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Out of Sight, Out of Mind…

In the market for a pre-owned vehicle? Well heads up, because Randy Couture is auctioning off the limited edition H2 Hummer that Dana White gave him for participating as a coach on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. The bidding is supposed to start today, so go to Xtreme Couture for details and a full photo gallery of the vehicle in question. It hasn’t been confirmed if Randy is selling off the Hummer to make room in his garage for a more environmentally conscious Toyota Prius, or if it’s just a petty “fuck you” to Dana White, but we’re guessing it’s the latter.

Speaking of passive aggressive bullshit, it’s been reported that the UFC filmed an “All Access” feature with Wanderlei Silva to pump up his UFC 79 fight with Chuck Liddell, but refused to film him training at Xtreme Couture and told everyone involved in the shoot that they couldn’t wear Xtreme Couture gear on camera. Oh, Dana — you know if you forbid them from doing something, they’re only going to want to do it more…

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