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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


hendo nola

Fight Night 68 Highlights/Results: Hendo Starches Boetsch, Rothwell Submits Mitrione, Everyone Finishes Everyone, Basically

Lesson #1: Never, EVER come at Dan Henderson with your hands down and chin up.

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Friday Link Dump: Experts Explain a Potential Fighter Union, KenFlo to Host Battlebots Reboot, The Best and Worst of Donuts + More

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Everything You Need to Know About the UFC’s New Drug-Testing Policy

"Two years just for weed? DAMN!!" -- Nick Diaz

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soccer mom KO

GIF of the Day: Soccer Mom Gets Faceplant KO’d Twice In Hysterically Brutal Fashion [UPDATED]

If you thought Sensei Segal's recent demonstration was a masterful display of martial arts ineptitude, just wait until you see this.

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seagal fail

Martial Arts Fail of the Week: Steven Seagal’s Russian “Masterclass” Is a Gift From Above

This video is where "Slap-Jitsu" levels of hilarity, with Kiai master levels of delusion meet.

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on May 30, 2015 in Goiania, Brazil.

Fight Night 67 Results/Highlights: Condit Stops Alves in Vintage Performance, Oliveira Chokes Out Lentz in Barnburner + More

"The Natural Born Killer" is back, ladies and gentlemen.

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leslie smith

Comeuppance of the Day: Leslie Smith, Heather Clark Lay Beatdown on Ass-Grabbing Schmuck Outside Nightclub

"I was morally compelled to tell the man that my friend's butt (in a pair of jean btw) was not public property for him to grope at will and then he spit and swung on me."

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Friday Link Dump: 20 Minutes With Conor McGregor, The Latest Reebok Inequality Issue, Terrible Movie Reboots + More

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anna elmose curtsy

Knockout of the Day: Denmark Fighter Anna Elmose Tops Off a Violent Shellacking With a Curtsy

Personally, I would have preferred to see Anna "Panda" Elmose link her nickname with her celebration and engage in a post-victory munching of a bamboo stalk.

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Bethe Correia Makes Suicide Joke About Ronda Rousey, Ironically Signing Her Own Death Warrant in the Process [UPDATED]

Well, if we didn't think Bethe Correia was a dead (wo)man walking before, she sure is now...

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weidman mayweather

TIL That Chris Weidman Almost Sh*t Himself Before His UFC 187 Title Fight

"I could not believe this was going to happen. I'm going to crap myself in the middle of this cage." -- our middleweight champion, ladies and gents.

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UFC 187: Johnson v Cormier

UFC 187 Aftermath: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

UFC 187 was a flat-out fantastic card that answered most (if not all) of the questions surrounding it in the wake of several notable absences.

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: ‘UFC 187: Johnson vs. Cormier’ Edition

Will Vitor Belfort roundhouse kick Chris Weidman into oblivion? Will Anthony Johnson....roundhouse kick Daniel Cormier into oblivion? JOIN US AND FIND OUT.

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UFC 187 Open Workouts

UFC 187: A Complete A-to-Z Preview

CP reader Nasir Jabbar gives us a top-to-bottom rundown of this weekend's massive card.

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wandy nsac

[VIDEO] Wanderlei Silva Reacts to Judge Reversing Lifetime MMA Ban

"Today, history was made for all MMA athletes. We succeeded at reversing a very unjust sentence given by this commission."

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alex emelianenko tattoos

Alexander Emelianenko Sentenced to 4.5 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault

Should have been much, much longer.

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VIDEOS: Kickstart Your Week With the Full ‘UFC 187 Countdown’ Special

It may be absent a Jones and a Nurmy, but UFC 187 is still *the* card to see this year.

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Friday Link Dump: NAC Overhauls Drug Program, TUF Vet Corey Hill Passes Away, Machida vs. Romero Booked (!!) + More

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Fight Night Manila Is Tomorrow, So Let’s All Gawk at This Awesome New ‘UFC 189′ Trailer

Remember: If this fight gets cancelled, we riot.

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red dela cruz 7

Hot Potato: Photos of the UFC’s New, Filipina Ring Girl, Red Dela Cruz

Let's hope that this Cruz is able to make it through a fight card without seriously injuring herself. HI-OH!

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CagePotato Open Discussion: With the Reebok Deal a Bust, Where Do We Go From Here?

The UFC's Reebok deal is garbage. We all know it's garbage. But how do we go about fixing it?

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UFC Fight Night: Miocic v Hunt

Fight Night: Hunt vs. Miocic Aftermath: Oh God, The Humanity (Or Lack Thereof)

Fight Night 65, if nothing else, provided those who refer to our sport as "barbaric" and "inhumane" with plenty of ammo.

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Friday Link Dump: Pettis Sidelined Again, Fighters React to Reebok Deal, Funniest Help Wanted Signs + More

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Jon Jones and Daniel Comier on January 3, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Fall of Jon Jones: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

CP Reader Scott Johnson takes an in-depth, all angles look at the demise of the now former light heavyweight champ.

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The New Reebok Fighter Payout Structure Has Been Revealed and Boy Is It Something

The tl;dr version: This deal is garbage. It has always been garbage.

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Dan Henderson vs. Tim Boetsch Now Headlines Fight Night NOLA, With Ryan Bader Scratched Altogether

By the law of multiplying negatives, this new main event should be a hell of a scrap!

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The Week in Review: “Oh, F*ck My Life” Edition

A slew of injuries, a greasing accusation, and the 15 year anniversary of the most epic fight of all time. Just another week in mixed martial arts, ladies and gentlemen.

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Has Everyone Already Seen This Video of Clint Hester’s Superman Elbow Knockout?

So I’m trolling my way through r/MMA this morning because I am a legitimate MMA journalist and [...]

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Michelle Waterson Signs With the UFC, Faces Angela Magana at ‘TUF 21′ Finale in July

If you think "The Karate Hottie" is being handed a gimme fight to launch her up the rankings, well, you're right.

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UFC 186: Johnson v Horiguchi

Here Comes a New Challenger: Matches to Make — UFC 186

Despite its many, many failings, UFC 186 wasn't a half-bad display of mixed martial arts...for Bellator, or WSOF, of even a Fight Pass show.

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