Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

Overeem Balks at Steroid Allegations; Points Finger at Lesnar

(Horsemeat is a helluva drug.)

In an interview with‘s Chris Howie, Alistair Overeem flatly denies that his growth spurt over the past three years is attributed to the use of performance enhancers such as anabolic steroids, testosterone or growth hormone.

The Dutch-born K-1 standout, who made the jump to the heavyweight class in 2008 fighting just over the minimum weight and now tips the weigh-in scale at approximately 255 pounds the day before his bouts, says that his increase in muscle mass is a result of his diet and weight training regimens.

“People will always speculate” says Overeem, “I will be tested just like anybody else and like I’ve said before I weighed 235lbs in no time when I did not have to cut weight. Gaining 10lbs a year by lifting weights isn’t a big problem. Before I would cut between 22lbs-26lbs to get to the 205lbs weight limit. It was crazy. Now that I can eat and do not have to cut anymore(with his move to heavyweight division) it was easy to put on the extra muscle weight. I feel great.”

Set to defend his Strikeforce title for the first time since defeating Paul Buentello to win the strap in 2007, Overeem chalks the drug accusations up to jealousy. He says that there will be no problems with his pre-fight drug tests ahead of his May 15 Heavy Artillery main event bout with Brett Rogers and asks why no one has put as much attention on UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar who used to work for Vince McMahon’s steroid scandaled World Wrestling Entertainment organization.

“I don’t see or hear any of these types of accusations towards Brock Lesnar, yet he is even bigger than I am. They can test me all they want. I’ll be in the states soon and I will prove everyone wrong.”

Ubereem also responded to the recent allegations by M-1 Global president Vadim Finkelchtein that Alistair has obviously realized the benefits of steroids horsemeat to his strength and fighting career.

“Vadim has apologized to me for his remarks and stated that M-1 would agree with the athletic commission rules and testing and they do not want me to do all the extra tests. Sounds promising (for a Fedor fight).”

At the rate Fedor is fighting at these days this fight is unlikely to happen before 2013, but since "The Demolition Man" will likely grow exponentially by then, unless "The Last Emperor" moves up to super heavyweight, it likely won’t.


  1. Horror Fighter Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:13

    In his defense, that's a very slimming hat.
  2. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:16

  3. VisitingDeadAncestors Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:18

    Horror Fighter +1
  4. BONGTAR Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:20

    +1 horror. +1.
  5. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:21

    Difference being, Brock was a huge kid in college, he was gargantuan as a teen, he was a ginormous baby. He maybe/probably used steroids and/or diuretics in the WWE, but he's a giant of a human being who hasn't really changed size. Overeem, on the other hand, looks like someone inflated him, like around 2007-2008. I know we've had this argument a million times, but c'mon, look at the guy's face. You know what? i don't care if you use. Just don't fucking lie to me. Horsemeat my ass.
  6. As Good As Anyone Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:22

    I love how you slipped that "Ubereem" in there. Bravo
  7. mikesite Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:22

    1. brock has bitch tits, and has gotten smaller since his WWF days and B. he didnt hide in an organization that did not drug test until he could successfully pass a test. You gained the muscle equilalent of a teenaged boy. There two things i dont like in this world, people who are intolerant of other peoples culture.......and the dutch.
  8. HokeyPokeyLikeAoki Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:23

    If the comparison of these 2 photos was to help us see how he is definitely using - they didn't. Maybe it's the "slimming hat", but this isn't exactly comparing the guy that played Bruce Banner to Lou Ferrigno. Know what i'm sayin?
  9. CapitalQ Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:23

    lol @ Horror Fighter hahaha. I used to think Overeem was on the juice for sure, based on his appearance in the Chuck fight...all lanky as hell...but now that I look at the evidence it is entirely possible he put on the muscle legitimately. He has the frame to carry it, and the timeframe is far from sudden. Three years is more than enough to go up 30 or so pounds. Like he said he was cutting down to 205, now that he doesnt have to do that the weight can include fat and water....All I know is that Brett Rogers has a serious fight coming up. Alistair is straight up raw aggression in the cage...his knees might as well be jack hammers...the dude throws those things incredibly hard and accurate too....
  10. snowden Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:24

    lol!!!!! @ "Ubereem"
  11. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:24

