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stanley kubrick movie tattoos
20 Absolutely Insane Tattoos Inspired by Stanley Kubrick Movies


UFC 179 Weigh-in

UFC 179: Aldo vs. Mendes 2 — Main Card Results & Commentary

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Chael Sonnen Still Plans on Showing Up to Metamoris 4 on Saturday, Despite NSAC Threats

The NSAC's ability to fine Sonnen for competing in a grappling competition in California is still a major point of contention.

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WEC/UFC Veteran Josh Grispi Charged For Horrific Assault Against Wife

“It’s the worst case of domestic abuse I’ve ever seen,” police officer Richard Harvey said.

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UFC on FX: Pyle v Neer

Five of the Greatest UFC Washouts Competing Today

Five guys who are tigers on the local scene but pu-kittens in the big leagues.

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Today in Jones vs. Cormier Hype Videos: Bones Goes in on DC’s Pregnant Belly, True Hollywood Stories + More

"Did I just let you talk? Did I just let you talk? Did I just let you talk? Did I just let you talk? Did I just let you talk? Did I just let you talk? Did I just let you talk? Did I just let you talk? Did I just let you talk?"

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Report: Paige VanZant vs. Kailin Curran Slated for UFC Fight Night Halifax

To borrow a phrase from the CME, these two certainly look good getting off the bus. On the other hand, VanZant and Curran land on the low end of the UFC experience spectrum, to put it gently.

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beltran newton

Joey Beltran Has Earned a Light Heavyweight Title Shot Against Emanuel Newton, And We’re Not Sure How

Oh, MMA, just when I thought I had you figured out!

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UFC 178: Jones v Cormier - Ultimate Media Day

UFC Releases Obligatory Hand-Wringing Statement About Jones/Cormier Brawl, Posts Totally Awesome Official Video on Its YouTube Channel

This is what happens when two alpha males who genuinely dislike each other have absolutely no financial incentive to behave themselves.

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Why Is Mark Hunt Under the Impression That He’s Been Released by the UFC?

Nobody sweeps "The Super Samoan" under the rug like he's just some...regular Samoan. Nobody.

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Gray Maynard vs. Ross Pearson Booked for UFC Fight Night 47, With Abel Trujillo Injured

Maynard badly needs a win here — or at least a halfway-decent performance.

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jones cormier sportscenter

[VIDEO] Daniel Cormier Slams “Bully” and “Liar” Jon Jones During ESPN Sportscenter Interview

We'll update you on the fallout from this passionate lovers quarrel as it develops.

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VIDEO: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier’s Wild Brawl at the UFC 178 Media Day [UPDATED]

We got ourselves a rivalry, folks

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NSAC Attemps to Block Chael Sonnen From Competing at Metamoris 4, Threatens Him With Massive Fines

But how much jurisdiction does Nevada have to regulate what goes on in California? That question might only be settled by a long legal dispute.

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Knockout of the Day: Romanian Kickboxer Alex Filip Hits a “Rolling Thunder” at the SuperKombat WGP

Sources close to CP confirm that bricks were undeniably shat by at least a dozen spectators at the time of the knockout.

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Correction: Jon Jones Suffered Cut Above *Right* Eye — But He Didn’t Want You to Know That

If you watch the video closely, you'll see that the certificates on the wall behind him are reversed. Oh snap. I don't appreciate your ruse, Jon.

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Watch Art Jimmerson Knock A Fighter Through the Ropes (and Make a Guy Puke)

We're just saying that Jimmerson wasn't an entire sport's biggest joke once. Let's just remember that.

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TMZ Releases Photos of Joe Riggs’ Gunshot Wound. They’re Extremely Graphic

Joe Riggs shot himself in the leg last week. Riggs was cleaning his gun when it discharged. The gunshot wounded his hand and leg.

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Martial Arts Fail of the Week: Defeat Attackers By Staring At Them and Stop Swords With Your Mind

Today we have a Bullshido master who's EVEN WORSE than the Finnish chi master who telepathically subdued his foes.

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Friday Link Dump: Teixeira vs. Davis, Hughes vs. Gracie II (?), Foods Every Man Should Eat Before They Die + More

The best links from our partners around the web.

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riggs-diaz hospital crop

LookOutaWhale’s Latest Creation Gives the Diaz-Riggs Hospital Brawl the Animated Treatment It Deserves

While "Diesel" may have come away the unanimous decision win at UFC 57, it was Diaz who won the "real" war.

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Rory MacDonald vs. Tarec Saffiedine to Headline UFC Fight Night Halifax in October

It's a unexpected booking, in terms of MacDonald and Saffiedine's respective places in the 170-pound pecking order.

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Start Your Day With This Inspirational Message From Jon Jones…

Inspirational for him, I mean — not so much for you or anybody else.

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Throwback Thursday: Mark Schultz Grinds Out Gary Goodridge at UFC 9

How did an Olympic gold medalist wind up in the cage that night in May 1996? We look back at an important piece of combat-sports mythology.

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off camera

From The Sandlot to the Schoolyard: My Experience With Bullying and Learning to Fight Back

The former 'Sandlot' star and current BJJ instructor discusses his own experiences with bullying while growing up in New Jersey.

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alvarez crop

Report: Donald Cerrone to Welcome Eddie Alvarez to the Octagon at UFC 178

Sweet Jesus, the amount of performance bonuses this thing will earn.

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UFC Drug-Fail Alert: Kevin Casey Tests Positive for Steroids, Robert Drysdale Tests Positive for Elevated Testosterone (Again)

Drug testing at the UFC's back-to-back events in Las Vegas earlier this month caught two more PED-cheaters, who will be facing fines, suspensions, and the overturning of their victories.

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UFC on FX: Belfort v Rockhold

ICYMI: Vitor Belfort Just Lobbed Two “Quote of the Year”-Worthy Insults at Luke Rockhold

"A lot of guys, they are just mama’s boys with powder in their butts."

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Calcio Storico (aka Italian Prison Riot Rugby) Is Probably Not the Next Big Thing in Combat Sports

I don't exactly know what I'm looking at here.

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Gamblers Beware: The Early Odds for Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz Are…Not That Crazy, Actually

If you ask us, the safest bet to make is still the prop that Diaz flips Silva off no less than 3 times before the fight is over.

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Polish Standout Jan Blachowicz Will Be Next Victim of ‘Latifi Era’ at UFC Fight Night 53 in Stockholm

Whoa, he finally got a wikipedia page? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??

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The (Reported) Death of TNA Impact, And How Its Cancellation Could Affect Pro Wrestling and MMA

The inevitable has finally occurred: TMZ is reporting that Spike TV has cancelled TNA Impact Wrestling after nine less than spectacular years.

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