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15 Moments of Instant Regret [GIFs]


The Ultimate Fighter Latin America - Team Velasquez vs Team Werdum

Cain Velasquez Out of UFC 180 Main Event With Knee Injury, Mark Hunt To...

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The Durkin Era Continues: Patrick Cummins to Make Quick Return Against Kyle Kingsbury at UFC on FOX 12 in July

We've been guilty of declaring "eras" a little prematurely around here, but I think it's safe to say that we're already living in the Durkin Era, and are rapidly approaching the Geological Epoch of Patrick Muthatruckin' Durkins. Trust me, guys. Just watch it happen.

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Let’s Count the LOL-Worthy Moments in This Amazing/Awful Video About the Nick Diaz-Mayhem Miller Feud

Anderson Silva and Jay-Z have joined forces under the latter's Life+Times network to launch a new web series focused on MMA rivalries called STATIC. Episode 2: Diaz vs. Miller.

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FoodPotato: The UFC Fighter Drinking Guide, Part 1

After considerable research, taste testing, and taking into account various factors such as nicknames, fighting styles, and personality traits, here are some drinks to enjoy based on the UFC fighters you support...

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Ross Pearson’s Teammate Confirms That the New Mexico Athletic Commission is Likely Corrupt as Sh*t [UPDATED]

Our sport is either Cecil Peoples-incompetent one day or Don King-corrupt the next.

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Monday Memento: “Hitman” Dan Diaz Lawsuit Against Tapout Going to Trial

Tapout is one of the most prominent apparel brands in MMA, worn mainly by the sport’s in-crowd consisting of loyal, uber-cool and educated fans, many of whom who have either trained or competed in martial arts themselves. Just kidding.

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GIF of the Day: Kevin Casey KO’s Andrew Sanchez, Referee Mike Beltran Uses Sanchez as Grappling Dummy

It was awesome in a Cecil Peoples-esque "WTF are you doing?" sort of way.

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Mark Munoz Removed From UFC Rankings, Pending Contract Negotiations…No, Seriously

Dear UFC rankings panel: Stop supporting this crap.

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UFC Fight Night: Dos Anjos v High

Jason High Apologizes for Ref-Shoving Incident, May Face Disciplinary Action

Matt Hughes 'bout to drop the hammer, son.

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‘In the Blood’ Fight-Picking Contest: And the Winner Is…

Thanks again, and pick up a DVD copy of In the Blood on Amazon right here.

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ICYMI: Greg Jackson Puts on Russian Accent While Cornering Rustam Khabilov at UFC Fight Night 42

Broken English is the universal language.

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UFC Fight Night: Ultimate Media Day

Ross Pearson Seeks Justice After Worst Call of All Time, Officially Appeals Decision

The Telegraph reports that Pearson and his head coach Eric Del Fierro officially filed a complaint with the New Mexico Athletic Commission after the fight.

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UFC 175 & The Ultimate Fighter Finale - On-Sale Press Conference

The UFC Can Learn a Lesson From Bellator: How to Promote Bad Fights

Sometimes a jobber is just a jobber. The UFC would do well to remember that.

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VIDEO: Bryan Caraway Fish-Hooks Erik Perez at UFC Fight Night 42

As if we needed any more reasons to dislike Bryan Caraway...

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UFC Fight Night 42 Results: Benson Henderson Submits Rustam Khabilov, Diego Sanchez Wins B.S. Hometown Decision Against Ross Pearson

Bendo finishes his first fight in the UFC, and Sanchez vs. Pearson results in the robbery of the year.

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Bellator 121 Results: Sokoudjou and James Thompson Emerge Victorious, Thompson Gives Rambling, Incoherent Promo About Testicles

Let's talk about the two fights you probably care about most: James Thompson vs. Eric Prindle and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Terry Davinney.

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Watch a Bellator Cameraman Perv Out on a Female Fan [GIF]

We've seen lots of stuff in MMA. Some good. Some bad. Some disgusting.

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On This Day in MMA History: Vitor Belfort, Marvin Eastman, & The UFC 43 “Goat Vagina” Incident

No MMA cut will ever compare to Eastman's goat vagina, a battle scar so horrific that it caused the Just Bleed guy to have an existential crisis.

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Great Moments in Bad Promos: Bellator 121, THE SOLDIER vs. THE COLOSSUS!

Promoting these fights as important from a competitive standpoint would be laughably inaccurate, and so, Bellator has gone the other way, releasing an over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek, Sharknado-quality video promo trying to drum up interest.

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Vitor Belfort Admits That He Tested Positive for Elevated Testosterone in February

"As I always said I have nothing to hide from anyone," Belfort ironically wrote on Instagram, after four months of hiding his February test results and a year-and-a-half of dodging questions about his TRT usage.

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Fight Pass FTW?!: UFC to Begin Broadcasting Invicta FC Events Exclusively on Digital Network

"With this distribution deal with UFC Fight Pass, Invicta will reach the most passionate MMA fans, wherever they are in the world."

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UFC 165: Jones v Gustafsson

Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson 2 Official for UFC 178, September 27th in Toronto

Jones vs. Gustafsson 2 will take place almost exactly a year after their first meeting at UFC 165, which Jones won in a thrilling but somewhat controversial decision.

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WEC 43: Cerrone vs. Henderson

#ThrowbackThursday: Ben Henderson Scores His Last Finish to Date Over Donald Cerrone at WEC 48

Scheduled to face suplex savant Rustam Khabilov at Fight Night 42 this weekend, Henderson will need a similarly dominant performance if he hopes to ever fight for the title again.

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Please Rate President Obama’s Hotel Gym Workout, On a Scale of 1-10 [VIDEO]

I feel that videos like this will cost our country respect in the eyes of Icelandic strongmen.

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Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz: The UFC Dream Fight That Will Probably Never Happen

Two enigmatic superstars fighting in a gangsterweight attraction would actually give MMA fans something to get excited about. And of course, that's why it'll never happen — because the MMA Gods hate us and want us to be miserable.

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Who’s the Real “Father of MMA”? — 10 Fighters More Deserving of the Title Than Bruce Lee

These ten men did more to shape modern MMA than Bruce Lee, and they fit into Zuffa's charmingly revisionist account of history just as well.

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Wednesday Links: Fedor Doesn’t Like Women Competing in MMA, Dana White Insists Jon Jones Will Fight Gustafsson, ‘Game of Thrones’ Strongman Deadlifts 994 Pounds + More

Some must-see content from our bros around the blogosphere.

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Fight Flicks Review: In the Blood aka “Gina Carano Ain’t Got Time to Bleed”

In the Blood, a so-called "Female Taken set in the Caribbean" hit movie stands on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD yesterday.

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Cole Miller Out of UFC Fight Night Dublin With Thumb Injury; Conor McGregor vs. Diego Brandao Booked as New Main Event

Brandao hasn't competed since UFC 168 in December, where he missed weight by 6.5 pounds, threatened to stab Dustin Poirier in the neck, then got knocked out in the first round. (Not your best work, dude.)

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UFC 175 & The Ultimate Fighter Finale - On-Sale Press Conference

23 Things That Should Be Broadcast on UFC Fight Pass

If the UFC expects us to shell out $10 every month to watch regional talent and foreign-language reality shows on the Internet, they've got another thing coming.

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Jon Jones’s Latest Video Greeting to His Haters: ‘It’s My Career, Not Yours’

I like his little laugh at the end. Solid heel-move.

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