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MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails



Video: Melvin Manhoef DESTROYS Doug Marshall at Bellator 125

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UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Got Married to Some Guy [PHOTOS]

All I have to say is: What's he got that I ain't got?

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Alternative View - UFC Fight Night: Hunt v Bigfoot

Slobberknocker Alert: Soa Palelei vs. Jared Rosholt Added to UFC Fight Night 43 in New Zealand

The quick seven-week turnaround might be less than ideal for Palelei, but fighting in front of a supportive Oceania crowd will more than make up for it.

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Eddie Alvarez Discusses His Concussion: “It Feels Like a Squeezing of My Brain” [SCARY]

"I’ve been hit harder...concussions and getting hit hard is not something that’s new to me. These particular symptoms were all new to me, I had never felt these before, so I got a little afraid of what was going on."

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MMA in the Wild: The Flying Kick Knockout That Nobody Saw Coming

My favorite part of this video actually comes directly after the flying kick, when the guy who landed it is so psyched up that he starts bouncing around like Vega from Street Fighter II.

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Hot Potato: 21 Photos of Zuki Jai, UCMMA Ring Girl and Model

Zuki is a 21-year-old model and pole-dance instructor from Egham who has been posing professionally since the age of 16.

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UFC Fight Night: Brown v Silva

Fight Night 40 Salaries: Brown Bonuses His Way to Six Figures, Everyone Else Not So Much

Fight Night 40 may have been a fantastic card, but the salaries cleared by most of the fighters competing on it say otherwise.

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FilmPotato: Georges St. Pierre to Star in Kickboxer Remake Alongside Batista

I swear to God, if they remake The Raid, I will eat a baby.

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SportsPotato: Serge Ibaka Lands Clean Right Hook to Blake Griffin’s Dick/Balls Area [VIDEO]

Griffin limped off downcourt following the punch, very much like a man who had just had his nuts racked.

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troll crop

Meanwhile, In Boxing: Internet Troll Gets Flattened By Heavyweight Champ, Learns Nothing [VIDEO]

Today's lesson: The only thing more powerful than revenge is denial. Amen.

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Seven Last-Minute Changes to the Bellator PPV That Would Actually Make It Worth Paying For

All of these suggestions are at least a little crazy. Some are so crazy they might just work.

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Video Highlights: Matt Brown vs. Erick Silva, Brawl of the Year Candidate

At the 0:47 mark, you will see the closest that MMA has ever come to a double-KO via body shots.

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UFC Fight Night: Brown v Silva

The Moral Weight of Being an MMA Fan

If Brown vs. Silva was a reminder as to why we watch this sport, perhaps it should also serve as a reminder as to why we shouldn't.

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UFC Fight Night: Brown v Silva

UFC Fight Night 40 Results: Matt Brown TKOs Erick Silva in Instant Classic and Other Highlights

Matt. F*cking. Brown.

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This Chuck Liddell Costume Is Crazier Than Beatus the Robot

The UFC's twitter account sent out this picture of a horrifying Chuck Liddell cosplayer during UFC Fight Night 40.

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UFC Fight Night 40: Brown vs. Silva — Liveblogging the Fights You Actually Care About

Tonight's main event is pretty damn compelling. But there's no way we're gonna waste an entire Saturday night typing out play-by-play for the rest of this mess.

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Bellator 119 a Success but Storm Clouds Gather for PPV Prospects

If Bellator gets its first PPV card off the ground despite Alvarez's injury and somehow manages to land near the break-even point, future shows will have to be cobbled together using a mix of former UFC fighters and homegrown talent.

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alvarez thing

Concussion Forces Eddie Alvarez Out of Bellator PPV

In case the headline didn't tip you off, Eddie Alvarez is out of Bellator 120—the promotion's second attempt to break into the PPV market. His rubber match with Michael Chandler will have to wait.

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bo fung do

Martial Arts Fail of the Week: The Mystic Art of Bo Fung Do

What, you haven't heard of Bo Fung Do? Are you some kind of martial arts hobbyist or something? We only cater to hardcore fans at CagePotato, so here's the rundown...

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Morning GIF: Brian Rogers Destroys Adrian Miles With a Flying Knee at Bellator 119

The way Miles crumples in a Nelmark-esque heap is pretty gnarly — especially because his eyes remain open when he's out. Yeesh.

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‘WTF?’ Video of the Day: MMA Fight Ends Via Softest Leg Kicks Ever

Did the guy in the red shorts take a dive, or did we just witness the first Leg Tap Death Touch in sanctioned competition?

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Friday Links: A Four-Second Heavyweight Knockout, Josh Thomson vs. Michael Johnson Booked for UFC San Jose, Best Beers to Drink at Breakfast + More

Hey, could somebody get us the name of the blonde Hot Potato at 0:28-0:41? #hnnnnng

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Holly 2

Hot Potato: 15 Photos of Holly Pfeiffer, Aussie Ring Girl and Future Muay Thai Wrecking Machine

Beauty, brawn, and she's a brunette? Hnnnnng!

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Cris Cyborg naked Evangelista Santos Cristiane ESPN body issue magazine MMA photos

And Now He’s Retired: Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos Calls It Quits After Quick TKO Loss to Melvin Manhoef in Rematch

We hope retirement treats you well, Cyborg. (*raises chalice* *nods*)

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FoodPotato: Picking the Right Meal for Each Level of UFC Fight Card

Watching other people fight requires constant sustenance. The calories you burn shadowboxing during commercials don't replenish themselves, you know.

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On This Day in MMA History: Paul Daley Sucker Punches Josh Koscheck, Earns Lifetime Ban From the UFC

Between the first horn and the final horn, you're allowed to inflict massive head trauma and wrench limbs until they break apart. But if you hit a guy directly after the fight is over? You're garbage, and nobody wants you.

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CagePotato Ban: MMA Fighters Trying to Box Roy Jones Jr. (and Vice Versa)

News flash, MMA fighters & Boxers: It isn't 1993, and there is no longer a need to prove that one fighting style is better than another.

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UFC 172: Davis v Johnson

Anthony Johnson vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Booked for UFC on FOX 12

The matchup seems tailor-made to give "Rumble" another high-profile win before he's launched into title contention. Or, to put it another way: This looks like a damn squash match.

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Stefan Struve Cleared to Fight Again, Will Face Matt Mitrione at UFC 175

Last August, UFC heavyweight Stefan Struve was diagnosed with a leaking aortic valve and an enlarged heart — a condition that could have permanently ended his fighting career. But Struve refused to accept retirement as a possibility.

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UFC 168: Weidman v Silva 2

Recovery Roundup: Anderson Silva & Cat Zingano Cleared to Train, Vitor Belfort Given the Go-Ahead to Fight in Brazil

This can only mean that a three-way, mixed gender ladder match for an interim title of some sort is on the horizon.

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Somehow, Matt Brown Is a 2-1 Underdog Against Erick Silva This Weekend

Am I crazy, or is this the juiciest betting line we've seen all year?

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