakuraba Born Forty Four Years Ago | Cagepotato... Healing's Dragon...
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