    In his defense, I've never eaten six meals of horse flesh a day for an extended period of time so I really can't dispute the results of such a regimen. Especially if you get your meat from test-failures from the Kentucky Derby. All that aside, however, knocking out has-beens and tomatoe cans in K-1 for three years in a row while hiding from America with your antiquated SF HW strap is not necessarily the best way to prepare yourself to face elite-level competition in MMA. I'm no Dutch kick-boxing trainer though...
  12. As Good As Anyone Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:27

    With proper diet and weight training it's easy to bulk up. CapitalQ is right, he does have the frame for it. Look at Mir. Muscle doesn't necessarily mean steroids. It can also mean hard work.
  13. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:30

    I'm very curious to see how his body looks in his Strikeforce fight stateside. Mostly because I want to jerk off to his chiseled abs and chesty pectorals.
  14. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:30

    Aw fuck. +1 to Horror Fighter.
  15. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:33

    I know people are testing for HGH but is anybody testing for BGH? I wouldn't be surprised if you could find a little something-something in the run-off from the Lesnar family dairy farm- anybody ever seen a picture of a Belgian Blue (type of cow)? It looks like Lesnar's DNA is a human adaptation of the same genome.
  16. danomite Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:35

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. Overeem doesn't inject steroids, he eats horses that have been injected with steroids. I remember watching Overeem and thinking he looked like a praying mantis with those long skinny limbs. I don't think that anymore. To me, what's changed the most is that his head seems to be growing, which makes me thinks he's on HGH.
  17. cecils_pupils Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:37

    All this talk of steroids and horse meat is just a clever rouse designed to keep the real reason for his increased size a Dutch training secret: bukkake. Protein shake anyone?
  18. CapitalQ Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:37

    I think people are jumping on him for the juice because of him dipping out on US fights like hes trying to avoid testing....I guess really the only thing left is for him to just come and get tested and fight. Thats the only way this gets settled. Personally I really like Brett Rogers and want to see him do well, but Alistair is not the type of guy to go in there and back away from Brett like Andrei did and get cracked. Hes gonna bumrush the fuck out of him and throw some serious strikes. I dont see Brett winning this fight. Hes too slow. Hes got big power but hes not explosive like Alistair. Flying knees from across the cage....unbelievable for a guy his size...
  19. danomite Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:41

    oh, and that pic doesn't do his increase in size any justice. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do this or not, but since it's where real dad works now i'm going to say that it's ok, go to mmafighting's homepage and there's a pic of overeem there under "mma photos" that really shows how big he's gotten.
  20. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:42

    Protein shake explosion, all over your sto-mach. I guess they need to start testing the run-off from Amsterdam's red-light district.
  21. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:44

    danomite>> google image "Overeem timeline" is pretty effective as well.
  22. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:45

    Wait a minute.... I think we have all misunderstood due to his accent. It's not horse meat- it's WHORE's meat. He's got a hook up at the hostel, he's been gaining weight from consuming tainted human flesh! AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaAaaaaaaaA
  23. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:49

    Mmmmm... Whore's meat. Giddy up, Biiiiatch
  24. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:52

    Hmmmmm.....he looks Barry different than he used to.
  25. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:52

    Rogers is too slow? Have you seen Uddercreem try to get around lately? He throws knee strikes like he's trying to pull his foot out of qicksand, the last few fights I saw him in I thought he was high because of the way he was purposelessly meandering about the cage. The refs in MMA aren't going to stop and restart the fight every thirty seconds so that he can catch his breath.
  26. MaximumSpaniard Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:53

    Left: This is Alistair Overeem Right: This is Alistair Overeem on "horsemeat" Any questions?
  27. KidDinomite Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:59

    If you watch Overeem in K1, the man destroys his opponents with brutal knees to the head. I think they banned clinches because of Overeem's knee strikes giving putting his opponents in near comatose states. Just one knee or foot to Roger's chin and it's good nite. Rogers gets 5-1 odds. Otherwise it's Overeem retaining the title by KO in Round 2.

