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15 Moments of Instant Regret [GIFs]


The Ultimate Fighter Latin America - Team Velasquez vs Team Werdum

Cain Velasquez Out of UFC 180 Main Event With Knee Injury, Mark Hunt To...

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“How to Be a Loser”: Rich Franklin Discusses the Lessons of Defeat at TEDxUChicago

"I believe that there's a potential loser in each and every one of you."

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[VIDEO] MMA Fighter Taps Out Rather Than Continue Hurting His Opponent — Inspirational or Cowardly?

Is there such a thing as *too much* sportsmanship in MMA?

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Hot Potato: UFC Ring Girl Kahili Blundell Pictorial for Maxim Australia

Check out Kahili's latest sexy photos, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more.

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Breathe Easy Alert: Ken Shamrock and Dana White Squash Beef, Hug it Out, Bitch

This can only mean that UFC 180: Shamrock vs. Liddell (sponsored by Enzyte & Activia) is on the horizon.

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Conor McGregor Is the New Potato Chip King of Ireland [VIDEO]

(Note: "Crisps" is just the fancy European word for what you Americans know as "tater chips, y'all.")

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Following Bellator 120 Win, Quinton Jackson Calls Out…James Toney and ‘Titties’ Schoonover? [DAFUQ]

First off, I just want to congratulate Rampage for making it through a two-minute segment with a female reporter without getting his hump on.

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Renzo Gracie and Igor Gracie Arrested Following Alleged Beating of Nightclub Doorman in New York

The last time Renzo Gracie beat the hell out of somebody in New York, we all had a good laugh about it. But his latest public altercation sent him to jail on Sunday night — and might tarnish his good-guy reputation.

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fast food fights

Eleven of the Greatest “Fast Food Fight” Videos on the Internet

The fast food fight bridges the gap between humanity's insatiable thirst for sustenance and violence in a way that Medieval Times has never truly been able to exploit. Here are 11 of the best ones.

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Ratings Tell the Tale: Pro Wrestling Is More Popular Than Ever — And MMA Promoters Need to Pay Attention

Wrestlemania XXX proved that professional wrestling is as popular as ever. Are indie promotions benefiting from that success — or are they driving it to begin with?

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_tBruce Buffer10

Michael Buffer and Bruce Buffer Profiled on HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ [Video Preview]

"Michael's like a fine bottle of Bordeaux, and Bruce is like a shot of Jack Daniels."

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VIDEO: Another Khalidov Victory, and the New “Mamed Khalidov Challenge”

Our challenge is simple, UFC castaways: See how long you can last against Khalidov before he inevitably defeats you.

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Bob Sapp Retires: A Legendary Life, In GIFs

Bob Sapp was an entertainer. His career touched professional wrestling, acting, and fast-food pizza. He was so much more than just a huge guy swinging his fists at his smaller opponents — although he was that, too.

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Is Gina Carano Training at Black House?

This picture of Gina Carano has been making its rounds on the Internet this weekend. As you can see, it depicts Gina Carano either pre-workout or post-workout holding a Black House t-shirt within a Black House gym.

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bjorn rezizejfk

What the Hell Do We Make of Bellator 120?

If nothing else, Bellator 120 was a perfect example of the inherent insanity that makes MMA special.

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VIDEO: King Mo Goes Off on ‘Dick-Riding’ Bjorn Rebney Following Bellator 120 Loss

"You know who won the f*ckin' fight, you smilin' and sh*t."

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Bellator 120: Rampage Edges King Mo, Will Brooks Out-Points Michael Chandler

Tonight, Bellator will make its first foray into the PPV market after a botched attempt last year.

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Martial Arts Fail of the Week: Balinese White Magic Is the Best Base for MMA

Remember when we said nobody on Martial Arts Fail of the Week could possibly be worse than Ashida Kim? We might've been wrong.

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Bellator 120 Weigh-In GIFs: Rampage Jackson Shoves King Mo, Tito Ortiz Has Some Size on Alexander Shlemenko

Come on Rampage, how you gonna punk King Mo like that in front of his umbrella ho?

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Friday Links: Guida vs. Bermudez Booked, British Columbia Bans TRT, Laura Carmine’s Booty + More

Some must-see content from our bros around the blogosphere.

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FoodPotato: The 16 Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces and Their UFC Fighter Equivalents

Believe it or not, this isn't a sponsored post. It's just one of those things that happens when it's a slow news week and you're desperate.

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Why Do MMA Fans Want Bellator to Fail?

America loves to praise a winner, but enjoys mocking a loser just as much. So how should we really feel about MMA's #2 promotion?

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Hip Show 2-on-2 Fighting League Is Now Under American Control; Domestic Events to Begin This Summer

Our friends Casey Oxendine and Cyrus Fees have acquired Hip Show Arena Combat — the wildass 2-on-2 Russian fighting league that they helped bring to North American audiences earlier this year.

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Weird Booking of the Day: Urijah Faber vs. Alex Caceres Added to UFC 175

If nothing else, the California Kid vs. Bruce Leroy is a fun fight. I think. Right?

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Kim Winslow’s Worst Referee Moments: A Video Megamix

What can you say about MMA referee Kim Winslow? Is she legitimately the worst, or does Cecil Peoples still rank below her?

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Wednesday Links: How to Box Like Nick Diaz, Disturbing ‘Fight Church’ Allegations, The NFL Lightens Up on Weed + More

Some must-see content from our bros around the blogosphere.

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UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Got Married to Some Guy [PHOTOS]

All I have to say is: What's he got that I ain't got?

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Alternative View - UFC Fight Night: Hunt v Bigfoot

Slobberknocker Alert: Soa Palelei vs. Jared Rosholt Added to UFC Fight Night 43 in New Zealand

The quick seven-week turnaround might be less than ideal for Palelei, but fighting in front of a supportive Oceania crowd will more than make up for it.

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Eddie Alvarez Discusses His Concussion: “It Feels Like a Squeezing of My Brain” [SCARY]

"I’ve been hit harder...concussions and getting hit hard is not something that’s new to me. These particular symptoms were all new to me, I had never felt these before, so I got a little afraid of what was going on."

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MMA in the Wild: The Flying Kick Knockout That Nobody Saw Coming

My favorite part of this video actually comes directly after the flying kick, when the guy who landed it is so psyched up that he starts bouncing around like Vega from Street Fighter II.

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Hot Potato: 21 Photos of Zuki Jai, UCMMA Ring Girl and Model

Zuki is a 21-year-old model and pole-dance instructor from Egham who has been posing professionally since the age of 16.

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