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Pacquiao Beat Clottey By Decision, Odds Are Almost None of You Watched It

If any of you skinhead lovers of gay foreplay out there actually ponied up the money to watch what boxing enthusiasts would insist was ‘real fighting’ last night, then what you saw was Manny Pacquiao trying like hell to get through Joshua Clottey’s defense and winning a unanimous decision for his efforts.  It wasn’t what you’d call an exciting fight.  That much is accurately summed up in this excerpt from’s liveblog: "Pacquiao threw more jabs than he ever has before and Clottey just wanted to survive. Yawn."

According to the CompuBox stats, Pacquiao threw 1,231 punches, which was 832 more than Clottey threw.  The downside is, Pacquiao only landed 246 of those punches, such was Clottey’s commitment to not getting hit, even at the expense of winning.

Basically, you didn’t miss much by not paying for the privilege of watching this one. And, at least according to HBO, if you’re an MMA fan then chances are you didn’t watch. They insist there isn’t more than a 5% overlap between boxing and MMA fans when it comes to buying pay-per-views. Guess that means most of us still have some extra coin in our pockets to spend on a fight that’s actually interesting.


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Joedirt- March 15, 2010 at 2:31 pm
JamesToneyContract.... you use Silva and GSP considering changing weight to make a point... but Manny has done so, RJJ did it, DeLaHoya did it.... and as a matter of fact James Toney did it. (he started at 160 and has fought as heavy as 240 I think)
I think it's great that you enjoy matches that end with different subs etc. It shows you are a true MMA fan... many "fans" don't enjoy those matches. A true boxing fan will enjoy a fighter slipping punches and setting up counters, maybe watching the lead leg on a southpaw fighter before they engage etc. to the average fan they don't see it or recognize it but those techniques are there.
I'm a huge fan of both boxing and MMA but the people saying boxing is dead are clueless. In other countries it is still MUCH bigger than MMA and just because MMA is growing doesn't mean boxing is dying. When a wrestler joins MMA nobody makes a big deal "oh he can't strike" blah blah blah, but when a boxer joins he gets attacked immediately with "he has no ground game"... a boxer will do as well as any other single disciplined fighter who takes MMA seriously and crosstrains.
Murdock- March 15, 2010 at 11:58 am
I'm a HUGE fan of both but I've said this before and I'll say it again....Boxing and MMA are two totally different beasts. Why CP would post something like this then bash it...?? That's why we have all these boxing vs mma talk, and because "lights out" wants in. But since they did post it I'm gonna let my boxing side talk...

If you have ever watched clottey fight before, that is how he fights (but with a lil more punching). He is a defensive fighter and has always been, with Zab, Margarito, Cotto.... Yes, the undercards sucked...JLC not the same when he fought Diego...(Crazy Fight!!)...Duddy fight was a dud...and Soto-Diaz fight was so so. As for the Main Card, kinda expected something like this but not as passive as Clottey was. Clottey is a great fighter...don't get me wrong...but i think he was just overwhelmed with everything (Manny's speed, 1.25 Million dollars, 50,000+ fans, Cowboy stadium...etc.) Can't wait for the pretty boy/sugar fight, GSP/Hardy, Vera/Jones, BJ/Edgar, Rua/Machida....
JamesToneysContract- March 15, 2010 at 7:16 am
I read one boxing site going into the Pacquiao v. Clottey match, and the only line I remembered from the article was "Clottey tends to want to hang out behind his defense, if he does that, Manny will outwork him for 12 rounds to a decision." The outcome of this match was known before these two stepped in the ring. As far as a "Floyd/Pacquiao Narrative"? Give me a break, if you enjoy greed and fear ruining your only chance to have the two p4p best boxers fight until one of them (Mayweather) receives something as equally historic as his 0 (The term "biggest payday ever" comes to mind). In MMA and more specifically the UFC, champions fight the best challenger at their weight, and if they're scared of that person? They have their manager complain about them (Ed Soares) and take the fight anyway, or they go sign with Strikeforce. But most of the fighters try to give the fans what they want. Why is GSP trying to move up in weight? Because currently there aren't many compelling fights for him at WW and HE WANTS TO GIVE THE FANS COMPELLING FIGHTS. Anderson Silva legitimately wants to move up to heavyweight, will he? Maybe, probably not, but he's thought about it because he's also interested in giving the fans compelling fights. Ever hear Mayweather talking about moving up to fight a Klitschko? No, James Toney wanted to do it and was mocked. Mayweather won't even fight the best guy in his weight class. Why do MMA fans care about the undercard? Because MMA as a whole is interesting! Are all the fights? Hell no. But any undercard match can end with a beautiful rolling kneebar, or a massive cut leading to a beautiful guillotine choke (Benavidez/Torres), or an amazing headkick knockout (Anthony Pettis), and that is just at one FREE WEC show! In boxing, what can an undercard fight contain? At best? A knockout? A slugfest? How many slugfests don't end in knockouts? What you'll probably see is two guys trying like hell not to lose, because a loss in boxing not in a PPV main event might as well be a career death sentence. So based on all this rambling here is my sweeping generalization: MMA is a sport trying to garner new fans, interest, and acceptance. Boxing is a shade of its former self, trying to make a few last grasps for your money. Boxing dug its grave, its now lying in it, and its biggest beneficiaries are filling in the hole.
iDestroy- March 15, 2010 at 6:45 am