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:59

  29. JoseMonkey Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:15

    Just look at how the guy's face changed. (Google the "Overeem timeline" image...) His jaw and brow have changed significantly. That's acromegaly, son -- common side effect of excess HGH use.
  30. Clyde Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:17

    Despite what Overeem may think, we have accused Brock Lesnar of taking steriods on numerous occasions. As they say, absence of proof is not proof of absence. That's now we know about WMDs in Iraq and that creationism is 100% fact... oh. Maybe overeem is clean and maybe so is brock, but they've both got to see why we may have our suspicions. And again, +1 for horrorfighter. Classic.
  31. failingev0lution Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:26

    so many good puns in here! keep up the good work potato nation, i especially like the intolerance quote by mikesite.
  32. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:28

    CAPSLOCKTOMMYGUNN- Ow my ears! You know, I think this Ovaltine/ Rogets affair is actually pretty closely matched. They both move at about the same speed, they're pretty much the same size, they both favor similar techniques and strategies, and they have both worked at Sam's club. If you look at Overeem's record he's had his ass kicked whenever it really mattered, but Roger's win against Arlovski (arguably his only big one) didn't show too much, in my opinion they could have let that one go a little bit longer. Swiffercleen has a mean guillotine to back his shit up, but Rogelio has a habit of starching suckas quick. I'm sticking with Rogers by way of better recent competition and emptier belly. I don't think Odorqueen takes this belt seriously, and if he loses he just goes back to getting paid for easy fights in Japan and K-1. I hope Rogers didn't buttonhook me with this stupid shaving-of-the-mohawk stunt.
  33. Emopinata Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:33

    He has done steroids, he may not be on them now, but he has certainly done them. Just cycle inbetween bouts, clean his system before the test, then hop back on em. Its pretty big in baseball too. The head swells, eyebrow line becomes more neanderthal (or seems like eyes sink in) and his feet probably grew. he took em, but is he on them now? no
  34. Ratel Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:33

    Well done, horror fighter. I have my suspicions about this chump. I also think he's been ducking Fedor. Finally, I think Lesnar would tear Overeem apart before hammer-fisting his skull to a messy pulp while bellowing HULK SMASH!!! Keep in mind that I despise Lesnar.
  35. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:36

    I'm with that stand up comedian dude on the steroids anyway. I say we have a steroid/ hormone division, they still test but the only way you qualify is by using a minimum of three growth altering substances. This would be the perfect division to hold MMA tag-team matches and royal rumbles (don't get me wrong, I despise "pro"-wrestling), fuck it, we'll take it back to the IVC with no gloves and headbutts. They will literally have to have a cage with floor drains and a firehose and squeegee to clean up the losers between fights.
  36. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:47

    @Emopinata I assume you mean HGH, not steroids.
  37. Ratel Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:47

    ^ Dude, that is H- to the -ardcore. I likes. Wait, that's 2% better than Roman gladiator shit. It's be great if we could get away with it, but I think we're all stuck waiting for a Mad Max Kind of environment first.
  38. Japanadian Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:49

    +1 Horror I don't know if Overeem is juicing or not, but i put on 42 lbs of muscle in under 2 years with no roids or supplements at all, so i see no reason he couldn't have done the same. Overeem by knees to the body
  39. Ratel Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:51

    I think steroids include those side effects as well. That and the ball shrivelling. The horrible, horrible ball shrivelling.
  40. rearnakedchickenchoke Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 01:59

    Did he take steroids? Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. But the timeline shows him from age 23-29 roughly, a period in which hard training can very easily put on some serious muscle since one's muscular peak is around 25. That's why everyone's saying Struve is gonna be a beast in a few years when he fills out. And by everyone, I mean Roy Nelson. He counts for a few votes anyway.
  41. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 02:06

    I'm working as hard as i can to bring about The Apocalypse. I'm sorry, I can't do it any faster... it is a bit complicated, but it comforts me that so many fine people are wittingly or unwittingly constantly trying their hardest to assist me.
  42. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 02:20

    I don't see why it matters what Everlene's been doing for the last three years, because it hasn't helped him win any big fights. It's not like the "demo-licious man" has been going on a world-wide tear, kicking asses and taking names. Who gives a shit if its steroids or Charles Atlas diet and iron-pumping; the guy hasn't even been fighting the best kickboxers. Maybe he's been fattening up his larval form and now he's going to burst forth from his cocoon of non-competition to go all Barbara Streisand and shit, but the guy is far from top of the line.
  43. MediumRare Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 02:39

