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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


UFC Berlin: Jedrzejczyk v Penne

Fight Night 69 Highlights/Results: Jedrzejczyk Batters Penne, Kawajiri Smothers Siver, “Mr. Finland” Shines Again + More

It appears that the female Chuck Liddell is here to stay, you guys.

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Friday Link Dump: Coming to Terms With Kimbo vs. Shamrock, A New Twist in the Silva Drug Test Fiasco, America’s Tastiest Wing Joints + More

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Dude Wipes, Spray Tans, and Unnecessary Side Burns: A Bellator 138 Weigh-Ins Exclusive

CP Contributors Chad Blessinger and Zach Heim give us an exclusive behind the scenes look of yesterday's Bellator 138 weigh-ins.

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diaz fedor

Caption Contest: Win a Random DVD From Danga’s Vault!!

(The Greatest and The Realest, seen here discussing Russian trade policies and how to properly roll a blunt. via [...]

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SportsPotato: Watch (Or Don’t Watch) This BRUTAL, Achilles-Rupturing Heel Hook From a Welsh Rugby Match

Thankfully, the perpetrator of this despicable act has been sentenced to 2 minutes on the mat with Rousimar Palhares.

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VIDEO: Spike TV’s “Finally: Kimbo vs. Shamrock” Documentary

“Finally: Kimbo vs. Shamrock” debuts tonight on Spike TV at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

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velasquez getty

UFC 188 Aftermath: Another G.O.A.T Bites the Dust…

For how often we like to claim that so and so is "the best eva," we rarely seem to actually pause and look at the evidence to support such an audacious claim.

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werdum doritos

UFC 188: A Complete A-to-Z Preview

CP Contributor Nasir Jabbar gives a head-to-toe breakdown of all the odd ends and x-factors heading into the UFC's return to Mexico.

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Mike Richman vs Jeremy Spoon Bellator 76

Mike Richman’s Response to Failed Bellator 137 Drug Test Is…Surprisingly Endearing, Actually

"I am a cheat, plan and simple and there is no excuse or reason that is valid enough to dispute the reasons why I cheated the sport and myself by using it."

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UFC 168: Rousey v Tate 2

Supercut of the Day: RONDA THROWS PEOPLE!

A note to all MMA reporters: Unless you want a broken rib, forgo the harai goshi demonstrations and stick to asking Rousey questions about her sex policy on fight week.

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XFS Owner Gregg Sharp Tries to Defend “Soccer Mom” Booking, Fails Miserably

"I am not naive in the fact that sooner or later a hater or two would jump on to our YouTube account and make something of nothing."

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hendo nola

Fight Night 68 Highlights/Results: Hendo Starches Boetsch, Rothwell Submits Mitrione, Everyone Finishes Everyone, Basically

Lesson #1: Never, EVER come at Dan Henderson with your hands down and chin up.

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Friday Link Dump: Experts Explain a Potential Fighter Union, KenFlo to Host Battlebots Reboot, The Best and Worst of Donuts + More

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Everything You Need to Know About the UFC’s New Drug-Testing Policy

"Two years just for weed? DAMN!!" -- Nick Diaz

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soccer mom KO

GIF of the Day: Soccer Mom Gets Faceplant KO’d Twice In Hysterically Brutal Fashion [UPDATED]

If you thought Sensei Segal's recent demonstration was a masterful display of martial arts ineptitude, just wait until you see this.

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seagal fail

Martial Arts Fail of the Week: Steven Seagal’s Russian “Masterclass” Is a Gift From Above

This video is where "Slap-Jitsu" levels of hilarity, with Kiai master levels of delusion meet.

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on May 30, 2015 in Goiania, Brazil.

Fight Night 67 Results/Highlights: Condit Stops Alves in Vintage Performance, Oliveira Chokes Out Lentz in Barnburner + More

"The Natural Born Killer" is back, ladies and gentlemen.

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leslie smith

Comeuppance of the Day: Leslie Smith, Heather Clark Lay Beatdown on Ass-Grabbing Schmuck Outside Nightclub

"I was morally compelled to tell the man that my friend's butt (in a pair of jean btw) was not public property for him to grope at will and then he spit and swung on me."

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Friday Link Dump: 20 Minutes With Conor McGregor, The Latest Reebok Inequality Issue, Terrible Movie Reboots + More

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anna elmose curtsy

Knockout of the Day: Denmark Fighter Anna Elmose Tops Off a Violent Shellacking With a Curtsy

Personally, I would have preferred to see Anna "Panda" Elmose link her nickname with her celebration and engage in a post-victory munching of a bamboo stalk.

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Bethe Correia Makes Suicide Joke About Ronda Rousey, Ironically Signing Her Own Death Warrant in the Process [UPDATED]

Well, if we didn't think Bethe Correia was a dead (wo)man walking before, she sure is now...

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weidman mayweather

TIL That Chris Weidman Almost Sh*t Himself Before His UFC 187 Title Fight

"I could not believe this was going to happen. I'm going to crap myself in the middle of this cage." -- our middleweight champion, ladies and gents.

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UFC 187: Johnson v Cormier

UFC 187 Aftermath: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

UFC 187 was a flat-out fantastic card that answered most (if not all) of the questions surrounding it in the wake of several notable absences.

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: ‘UFC 187: Johnson vs. Cormier’ Edition

Will Vitor Belfort roundhouse kick Chris Weidman into oblivion? Will Anthony Johnson....roundhouse kick Daniel Cormier into oblivion? JOIN US AND FIND OUT.

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UFC 187 Open Workouts

UFC 187: A Complete A-to-Z Preview

CP reader Nasir Jabbar gives us a top-to-bottom rundown of this weekend's massive card.

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wandy nsac

[VIDEO] Wanderlei Silva Reacts to Judge Reversing Lifetime MMA Ban

"Today, history was made for all MMA athletes. We succeeded at reversing a very unjust sentence given by this commission."

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alex emelianenko tattoos

Alexander Emelianenko Sentenced to 4.5 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault

Should have been much, much longer.

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VIDEOS: Kickstart Your Week With the Full ‘UFC 187 Countdown’ Special

It may be absent a Jones and a Nurmy, but UFC 187 is still *the* card to see this year.

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Friday Link Dump: NAC Overhauls Drug Program, TUF Vet Corey Hill Passes Away, Machida vs. Romero Booked (!!) + More

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Fight Night Manila Is Tomorrow, So Let’s All Gawk at This Awesome New ‘UFC 189′ Trailer

Remember: If this fight gets cancelled, we riot.

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