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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?



ICYMI: NSAC Reveals Anderson Silva Failed His UFC 183 Post-Fight Test As Well [FROWNY FACE]

Basically, Silva was on a cocktail of drugs that would've killed all of Van Halen.

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The UFC: In Order to Rebuild It, We Must Destroy It

A longtime MMA fan laments the direction the sport's top promotion has taken, and how we can try to fix it.

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bendo toothpick

Fight Night 60 & Bellator 133 Highlights: Hendo Submits Thatch Toothpick-in-Mouth, Shlemenko Crushes Manhoef + More


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henderson thatch

Fight Night: Henderson vs. Thatch — Complete Main Card Preview and Predictions

Most MMA fans would tell you that this card isn't worth your time, but there's plenty going on beneath the surface.

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Shipping Up to Providence: A Brief Conversation With Robert “Wreck-It Rob” Sullivan

CP Reader Chris Huntemann sits down with Bellator vet Robert Sullivan and discusses his recent win over James Murrin.

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UFC 156: Fitch v Maia

Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next? A Completely Speculative Investigation

The juice is loose.

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UFC 182 Weigh-in

Has the UFC Devolved Into the Ultimate Fighting Circus?

The purity of MMA is an illusion -- a shattered mess that desperately needs to be left behind.

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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira v Roy Nelson

Anderson Silva Out, Big Nog In As TUF Brazil 4 Coach

"No way! This changes everything!" said the six people currently anticipating the fourth season of TUF Brazil.

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Gallery: Ronda Rousey’s Full Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Pictorial

Hot. Damn.

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Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva

What Was More Heartbreaking: Anderson Silva’s Leg Break or Positive Test?

One minute he's being hailed as the GOAT, the next he's being branded a cheat. This sport, you guys. This damn sport.

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New, Sickening Details Emerge in Alexander Emelianenko Sexual Assault Case

"However, Emelianenko did offer her to 'jump out the window' if she desired."

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On Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, and Compounding the Misery of MMA Fans

When one of the most recognizable athletes in the sport and one of its most marketable fighters both fail their drug tests, you see just why the UFC has a long way to go.

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NSAC Tests Confirm That Nick Diaz Was High As a Kite In the Weeks Leading Up To UFC 183

"His DNA is THC, let's face it," -- an actual quote from Diaz's coach.

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Dana White Shocks MMA Fans Worldwide by Retiring From the UFC to Form a New, More Extreme Fight Company

“It's like we say in the business, 'You won't move the needle if you don't use the needle.'"

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Free At Last: Josh Rosenthal to Be Released From Prison After 19-Month Stint [UPDATED]

Glad to have you back, you big, bald, beautiful bastard.

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The Heavy Issue With Cutting Weight

Fighters are called disrespectful and lazy for not making weight, but the main focus should be on just how dangerous it is.

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Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz Fail UFC 183 Drug Tests for Drostanolone, Marijuana

God is dead, the end times are upon us, etc.

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weidman acting

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: The Curse of the Injured Champion

Why does it feel like every time the UFC books a true blockbuster main event, we pessimistically expect it to be snatched from under our nose? History, that's why.

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Pride Grand Prix 2000 Opening Round

The Forgotten Round: Looking Back at the Pride Grand Prix 2000

CP reader Bryan S. Adelman takes a nostalgic look back at the Pride Grand Prix 2000, aka the Batman Begins to the finals' Dark Knight.

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UFC 183 Video Highlights/Results: Silva Decisions Diaz in Bizarre Battle, Miesha Tate’s Comeback + More

It might not have been as flashy and/or violent as most of us predicted, but Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz's UFC 183 headliner was every bit the circus act that it promised to be.

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UFC 169: Iaquinta v Lee

Chris Weidman Injured Again, Rousey vs. Zingano Now Headlines UFC 184

A champion who can't stay healthy? WHAT SPORT IS THIS?!

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Friday Link Dump: Anderson Silva Refuses to Wear Reebok, Nate Quarry Returns to Action (Sort of), Delicious Dips For Your Super Bowl + More

The best content from our friends around the web.

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Former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva Holds Press Conference

Four Opponents Anderson Silva Could Face Next Instead Of Chris Weidman

A third fight with Weidman will only end in heart and/or legbreak for Silva, so here are four guys he should face next instead.

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diaz media scrum

[VIDEO] Nick Diaz’s Bizarre, Insightful, Hilarious, Incomprehensible UFC 183 Media Scrum

In a sea of wolf ticket-slinging jabronis, Diaz the anti-bullshit superhero that MMA needs.

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carano frausto

CagePotato Ban: Talking About, or Even Hinting At the Possibility of Gina Carano’s Return to MMA

"Some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright."

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 183 Edition

Will Nick Diaz be able to survive this shit and acquire the family he's always wanted? Don't bet on it.

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The One Who Knocks (People Out): Brian Bowles Arrested For Possession of Meth

I think we should all just be thankful that Domestic Assault was not among the charges listed against him.

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Dun Dada: Fantasy-Picking Kimbo Slice’s Opponent For His Bellator Debut

What happens when Joe Warren takes on a street fighter 70 pounds heavier than he is? PAY PER VIEW GOLD IS WHAT HAPPENS.

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Distinguishing “The Fighter” From “The Mixed Martial Artist”: Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz

They say that "fighting is in our DNA", but how does that statement apply to this weekend's main eventers?

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Tito Ortiz Brushes Off a Potential Fight With Kimbo Slice, And For Once, He’s In the Right

“I’m a world champion. Fighting someone like Kimbo is a step down. I don’t wanna fight a street fighter.”

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