    Overeem's been on the juice. Lesnar sure as heck was on the 'roids at some point. The burning question is: Who gives a fuck? I say let 'em go for it. Neuter them like geldings and juice 'em up to their eyeballs like race horses for all I care. I kinda like the idea of 300lb gorillas tearing chunks off one another.
  44. CapitalQ Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 03:10

    dude i will so help you
  45. gigacock Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 03:35

    i lmao'd
  46. CapitalQ Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 03:46

    neuter them like geldings....priceless
  47. Art Gibs Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 04:21

    See how puffy his face is? Do a google search. Puffiness in the face is a common side effect of steroid use.
  48. Harry Nips Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 04:39

    Maybe 'eating horsemeat' is Overeem's way of saying he's been going down on Chandella Powell? I know I didn't get any bigger from horsemeat, just an insatiable urge to run around with a midget on my back.
  49. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 04:50

    Depending on the testing regime, do they only test prior to bouts or is there a random testing policy. If you know when you have to piss in the bottle you shouldn't get caught out. Unless there's a random testing policy we can scream til we're blue in the face about rapid bulk increase's , change to facial structure, increased acne etc etc, but if you know when you're getting tested only the morons return a negative result. Overeem will show up clean as a whistle in any tests he's subjected to prior to the Rogers fight, or him and his team are some of the stupidest people on the planet.
  50. confusean Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 05:06

    Way too many fat asses on this site who can't figure out why they can't get 6-pack abs sitting on the couch cutting back from 3 bags of nachos a night to 2. 30 pounds of muscle in 3 years is an attainable number for anyone with a little get up & go, for an elite athlete it should be little problem. 10 pounds a year is only a 1 lb gain every 5 weeks. Eat lots & lift heavy, not impossible, even for you lazy fat asses.
  51. Emopinata Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 05:16

    @Kid Clam Curtains no, i meant steroids, he could be on hgh though if he was smart enough he would be steroids swell the head and feet, here this will help think of hgh as weed, steroids as a heroine hgh has not been proven in the lab to increase the amount lifting. it has a greater effect on muscle definition than muscle strength, And it doesn't seem to help much with cardiovascular fitness. steroids on the other hand, give the muscle a bulky or bloated look to it, and a texture of skin that may seem.. awkward but i wouldnt put it past him on doing both and cycling between example of cycling for him would be; just faught, cycle steroids in, fight coming up, get on hgh
  52. Komodo Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 05:40

    +1 Horror. ? ? ::Meanwhile:: Screw Overoids.
  53. knee_strike Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 05:56

    I'd like to sincerely thank the CP staff member who wrote this article for describing Overoids (cheers, Komodo) as Dutch-born instead of Dutch. If Brock Lesnar had been born in China, it sure as hell wouldn't make him Chinese, now would it?
  54. David_Banner Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 06:26

    It just goes to show you that theres nothing wrong with murdering Horses and Dogs for their meat! I mean, look at Crowley here, he looks like a tanning bed loving mongoloid but he's huge, and thats what matters.
  55. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 06:59

    Way bigger than when he transcribed The Book of the Law. And I know, adding ten pounds of muscle is easy, I do it every time my cock gets hard.
  56. Sneaky Pete Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 10:28

    Small testicles, bouts of rage, and inexplicable balking are all sign of steroid abuse.

    Tue, 05/04/10 - 12:11

    Sign me up for "horse meat"!
  58. It Rubs The Lotion Says:

    Tue, 05/04/10 - 09:30

    Anyone with half a clue about weight training knows that it's near impossible to put on serious muscle while doing strenuous aerobic exercise. If you think otherwise, then you're a dipshit..... Overeem is/was using performance enhancing drugs.

    Tue, 05/04/10 - 10:22

  60. justscrappin Says:

    Tue, 05/04/10 - 11:47

    I agree with it rubs the lotion. It's just many successful mma fighters outside the hw div look like bodybuilders? If your flying around with all that muscle..that needs oxygen...your fucked in the cage. Bj Penn...slightly pudgy...George, big legs...not huge chest or anything. Anderson, lanky as hell. Then you got but slightly soft. Ten finally you have the freaks like Lesnar, Duffee...even Kongo looks like a freak of nature.
  61. urlman cow Says:

    Mon, 04/07/14 - 11:32

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