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15 Moments of Instant Regret [GIFs]


UFC 111 Hosted By Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank Fertitta III

Serious Question: Will the UFC Exist in 50 Years?

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The 11 Greatest Ultimate Surrender Videos That We Can Get Away With Showing You

In case you've never heard of it — yeah right, pervert — Ultimate Surrender is essentially the girl-on-girl porn version of submission grappling. Barely-clothed women wrestle each other through three sweaty rounds, and the winner gets to have her way with the loser at the end. Sound like something you'd like? Well today's your lucky day.

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Fight Flicks Review: Fight Life Offers a Candid, If Well-Traveled Look Into the Mind of an MMA Fighter

The Smashing Machine it may not be, but Fight Life is still a thoroughly entertaining behind-the-scenes look at the daily struggles and triumphs of MMA fighters.

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So There Were Some Pretty Brutal Knockouts at Glory 17: Los Angeles This Past Weekend [w/GIFS]

Thankfully absent from the night's list of KO victims: Mirko Cro Cop

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Report: Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao to Headline Metamoris 4, August 9th in Los Angeles

Our prediction: Sonnen sells a lot of tickets, then gets styled on.

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Watch UFC Strawweight Claudia Gadelha Beat the Crap Out of Dudes on ‘Panico Na TV’

The UFC strawweight contender has a bit of an interesting history.

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Dude Wipes: The Definitive CagePotato Review

The MMA world peered at Tyron Woodley's ass and saw "DUDE WIPES" emblazoned across his most private chasm. In that moment, an MMA meme was born.

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UFC Fight Night London: Harris v Gaudinot

And Now He’s Suspended: Louis Gaudinot Suspended Six Months After Failed Drug Test

Louis Gaudinot's 73-second submission win over Phil Harris at UFC Fight Night 37 has been overturned into a no contest. This comes off the back of Gaudinot's drug test failure; he tested positive for the banned diuretic hydrochlorothiazide.

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Friday Links: Daniel Cormier Headed for Knee Surgery, Anderson Silva Cleared to Spar, The Best Video Games of E3 2014 + More

Some must-see highlights from our bros around the blogosphere.

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UFC Fight Night Weigh-in

Surprising Re-Up of the Day: Paulo Thiago Inks Four Fight Extension Despite 2-6 Slump

Despite his sluggish performances as of late, it looks like we'll be seeing more of Paulo Thiago in the future.

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Fitness Motivation: 21 Photos of Sexy Ladies Lifting Kettlebells

Whether you're looking to sculpt the perfect beach body or look like a Russian bear-man, kettlebell exercises are great way to strengthen your core.

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UFC 148: Anderson Silva v Chael Sonnen - Press Conference

The Underdog Heel: How Chael Sonnen Became a Sports Entertainment Superstar

There's little doubt that Sonnen was one of MMA's most infamous personalities, but was Sonnen a truly great sports entertainer?

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On This Day in MMA History: Frank Mir Breaks Tim Sylvia’s Arm, Ken Shamrock KO’s Kimo at UFC 48: Payback

It might be hard to believe when looking at him now, but there was a time not too long ago when Tim Sylvia was paid money to compete in physical activities.

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Wild Rumor of the Day, Pt. 2: Nick Diaz’s Father Is the Unabomber

Come on, that's absurd. Diaz may have grown up without a biological father, but there's no way th-HOLY CRAP THEY LOOK IDENTICAL.

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Jason High Receives One-Year Suspension, $1,900 Fine for Ref-Shoving Incident

"The Kansas City Bandit" might want to consider changing his nickname to "H.R. Shoven Stuff" (I am so sorry).

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UFC 174 - Johnson v Bagautinov

Wild Rumor of the Day: UFC 174 Did Less Than 100,000 Pay-Per-View Buys

You have to go back nine years to find a UFC PPV that performed as terribly as UFC 174 allegedly did.

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Miesha Tate vs. Rin Nakai in the Works for UFC Fight Night Japan in September

It's a matchup straight out of our darkest, most deranged fantasies.

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It’s Official: Former Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker Steps in as Bjorn Rebney’s Bellator Replacement

Bellator is planning to hold a media conference call at 6 p.m. ET, and we will update you on any important details that emerge from it.

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And Now He’s Fired: Brandon Vera Axed by UFC (Again), Following 16-Fight Stint With Promotion

Any post-mortem of Brandon Vera's career has to focus on what a disappointment it turned out to be. (I'm not trying to be a dick, here; I bet Vera feels the same way.) This is a guy who went from hot-shot contender to hapless journeyman seemingly overnight.

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Booking Roundup: Gegard Mousasi to Rematch “Jacare” Souza at UFC 176, Ben Henderson Gets Rafael Dos Anjos + More

More exciting matchups than you can shake a stick at.

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Bellator Parts Ways With Bjorn Rebney, Scott Coker to Replace Him [UPDATED]

Rebney was reportedly forced out due to his ongoing conflicts with Viacom regarding the direction of the promotion.

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Wanderlei Silva Admits to Skipping Drug Test, Claims He Was Taking Diuretics Related to Wrist Injury

In retrospect, Silva should have just sacked up and taken the test, so that he'd have proof that he was taking diuretics — and not, say, steroids. Instead, we'll always have some measure of doubt about this alibi. (Plus, we'll never trust his video blogs again.)

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Fitness Motivation: 16 Photos of Sexy Women Doing Squats

Our latest inspirational fitness tribute (LOL!) focuses on girls squatting like Ryan Gosling is behind them.

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Photo of the Year Candidate: Mike Tyson Writes ‘Dick’ on Dana White’s Forehead

There are only two men in the world who could get away with this: Mike Tyson, and Lorenzo "The Hulk" Fertitta.

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10 Songs the UFC Should Consider Replacing “Face the Pain” With

The UFC has been blasting "Face the Pain" since August of 2002, and it's time for a change.

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SportsPotato: Ghana’s John Boye Busts Up Clint Dempsey With an Eye Poke/Flying Head Kick in World Cup Opener

As far as soccer injuries go, that's about as nasty as it gets.

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Report: Phil Baroni to Make Bellator Debut Against Karo Parisyan on July 25th

"I'm the best eva!" vs. "Do you know who I am, bro?" — a battle of massive egos and inconsistent performances. Who ya got?

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Is Rousey vs. Carano a Circus Fight or a Money Fight?

The UFC continues to negotiate with the original “face of women’s MMA,” Gina Carano. Is there a method to the madness?

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sylvia fatty fat crop

Photo: *This* Is Why Tim Sylvia Hasn’t Re-Signed With the UFC

Unless the UFC plans on adding Akebonoweight to their ranks, we don't see old Timmeh being invited back anytime soon.

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Wild Rumor of the Day: Kimbo Slice Is Signing With Bellator

Let's not get precious with ourselves, okay? Bellator needs stars, and Kimbo is one of the biggest stars in MMA history. YES HE IS YES HE IS SHUT UP.

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“Fastest Knockout” Record-Holder Mike Garrett Drops Another Dude in 3.5 Seconds [VIDEO]

I love how Animashaun is referred to as the "runner-up" in this fight. There are no losers at Warrior Challenge. That's adorable.

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