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UFC Hong Kong Media Day

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against UFC — Details Inside [UPDATED]

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BookPotato: Art Davie’s “Is This Legal” and the UFC’s Old School Age of Insanity

"In his opening lines, Wallace had sad the name of our event wrong--twice--and sounded like he almost threw up in his mouth live on air. And that set the precedent for Wallace's night."

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Twitter Beef of the Day: Ben Askren Picks a Fight With Johny Hendricks, Gets Lectured by Matt Hughes Instead

Yesterday, to the delight of bored MMA fans worldwide, former UFC welterweight kingpin and Hall of Famer Matt Hughes waged twitter warfare with former Bellator welterweight champ/serial leg-humper Ben Askren.

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Dustin Holyko Has Some Totally Logical Explanations for His Criminal Record and ‘White Pride’ Tattoos

Dustin Holyko is not a racist or a criminal. He's just a regular guy with an "SS" lightning-bolt tattoo on his back, "WHITE PRIDE" inked on his biceps, and one of the longest rap sheets outside of Krazy Horse Bennett.

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Oh Great, Another MMA Fighter Snapped His Leg in Half Yesterday

To quote our own Bear Siragusa, it's not a repeat of Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman, it's like some weird reenactment.

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Signing Cris Cyborg Would Put a Spotlight on the UFC’s Drug Problem — And That’s a Good Thing

If Dana White thinks the media is only going to discuss PEDs in relation to Cris Cyborg, he’s out of his mind. Booking Vitor Belfort for a title fight opens up an even larger can of worms.

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#WeekofDanga Caption Contest: And the Winner Is…

I'm sure Forrest would be proud if he weren't so steaming mad right now.

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The Trailer For the Next Great MMA Movie, Brutal, Features WWE-Style Clotheslines, Eye-Gouging, and Exposed Bones

I guess we should take solace in the fact that no more than 15 people will ever see this movie.

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(By the Way, Jens Pulver Retired This Weekend Too)

While BJ Penn got to make his final statement on national television to the cheers of an adoring Las Vegas crowd, one of the Prodigy's greatest rivals made a much quieter exit from the sport.

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The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Edgar vs Penn

Six MMA Trilogies as Pointless as Penn vs. Edgar

We're tempted to call Penn vs. Edgar the most pointless trilogy in our sport's history, but doing so would do these trilogies a grave injustice.

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The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Edgar vs Penn

TUF 19 Finale Results: Frankie Edgar Destroys BJ Penn, Penn (Kind of?) Retires for the Umpteenth Time

BJ Penn looked...old. He looked old, slow, and generally terrible.

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UFC 175: Weidman v Machida

UFC 175 Proves the UFC Can Still Be the “Super Bowl of MMA” When It Wants To Be

UFC 175 was an example of what makes the UFC special, what makes it the "Super Bowl of MMA."

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UFC Fight Night: Japan Hunt v Nelson Press Conference

Watch Dana White’s Reaction to the “Biggest F Up Ever” at UFC 175 [GIF]

Damn. We know White has a flair for the dramatic, but this is a bit over the top. Biggest F up EVER?

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UFC 175: Rousey v Davis

Here Are Some Pics of Ronda Rousey’s and Uriah Hall’s Nasty Injuries

UFC 175 was a great card, but its gravitas was lessened if you were among the squeamish.

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UFC 175 Results: Weidman Decisions Machida, Rousey DESTROYS Davis

Live updates from the pay-per-view broadcast will be right here starting at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. Come and get it.

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WSOF 11 Results: Gaethje Knocks Out Newell, Fitch Blankets Hallman

WSOF 11 completed the first leg of this weekend's MMA triple crown (WSOF 11, UFC 175, and then the TUF 19 Finale). By all accounts (including our own), WSOF 11 was a solid MMA event. The pacing was perfect, and the fights all delivered.

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Seth vs. Jared: UFC 175 Edition

CP Staff Writers Jared and Seth break down the UFC's non-existent advertising of UFC 175, the best underdog bets, and much more. Al Bundy gifs will reign.

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Uh, Guys, You Might Want to Check Out What TUF 19 Finalist Corey Anderson’s Nickname Is

Ron "H20" Waterman. Justin "Nsane1" McCully. Jorge "The Naked Man" Ortiz. Just a few examples of why MMA fighters should never, ever be allowed to give themselves a nickname.

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Tito Ortiz, Tim Sylvia, Jon Jones, and Chael Sonnen Compete on Chopped

Four mixed martial artists-turned chefs, three courses, only one chance to win!

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#WeekofDanga Caption Contest: Win a Copy of “In the Blood” on DVD!

Because it's the #WeekofDanga, dammit, and we need to give some stuff away.

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And Now He’s Retired (Again): Matt Hamill Hangs ‘Em Up Citing “Nagging Injury”

We wish you the best of luck, Matt, but please, stay retired this time.

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Blerg! Jose Aldo Injured, UFC 176 Rematch With Chad Mendes Cancelled

And just like that, this card is garbage-ass.

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GamePotato: The 12 Original Super Smash Bros. Characters and Their UFC Fighter Equivalents

It is a widely-accepted fact that any MMA fan who discovered the sport circa 2000 A.D did so thanks to the release of Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64.

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UFC 175 Fight Hype: Watch Some Rare Footage of Chris Weidman vs. Ryan Bader at the 2006 NCAA Wrestling Championships

Because *somebody* has to get you excited for this card and the UFC's marketing department sure ain't.

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GTA MMA media crew photo and Adam Martin

Writers Who Became Fighters

Does competing in combat sports make you a better writer, or does it just give individuals a bigger superiority complex?

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Gallery: Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer Heat Up the Fitness Gurls 2014 Swimsuit Issue

Check out our favorite photos of Celeste and Palmer in the gallery after the jump, and head over at to see their full spreads (heh).

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Must-See Video: 17-Year-Old Sangmanee Sor Tienpo and Hong Thanonchai Engage in an Instant Muay Thai Classic

So...(Muay Thai) Brawl of the Year? Muay Thai Brawl of the Year.

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Celebrities Attend UFC 170 - Rousey v McMann

And Now He’s Fired: Chael Sonnen Axed by FOX For Being a No Good, Steroid-Using Double Cheater

I guess this means Sonnen won't be given the opportunity to defend himself via a laughably rushed interview on America's Pregame, then?

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UFC 169: Varner v Trujillo

CagePotato Presents: The 10 Best UFC Brawls of the Year (So Far)

These fights are the kernels of corn hidden amongst the soggy floor-turds that the UFC has been sh*tting out all year.

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Cecil Peoples

#WeekofDanga Reader Request: Six Five MMA Ref Blooper Reels

If you have any similar videos/news items/article ideas that you feel should be featured on CP this week, give us a shout at or via our Twitter with the hashtag #WeekofDanga.

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Don Frye’s UFC 175 “Predator Predictions” Features the Glorious Return of His Facial Hair, Rampant Sexism

Don Frye: Greatest American Hero or *Greatest* American Hero?

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