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51 Sexiest Cosplay Outfits From Comic-Con EVER



Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz Booked for UFC 183, January 31st in Las...

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thiago silva blackzilians

Despite Recent Arrest for Aggravated Assault, Thiago Silva is Teaching Kickboxing Classes at the Blackzilians Gym

Perhaps most absurd is that Silva has the audacity to list "conditioning" as one of his strong suits. HI-OH!

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Even as an Adult, Khabib Nurmagomedov Is Still Wrestling Bears [VIDEO]

Seems a little inhumane, but Nurmagomedov comes from a different culture, and WE MUST NOT JUDGE, right?

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GLORY 16 Highlights: Raymond Daniels’ Incredible Spinning Kick, Pat Barry Gets KTFO’d by Zack Mwekassa

This one might be tough to beat in the Best Knockout of 2014 Potato Award category.

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VIDEO: The Worst Girl-on-Girl Yard Fight in the History of the World [UPDATED]

Watch to the end for a shocking twist. Winner: Yoga pants girl via DQ (use of foreign object).

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UFC Fight Night Weigh-in

Rematch Alert: Jose Aldo Will Meet Chad Mendes at UFC 176

This afternoon, the LA Times reported the UFC booked Chad Mendes in a rematch with featherweight champ Jose Aldo. The fight will take place at UFC 176 this August in Los Angeles.

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UFC on Fox 10 Henderson v Thomson 1-25-2014

Phone Thief Hijacks Josh Thomson’s Twitter and Calls Out Nick Diaz

It's deja vu in the MMA world as Josh Thomson claims that his phone was stolen after his twitter issued an inflammatory call-out of Nick Diaz early this morning.

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UFC Press Conference Puerto Rico

The 27 Most Persistent Myths in MMA

Like price sticker residue on a prized picture frame, these myths refused to be scrubbed away. You'll encounter them on forums, barroom discussions, and even from the mouths of so-called experts.

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Celebrities Attend UFC 170 - Rousey v McMann

Why More Fighters Need to Talk Sh*t (Hint: It Works)

MMA is the ultimate "nice guys finish last" sport. It's called prize fighting for a reason, and "I respect him; he's a great opponent" doesn't sell.

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Martial Arts Fail of the Week: “27 of the Deadliest Poison-Hand Techniques Ever Devised”

This is the jackpot, Potato Nation. It's the most god-awful Martial Arts Fail we've ever seen.

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Bellator 118 Results: Joe Warren Captures Bellator Interim Bantamweight Title

What fights should you fast forward when you watch this card on your DVR and which ones should you watch intently? Read on and find out.

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Friday Link Dump: UFC Targeting Hunt vs. Nelson, Ronda Rousey Talks Bethe Correia, Superior Death Penalty Alternatives + More

The week's best links from around the web.

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efc africa stoppage

Another Day, Another Horrific EFC Africa Stoppage [GIF]

Not unlike Madonna in the 1980's, the referees of EFC Africa just continue to churn out hit after hit after excruciating hit.

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Kenny Florian and Renato Laranja’s ‘Heat’ Parody Will Make You LOL Hard, Guaranteed

If Robert Downey Jr. can get an Oscar nomination for playing an Australian guy playing a black guy, then Rhasaan Orange at least deserves a Webby for playing a Brazilian guy playing Robert De Niro.

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Barnburner Alert: Donald Cerrone vs. Jim Miller Booked for UFC Fight Night 45 Main Event, 7/16 in Atlantic City

Every Donald Cerrone fight is a guaranteed show-stopper, but putting him against Miller is truly inspired matchmaking. Not only is Miller a New Jersey native, he's also one of the nastiest 155'ers in the world when he's on his game (as he has been lately).

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Crime Doesn’t Pay: UFC Sues New York Man Living With Parents $32 Million for Piracy

Looks like someone is about to be passed around the federal penitentiary 'till a brother can’t tell his fart from a yawn, if you know what I'm saying.

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Ring Girl Booty-Shot of the Day: Jade Bryce Offers Bruce Lee Some Pizza

A fitting tribute to the man who kinda, sorta, but didn't really invent mixed martial arts — from the woman who made pizza sexy again.

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Let’s Count the Cringe-Worthy Moments in This Amazing/Awful News Segment About a UFC Gym Opening

"So what if I go like this to the Black Beast?"

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imada masvidal crop

On This Day in MMA History: Toby Imada Inverted Triangle Chokes His Way Into MMA’s Eternal Highlight Reel

Imada's inverted triangle, along with Yahir Reyes' spinning backfist that took place the following week at Bellator 6, pretty much put Bellator on the map.

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Conor McGregor vs. Cole Miller Announced as UFC Fight Night Dublin Main Event

"I'm going to stop Cole. Whoever's next. Cub [Swanson], I'll break Cub. I'll embarrass Chad [Mendes]. I'll annihilate Jose [Aldo]. I'm coming to takeover the division. It's my division."

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WSOF VP Ali Abdel-Aziz Goes on the Warpath After Rousimar Palhares Pulls Out of Title Fight With Jon Fitch

Show the Mapinguari her due respect, Ali, or suffer the consequences.

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Wednesday Links: Tito Ortiz Gets Probation for DUI, Lawler vs. Ellenberger Subject to Enhanced Drug Testing, Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos + More

Some must-see content from our friends and partners. Worth your clicks, or your money back...

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MMA in the Wild: Argentinian Street Fight Ends in Immediate Head Kick Knockout

Luckily, the fight ended there and nobody was gang-stomped or bashed with a 2x4. Kudos for being civilized, Argentina.

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Alisha 7

Hot Potato: 16 Photos of Alisha Dander, Maximum Fighting Championship Ring Girl

Check out some of our favorite photos of Alisha in the gallery above, and make sure to follow Ms. Dander on Twitter and Facebook.

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Jon Jones Has a Message for All You Eye-Poke Haters…

And so, Jones has entered the "eatin' y'all food, leavin' dishes" stage of his public life.

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Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum to Coach TUF: Latin America, Followed by Heavyweight Title Fight in November [UPDATED]

"You know I want to come to Mexico with a bang," White said. "We're gonna bring some good fights here, I promise you."

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Brian Stann Becomes the Latest Former Fighter to Rally Against MMA’s “Inadequate” Drug-Testing Policies

The fastest-growing sport in the world is neck deep in a crisis that can only be solved by money it apparently doesn't have.

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A Brief History of MMA — The Real Version, And the Zuffa Version

Who invented mixed martial arts, and who's responsible for its success? Well, it depends on who you ask...

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Karo Parisyan Might Be a *Little* Pissed About Ronda Rousey Defecting From His Gym

Does he even know who Ronda Rousey is, bro?

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Willie Nelson Earns Fifth-Degree Black Belt in a Martial Art You’ve Never Heard Of

Whatever keeps the Red Headed Stranger happy and active is fine by us. That being said, we will go to our graves defending the superiority of Kuk Sool Won.

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Jon Jones Goes Heel on Instagram, Trolls Phil Davis and Chuck Liddell

If Jones doesn't have the chance to beat you in an actual fight, he will still kick you in the face on social media.

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