Oh snap son! You got owned.

Boxing sucks. I would never pay to watch one of those douche bags fight. Unless it was to watch them get their head kicked or arm broke in mma.
robthom- March 15, 2010 at 4:57 am
"The fact is that boxing still is the leader in terms of combat sports, both in paydays and audiences. "

American Idol is the biggest show on TV, that doesn't make it a good show.

The "biggest paydays and audiences" always seems to be so much more important to FOB's desperately trying to look murican by slathering themselves in pop tripe. Just thankful as can be to escape that swamp I guess.

BTW, I'd be perfectly open to you regailing me with a list of boxing superfights from the last 2 years.

Besides Pac/Cloddy of course.
Charming Charlie- March 14, 2010 at 11:54 pm
When you find yourself making a title along the lines of "Odds Are, None of This Post Is Relevant to You," you may wish to reconsider posting it at all.
Gunstar_hero- March 14, 2010 at 9:55 pm
I still have a hard time understanding all the hate that people have for boxing.
Pac is amazing to watch, and while it sucks to have to see him fight some guy who lost to Cotto; who he just beat, it's still a treat to see him throw punches.
Boxing only seems dead if you're a white male who's never travelled out of the midwest, because go tell filipinos that boxing is dead or talk to some latinos about it. The fact is that boxing still is the leader in terms of combat sports, both in paydays and audiences. MMA still has a while to go before it can go toe to toe with boxing.
Sure, you won't know any boxers if you don't follow it, but ask some older guy on the street to name someone from the UFC/ strikeforce/dream/ sengoku and see how many they can name.
Im not hating on MMA at all, it's just that it's in its infancy and boxing has been around for decades.

Some of your superfights were definitely NOT super. Anything with Tim Sylvia is not super, regardless of whether it was when he was the champ or not. Werdum/ Silva a superfight?! GTFO.
dranokills- March 14, 2010 at 9:11 pm
boxing is dead.
who cares, wouldn't have cared or even known about this fight if you hadn't told us ben.
Anhonestmoose- March 14, 2010 at 8:04 pm
I watched the fights, but only because one of my best friends is Phillipino and he was getting the card. The first three were awful, and the announcers made sure everyone knew it. I actually enjoyed the Pacquiao fight though, and while I wouldn't pay for it I would watch another one.
FreddyFangers- March 14, 2010 at 7:32 pm
i also, watched it but didnt buy it.
FreddyFangers- March 14, 2010 at 7:31 pm
People talk about how they will only watch Mayweather/Pacquiao. That fight wont be much more interesting. Mayweather uses his defense to win fights. Pacman wont stop swinging. 12 round snoozer again. Mayweather bitching about when PAc has to give blood and Pacman more worried about his "political career" will probably put the nail in the coffin of this barely breathing sport. Also, it didnt help that Lampley and Kellerman let everyone know over and over again how big of a joke the whole card was. I found it amazing that they kept on talking about how underqualified and undeserving Clottey was and how most of the undercard fights were squash matches that guys were taking just for paydays to show up. Not to mention the fact that some of these guys were fighting for "belts" that Kellerman and Lampley werent sure existed. Anytime you have to let your audience know that the fight they are watching is a title fight by saying " This fight is for a belt called the, uh, (insert title here)(insert weight class) championship", you know that there is something way wrong. Fact of the matter is this: Boxing dug their own grave, if anything that deserve the digs that come their way.
DazedNConfused- March 14, 2010 at 5:45 pm
I was very excited for these fights but wow that was a horrible card and the main event was a snooze fest. Clottey came to the fight with a horrible gameplan.
Goog- March 14, 2010 at 5:36 pm
I like boxing in general and have been watching for years. I think the payscale is completely out of control, but that in itself is no different than any other sport.

