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stanley kubrick movie tattoos
20 Absolutely Insane Tattoos Inspired by Stanley Kubrick Movies


UFC 180 hunt vs werdum

Late Replacement Main Events: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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UFC 150: Henderson v Edgar II

Classic Fight Videos: Donald Cerrone’s Comeback KO of Melvin Guillard, Hunt and Bigfoot’s ‘Draw of the Century’ + More

With some of the promotion's most crowd-pleasing stars returning to action in the near future, the UFC has released a bunch of classic fights to hype up their appearances.

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Weekend Round-up: Aldo Accuses Mendes of Steroid Use, A Fighter is Out of UFC on FOX 12, and More

It's been a rare, event-less weekend. Despite the lack of fisticuffs, Saturday and Sunday have been packed with quite a bit of mid-level news and fight booking house-keeping matters.

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systema tjing

Martial Arts Fail of the Week: Systema Instructor Takes Out a Compliant Biker Gang

This guy might not be as bad as the Balinese White Magic guys, the Bo Fung Do guys, or Ashida Kim, but he's bad.

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Pride Grand Prix 2005 - Final Round - Match - August 28, 2005

The 21 Best Accessories in MMA History

Sometimes fans need more to remember a fighter by than just a performance or a gimmick. They need an accessory to associate that fighter with--and the very best fighters understand this and know how to accessorize.

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Broken Shin of the Night: Magomed Malikov Catches a Bad Break Against Brett Rogers [GIF]

Seriously? How in the hell does this keep happening?

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And Chael Sonnen’s FOX Replacement Is…

It's about time FS1 brought a "Fight of the Night Analyst" into the fold.

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Demian Maia

Friday Links: BJ Penn’s Greatest Moments, Cage Rage Veteran Dave Legeno Found Dead, ONE FC 18 Results + More

Some must-see content from our bros around the blogosphere.

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Cris Cyborg Dropping to Bantamweight for Invicta FC Fight in December

"Prajin said the goal of hiring Aponte is to get Justino to a walk-around weight of 155 pounds. He said the fighter walked around as high as 180 pounds as a featherweight."

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King Mo is Pro Wrasslin’ Tonight and This is The Actual Poster For The Event

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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The 10 Best UFC Post-Fight Press Conference Sadfaces

Schadenfreude is the German word for taking pleasure from the misfortune of others, and aside from scheisseporn it's pretty much the best word to come out of Germany untranslated.

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Holly Holm Signs Multi-Fight Deal With the UFC; Debut Date/Opponent TBA

Due to her elite boxing pedigree — and her savage arsenal of kicks — "The Preacher's Daughter" has often been name-checked as one of the two fighters (along with Cris Cyborg) who could hypothetically give UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey problems down the road.

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Ali Bagautinov Tested Positive for EPO Before UFC 174 Title Fight, Catches One Year Suspension

So not only was UFC 174 the poorest-selling PPV in nine years, it also produced one more victim of MMA's newest supervillain — the random drug-test.

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helwani tuf 20 crop

Let’s Count All the Cringeworthy/Shit-Stirring Moments From Ariel Helwani’s Interview With the TUF 20 Cast

Even in a room full of women, Ariel Helwani manages to come out the cattiest bitch of the bunch.

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TUF 17 Finale: Tate v Zingano

Cat Zingano Returns! Faces Amanda Nunes on Honest-to-God Stacked UFC 178 Card in September

Will Zingano pick up where she left off? Or will Nunes prove to be the next challenger worthy of a Ronda Rousey ass-whippin'?

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It Gets Worse: Dustin ‘White Pride’ Holyko Was Competing Without a License at WSOF 11

What a fiasco. Did anybody know who this guy was when he stepped into the cage on Saturday?

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Antonio Silva and Andrei Arlovski

UFC Booking Roundup: Alistair Overeem vs. Ben Rothwell, Andrei Arlovski vs. Bigfoot Silva 2 Added to September Cards

Dana White might insist that he's not trying to compete with Bellator on September 5th — but the UFC is making damn well sure that its Connecticut card will be worth watching.

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Chael Sonnen ‘Accepts Responsibility’ for Second Positive Drug Test, Faces Up to $250,000 Fine From NSAC

Is it quiet in here, or is it just the utter lack of Chael Sonnen soundbites over the last month?

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Photo of the Year Nominee: Frankie Edgar, What Hath Thou Wrought?

"What have I done?" Edgar appears to be asking himself. "And where do I go from here?"

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Gegard Mousasi vs. Ronaldo Souza 2 Moved to UFC Fight Night 50 in Connecticut

We doubt the UFC brass had any malicious intent with this booking, but it's still a kick in the nuts to go from a pay-per-view event at the Staples Center to a Friday night FS1 card in Ledyard, CT.

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Apparently This Skinny, Bearded Guy Is Phil Baroni

Looks like Phil lost some weight...and Johny Hendricks found it.

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Let’s All Just Calm Down About This “Dominick Cruz vs. Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 178″ News

Hope is a dangerous thing, Tater Nation. Hope is a dangerous thing...

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UFC 176 Canceled in the Wake of Jose Aldo’s Injury — Yes, CANCELED, Not “Postponed”

Without any big names available to rescue the card on short notice, UFC 176 is dunzo. It's not the first time this has happened, and it won't be the last.

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Watch This Amazing Japanese Promo For ‘UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Nelson’, And Shed a Tear for the Way Things Used to Be

The Japanese MMA scene lies cold in the ground, leaving us only with fond memories of PRIDE's pageantry and DREAM's cartoonish promo videos. And yet, there is hope.

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kennedy crop

Tim Kennedy vs. Yoel Romero Booked for UFC 178 Co-Main Event

Predictions, please.

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Cat Zingano

VIDEO: Cat Zingano Returns to (Jiu-Jitsu) Competition, Immediately Pwns Some Broad with a Flying Armbar


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BookPotato: Art Davie’s “Is This Legal” and the UFC’s Old School Age of Insanity

"In his opening lines, Wallace had sad the name of our event wrong--twice--and sounded like he almost threw up in his mouth live on air. And that set the precedent for Wallace's night."

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Twitter Beef of the Day: Ben Askren Picks a Fight With Johny Hendricks, Gets Lectured by Matt Hughes Instead

Yesterday, to the delight of bored MMA fans worldwide, former UFC welterweight kingpin and Hall of Famer Matt Hughes waged twitter warfare with former Bellator welterweight champ/serial leg-humper Ben Askren.

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Dustin Holyko Has Some Totally Logical Explanations for His Criminal Record and ‘White Pride’ Tattoos

Dustin Holyko is not a racist or a criminal. He's just a regular guy with an "SS" lightning-bolt tattoo on his back, "WHITE PRIDE" inked on his biceps, and one of the longest rap sheets outside of Krazy Horse Bennett.

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Oh Great, Another MMA Fighter Snapped His Leg in Half Yesterday

To quote our own Bear Siragusa, it's not a repeat of Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman, it's like some weird reenactment.

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Signing Cris Cyborg Would Put a Spotlight on the UFC’s Drug Problem — And That’s a Good Thing

If Dana White thinks the media is only going to discuss PEDs in relation to Cris Cyborg, he’s out of his mind. Booking Vitor Belfort for a title fight opens up an even larger can of worms.

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