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bad celebrity tattoos
20 Celebrities With Truly Awful Tattoos



The Greatest Fights in MMA History Tournament: And the Winner Is…

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: ‘UFC 168: Silva vs. Weidman II’ Edition

Join us for the pound-for-pound best gambling advice in all the Interwebz and maybe, just maybe, we will all kick off the New Year with a little extra cash in our pocket.

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Beware the Bowing, Humble Man: 5 Things We Learned Over 5 Days in Japan

I spent last week in Tokyo, Japan, to cover the Glory year-end championship kickboxing event and interview and train with luminaries of Japanese MMA. Here are five immediate take aways.

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Dana White Promises “A Knockout That Beats Uriah Hall’s” on TUF 19 [HOORAY?]

"Scary" should probably be on the short list of words *not* to use when describing a knockout in a positive manner.

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The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Maynard v Diaz

Searching for the “Real” Ronda Rousey

'TUF' has made the public hate Ronda Rousey. But she is who she is.

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UFC 168 Free Fights: Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami, Chris Weidman vs. Mark Munoz, Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche [VIDEOS]

The UFC, in its infinite grace, has released three more classic fights featuring UFC 168 headliners.

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UFC 168 Tweet-Sized Stats & Facts: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Spider leads the pack in knockdown rate and strike avoidance, while Miesha Tate ranks dead-last in takedown defense and knockdown resiliency.

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Watching Royston Wee Will Set You Back $10, and Other Info About the UFC’s New Digital Network

Remember that subscription-based, digital UFC network we talked about a couple weeks ago? You know, the one that promised cards full of unfit for television jobbers like Royston Wee? Well, the UFC officially announced the price point: Access to the "UFC Fight Pass" will cost $9.99 a month.

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Horrible Photoshops, Love Children, Cosplaying, and Gabe Gonzaga on a Donkey: Highlights from the CagePotato Tumblr

The CagePotato tumblr has surpassed over 650 followers! We figured it has been a while since we shared some of our Tumblr posts with the vast majority of the Potato Nation, so that's why we're making this post.

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shitty tma

Traditional Martial Arts Fail of the Week: Finnish Jedi Knight Looks Like a Tool

Ready to see some bullshit "martial arts" get exposed in hilarious fashion? Good! Because that's just what we have in store for you with our new somewhat-regular feature: Traditional Martial Arts Fail of the Week.

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Friday Link Dump: Rousey Wants Holm in the UFC, Serra Brothers Are Squabblin’, The 12 Best Schwarzenegger Kills + More

Some must-see highlights from our bros around the blogosphere.

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Last-Second Christmas Present Ideas: War Machine Launched a Clothing Line, Y’all.


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amateur KO crop

Insane Knockout Double-Feature: A 5-Second Falling Tree KO, And the Most Brutal Liver Kick You Will See All Year

One thing that has always separated CagePotato from our MMA peers — you know, aside from our standing with the [...]

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Interview: Duke Roufus Discusses GLORY, The Pettis Brothers, And the Chaotic Art of Striking

"People say they want to see Askren stand and bang. That’s silly. That’s like saying, ‘we want to see Roufus wrestle.’ No one cares to see my old fat ass wrestle."

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UFC Fighter Portraits

Sergio Pettis vs. Alex Caceres Added to UFC on FOX 10 Card in January

After outpointing Will Campuzano last month at UFC 167, undefeated bantamweight prodigy Sergio Pettis has been quickly booked for his second Octagon appearance — which will take place just ten weeks after his UFC debut.

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Oh, Thank Christ: Brazilian MMA Confederation Officially Shitcans Man vs. Woman Fight at Shooto 45

Phew, that was a close one.

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[VIDEO] So Chris Weidman’s Older Brother Sounds Like a Really Nice Guy

"I guess he didn't like me that much, so he'd beat the crap out of me and made other people beat me up."

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UFC On Fuel TV: Gustafsson v Silva - Weigh-In

And Now They’re Fired: Alessio Sakara, George Sotiropoulos, and Rosi Sexton Removed From Roster

While it's always sad to see people lose their jobs right before Christmas, you can't argue that these three didn't have it coming.

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google glass crop

Questions That Arise From Watching the First-Ever Google Glass-Filmed MMA Fight

Question #1: They've already filmed a porno with these things, right?

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Following UFC Suspension, ‘Bigfoot’ Silva Plans to Sue Doctor Who Oversaw His Testosterone Therapy

It's unfair that Silva could forever bear the mark of "cheater" just because a doctor got his timetable wrong. On the other hand, MMA fighters need to understand that when they inject synthetic testosterone into their bodies, they're rolling the dice.

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"I had a PET scan on Tuesday and just got results back and it was good as it could be. All my nodes are fine now and all internal organs are back to normal."

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UFC 165: Clements v Thompson

GIF-Ranking the Avalanche of UFC Fights That Were Booked Today, December 18th, By Interest Level

Because there are only so many ways to inform you that several lower-level fights have recently been booked on (under)cards you probably won't even watch.

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UFC 167: Weigh-Ins

Absurd Claim of the Day: Chael Sonnen Says He Had Emergency Colon Surgery One Day Before Losing to Rashad Evans [UPDATED]

God, I hope we're not being trolled here. Knowing Chael, this might be an elaborate setup to a joke about finding Frank Mir's horseshoe.

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All Russian People(‘s Names) Are The Same According to Rafael Dos Anjos(‘s Manager)

RUSSIANS ARE PEOPLE TOO, DAMMIT! (just barely, but still)

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The Unsupportable Opinion: UFC 168 Is Kind of a Garbage-Ass Card

In 2008-2009, a UFC card with two big-name title fights was a special occasion. These days, it's a ultra-rare fluke — and this might be the last time you see it.

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UFC Fight Night: Hunt v Bigfoot

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Tests Positive for Elevated Testosterone, Hit With Nine-Month Suspension and Loss of $50,000 Bonus

The fight will be changed to a no-contest on Silva's record, and Hunt will receive the $50k bonus that would have gone to the Brazilian. And once again, Bigfoot is claiming it's not his fault.

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UFC 167: Koscheck v Woodley

Despite Being ‘Unranked,’ Tyron Woodley Gets #1 Contender Fight Against Carlos Condit at UFC 171

We're not saying that the guy doesn't deserve the opportunity, considering that he just knocked Josh Koscheck's head clean off and everybody else in the division is either booked or injured. Maybe now we can stop pretending that the UFC's official rankings mean jack-shit, since they always seem to fly out the window as soon as it's time to find a warm body.

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Terrible, Stupid, Just Awful Idea of the Day: A Man vs. Woman Fight is Going Down at Shooto Brazil 45 This Weekend [UPDATED]

God damn it, you guys. God. Damn. It.

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UFC on FOX: Faber v McDonald

Urijah Faber’s Latest Comeback, And the Mystery of Creating New UFC Stars Under 155 Pounds

Despite over a third of the UFC's roster fighting at 125, 135, and 145 pounds, only two of those 144 fighters have headlined two or more UFC pay-per-view cards. How can this be?

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Hit the Ground Runnin’: Julie Kedzie Lands Gig As Invicta FC’s New Matchmaker

I don't know about you, but I'm excited as all hell to see what kind of matchups Kedzie puts together in Invicta's *stacked* strawweight division.

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Georges St-Pierre Spotted in Miami, Partying Like a Semi-Retired Ex-Champion [VIDEO]

So here's former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre dancing with (or at least near) some chick at a South Beach nightclub. And it raises an important question — can a man ever look cool dancing with a drink in his hand? This has troubled me my entire life.

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