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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


UFC Fight Night: Maia v LaFlare

Fight Night 62 Aftermath/Results: Maia Dominates LaFlare, Koscheck &...

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VIDEO: Anderson Silva Discusses His UFC Comeback at Press Conference in Brazil

The UFC hosted a press conference earlier today in Rio de Janeiro, in which former middleweight champion Anderson Silva and his coaches answered questions about the Spider's return to fighting.

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Christy Mack Posts Surgery Update Photos, Is Predictably Slut-Shamed By the UG

MMARoasted would be so proud.

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UFC Fight Night: Lauzon v Chiesa

Why Eliminating Fight Night Bonuses Could Benefit All UFC Fighters

These bonuses are a nice little perk that the UFC hands out. However, much like that fuzzy block of cheese in the back of the refrigerator, they may have reached their expiration date.

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Chan Sung Jung Enters Mandatory Military Service, Will Not Return to Action for Two Years

The Walking Dead premieres, The Korean Zombie disappears. Coincidence? PROBABLY.

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Blatant Troll Job of the Day: Floyd Mayweather “Looks Forward” to Putting on His First MMA Show

You hear that, broke fighters and MMA agents? Floyd Mayweather will treat you fairly, because Floyd Mayweather is a kind, compassionate human being (exceptions: former employees, security guards, the mother of his children).

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UFC 129: Press Conference

The Top Ten Times Dana White Buried His Own Fighters

So, the champion of your premiere division is selfish, disgusting, might not be a “real” champion, and most of the fanbase doesn't like him, nor should they in your view, and you expect people to watch him why?

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SportsPotato: Ben Flower Scores Savage KO Via Punches During Rugby League Match, Is Ejected

I don't pretend to understand the rules of rugby league, but I do know this — you are generally not allowed to punch an unconscious opponent in the face.

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Falling Tree Head Kick Knockout of the Day: Female Fighter Gets Starched at ‘Say Uncle Fight Night 2′

Clearly, Audin was expecting a body kick, as her hands were nowhere near her face when she ate Macedo's foot.

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Dana White

Here’s What a UFC Magic the Gathering Set Looks Like

You didn't hear about Dana White's latest announcement: An MMA-related Magic the Gathering set?

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WSOF 14 Results and GIF Highlights: Shields Submits Ford, Rama Blasts Mehmen

WSOF 14: "Shields vs. Ford" took place this past Saturday night from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and we've got the full results complete with GIF highlights for your Sunday morning MMA fix. Check it out after the jump.

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Bellator 128 Results and GIF Highlights: Warren Edges Dantas, Page Defeats Burrell

Another Friday night, another Bellator card--Bellator 128, to be specific.

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Friday Link Dump: The UFC’s Uncertain Future in China, Saluting the Gatekeepers in Every UFC Division, The Dumbest Female Celebrities + More

Some of the greatest content from our bros around the blogosphere.

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Video: Mayhem Miller Is Detained By SWAT Units Following Hours-Long Standoff

One has to imagine that this will be the end of the road for Mayhem.

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Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington Official For UFC 181 on December 6th

At long last, Holly Holm's UFC debut has been made official.

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miller standoff

Jason “Mayhem” Miller Is Live-Tweeting His Arrest Right Now [UPDATED]

Miller is currently barricaded inside his Mission Viejo home as on-scene police and SWAT attempt to resolve the situation.

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macDonald stare

6 Post-Fight Celebrations Rory MacDonald Should Consider [w/GIFS]

Now that Rory Mac has been confirmed as the next welterweight title challenger, he's going to need to step up his taunting game in a big way.

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UFC Stockholm Open Workouts

So It Turns Out Rick Story Derailed the Gunnar Nelson Hype Train With a Broken Ankle

Sounds like a real "Horror" story, amiright fellas? (*crickets*)

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Royce Gracie Joins Bellator as Brand Ambassador — Wait, WHAT??

Gracie will host seminars, be involved in promotional appearances, and "aid in the International expansion of Bellator around the world."

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russian double ko

Oh, This? Just a Double Knockout In a 2 on 1 Russian MMA Bout [VIDEO]

Still not as cool as Hip Show.

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UFC Fight Night - Bisping v Le

The Hong Kong Lab That Handled Cung Le’s Drug Test Is Somewhat Less Than Legit

A new report from MMAJunkie reveals more information about the lab in question, which doesn't sound like it would be anybody's first choice to test the athletes of a major sports promotion.

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MMA Highlight Reel of the Day: “Spinning Sh*t”

Here are the all-time greatest spinning backfist and spinning kick knockouts in MMA history. Take a look before the UFC pulls it for multiple copyright infringements.

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WAG Alert: 24 Photos of Jenna Renee, Fitness Model and Travis Browne’s Fiancée

Jenna Renee is a living fitness motivation gallery. The Florida-bred model and personal trainer has lent her physique to numerous magazines and is a rising star on Instagram with over 60,000 followers.

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Hilariously Misguided Quote of the Day: Wanderlei Silva Wants to “Make MMA Like the NFL”

We want to get behind what you're saying, Wandy, but for the love of all that is holy, hire a PR guy to do the talking for you.

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bisping rockhold trash talk

Gamblers Beware: Michael Bisping Opens as a 2-1 Underdog Against Luke Rockhold

Clearly, trash-talking skills have not been factored into the odds here.

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MMA in the Wild: Brutal Suburban Kangaroo Fight Goes the Distance

I like to think that these two kangaroos are actually neighbors who started fighting because one of them insists on mowing his lawn at 5:30 a.m.

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Paulo Filho Claims That an Anxiety Attack, Not a Seizure, Led to His Removal From ‘Fatality 7′ Card

Everytime we think Filho has hit rock bottom, he reminds us that he is still holding a shovel, a jackhammer, and a pick axe.

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UFC Fight Night: Tibau v Hallmann

Piotr Hallmann Tests Positive for Steroids Following UFC Fight Night 51

2014 is officially the second-druggiest year in MMA history.

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VIDEO: Drunk Dancing Guy Steals the Show at UFC Fight Night Halifax

My favorite bit comes around the 1:23 mark, where you can see that 1) His fellow Canadians are very supportive of his passion, and 2) yes, there is a sleeping child in the building.

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UFC 178 - Gamburyan v Gibson

[VIDEO] UFC Bantamweight Cody Gibson Gets Coldcocked Outside Bar After UFC 178 Loss

"Google me, bitch!" = the modern day "Do you know who I am?"

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UFC Fight Night: MacDonald v Saffiedine

Dana White Defends UFC Fighter Pay (Again), While Struggling New Fighters Are Forced to Crowdfund

You know what you never hear from other professional sports these days? How an athlete competing in the NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB has to work a job prior to practice in order to make ends meet.

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