And at least Pacq stayed busy on an opponent who wouldn't engage. He coulda just stood there with his hands on his hips like Anderson Silva.
Clyde- March 14, 2010 at 4:52 pm
Nope. Didn't watch it. Never heard of this clottey fellow, and there's no photo on his wikipedia page.

Also found it quite funny that his nickname is "the hitter". Now if that's not a contender for worst nickname, I don't know what is. Aside from the fact that it's quite contradictory to his last fight, even if it is an accurate name from all his previous figths, how does it differentiate him from other boxers? He may as well have gone for "the boxer" or "Punchy McPunches".

Not the sport for me thanks. I'll watch if it's on, but I don't really follow.
vengful1- March 14, 2010 at 4:22 pm
So is Mayweather still ducking this Pacquiao guy by claiming he wants strict drug testing or whatever? Nevermind, I don't care anymore. You lost your chance to hook me boxing! Two fighters bickering over drug tests. Lame.
daeyeth- March 14, 2010 at 3:57 pm
"Guess that means most of us still have some extra coin in our pockets to spend on a fight that’s actually interesting."

...weak CP, real weak. Grow up, there's no need to take potshots at boxing. Running its mouth is what boxing does, not MMA. Be the mature one.
mr_popo0- March 14, 2010 at 3:38 pm
relax ben ..... it was a good fight and you need to lay off the boxing/mma fans asshole
LastEmperor- March 14, 2010 at 1:49 pm
I watched the whole thing.

My thoughts; In MMA it could end any second, this is going 12 rounds.

But it was a good fight to watch.
Joedirt- March 14, 2010 at 1:37 pm
I watched it... not a great card at all. It happens in both boxing and mma. I think mma has a bit of an advantage for marketing reasons. I mean... how many boxers are there out there compared to the UFC employee list? It's easier to hype the mma fights because we know all of the top guys... but with boxing... there are so many fighters and divisions that it's hard to keep up. There are some AMAZING matches out there that happen frequently but many of them neither fighter is popular. Even a boxing fan doesn't know some of the fighters in the top 5.
At least with mma if the match is boring it is only 17 minutes or 29 for a title fight... a boring boxing match is 47.
robthom- March 14, 2010 at 12:52 pm
I'm thinking about "watching" it too. :)

I'm sure it couldn't have been all that bad. Just watching Pac do his thing must have been kinda cool.

But then I also have to play some playstation and watch Saturday night live on DVR, so I might not.
robthom- March 14, 2010 at 12:48 pm
Shogun/Lyoto 1,2

I'd say these fights were/will be pretty super either for the level of Hype attached to the participants, the ramifications to rankings or just for the skills involved.

I'm sure Pac and Maywether are very popular and talented fellows, but I'd still take Lyoto/Machida first any day.
ghostboner- March 14, 2010 at 12:43 pm
I didn't exactly buy it, but I did watch. It wasn't quite as bad as SI makes it out to be. I was waiting for Clottey to turn it on in rounds 10-12 but he just never did. That was the real disappointment.
k-onda- March 14, 2010 at 12:34 pm
I watched "it," which was not a fight. It was a workout, Pacquiao threw over 1200 shots in about 35 minutes of action, the other guy curled up like a turtle. Let the sporting purists spew what they want, but this situation exists in mma too. A guy as dominant as the PacMan get challengers who refuse to challenge . . . for fear? This has happened in mma too, and the viewing public has rejected it. A guy's license should be threatened if he steps into a ring, supposedly challenging for a belt, and literally gives the fight away out of shear "refusal to engage," which is what happened on this occasion.
cecils_pupils- March 14, 2010 at 11:39 am
@dlb... good post, especially for a boxing purist on an MMA site.

Regarding your post, the thing I want to mention is that MMA fans get excited about undercards for he same reasons that basketball fans like college ball over NBA - the athletes usually try harder to win and make a name for themselves. Some of the best barn-burner MMA fights are among the lesser known fighters - they put it all on the line so their stock will rise with decisive victories.

Bottom line IMO, MMA simply provides more excitement for fans as there are more ways to finish your opponent than just stand-up.
cecils_pupils- March 14, 2010 at 11:27 am
For my money, the only boxing match I will watch, or even consider paying to watch, is Paquiao/Mayweather. Even that fight, THE boxing super-fight of our time, there is still only a mere 5% chance (or less) that I will watch it.

Boxing is just too fuckin' boring. Period.