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stanley kubrick movie tattoos
20 Absolutely Insane Tattoos Inspired by Stanley Kubrick Movies


UFC 180 hunt vs werdum

Late Replacement Main Events: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Gambling Addiction Enabler Head-to-Head: UFC 173 Edition

UFC 173 may not be heavy on star power, but it presents some interesting opportunities for the MMA fan with a crippling gambling addiction looking to make a few bucks this weekend.

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Friday Links: Dana White’s Rich Guy Problems, WSOF Books Burkman vs. Fitch III, Every Face Punch From ‘Road House’ + More

That Elliott dude is basically Spider from Goodfellas. He's going to snap back at Dana one day and get shot for it.

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UFC 169: Lineker v Bagautinov

Ali Bagautinov Fails Drug Test…in 2012, Banned From the International Sambo Federation

Let's hope this doesn't affect Bagautinov's upcoming title shot against Johnson, because the last thing that garbage-ass card needs is a cancelled main event.

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15 More GIFs of Referees Being Awesome and/or Terrible

Good refs do their jobs without drawing attention to themselves. Then there are these guys.

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Sokoudjou, James Thompson Added to Bellator 121 Main Card [PRIDE NEVA DIE]

Bellator is adding more bodies to its freak-show roster, and we have absolutely no problem with that.

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Jon Jones Continues His Trolling/Mental Breakdown on Instagram

What's really going on here, Jon?

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hendo fan painting

#ThrowbackThursday: Dan Henderson Bests Alan Goes, Then Carlos Newton in One Night at UFC 17

For the inaugural installment of our #ThrowbackThrusday series, we focus on Dan Henderson's middleweight tournament-winning effort at UFC 17.

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crop-pat-curran-bellator-belt-camila nakagawa

Today in Injuries: Pat Curran Withdraws From Bellator 121 Title Fight, Jake Shields Out of WSOF 11 Bout With Jon Fitch

"I have my sights set on getting back into the cage as soon as possible, with July in mind, but I want to be 100 percent healthy heading into that cage to smash ‘Pitbull.’”

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Johnson-Tapia 2

UFC Signee Dashon Johnson, Xplode Fight Series, and The Practice of Padding Records to Produce Talent

Dashon Johnson has perhaps the most padded MMA record of a UFC fighter since Jason Reinhardt.

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The Officiating Was So Bad on ‘TUF 19′ Last Night That It May Have Literally Changed the Sport

Skip to 0:54-0:58 in the video and tell us what you think, then brace yourself for Team Penn assistant coach Mark Coleman roaring gibberish in anger.

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Hector Lombard vs. Dong Hyun Kim Booked for UFC Macau Show on August 23rd

Though Lombard had been trying to build heat for a fight against Matt Brown, it seems that the UFC has other plans for "The Immortal" right now.

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VIDEO: Bruce Buffer Introduces Michael Bisping and His Wife at Their Wedding, As Only Bruce Buffer Can

True to form, Buffer sells the hell out of the script. ("...entering the true fighting arena of champions called MARRIAGE"..."as they walk down the AISLE of LOVE, FOREVERRRR...")

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New York’s Professional MMA Ban Is Actually Posing a Health Crisis Now

New York has reached a point where the willful ignorance of its lawmakers (and the personal vendetta against the Fertitta brothers/Station Casinos spearheaded by the Culinary Union) could result in deaths.

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Wednesday Links: Travis Browne’s Anti-Wrestling Elbows, Details on TUF: Latin America, The World’s Most Violent Plants + More

Some must-see content from our bros around the blogosphere.

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Renzo Gracie Nightclub Brawl Was Either a Simple Misunderstanding or a Coordinated Storm of Vengeful Fury

Molesphini said the attack was “retribution for me not allowing two of their masters into the venue last week."

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Power-Ranking Chuck Liddell’s Duralast Commercials By Plausibility

From rhino fights to crush fetish porn, Chuck Liddell's latest Duralast ads are as insane as they are improbable.

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“How to Be a Loser”: Rich Franklin Discusses the Lessons of Defeat at TEDxUChicago

"I believe that there's a potential loser in each and every one of you."

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tap out crop

[VIDEO] MMA Fighter Taps Out Rather Than Continue Hurting His Opponent — Inspirational or Cowardly?

Is there such a thing as *too much* sportsmanship in MMA?

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Hot Potato: UFC Ring Girl Kahili Blundell Pictorial for Maxim Australia

Check out Kahili's latest sexy photos, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more.

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Breathe Easy Alert: Ken Shamrock and Dana White Squash Beef, Hug it Out, Bitch

This can only mean that UFC 180: Shamrock vs. Liddell (sponsored by Enzyte & Activia) is on the horizon.

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Conor McGregor Is the New Potato Chip King of Ireland [VIDEO]

(Note: "Crisps" is just the fancy European word for what you Americans know as "tater chips, y'all.")

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Following Bellator 120 Win, Quinton Jackson Calls Out…James Toney and ‘Titties’ Schoonover? [DAFUQ]

First off, I just want to congratulate Rampage for making it through a two-minute segment with a female reporter without getting his hump on.

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Renzo Gracie and Igor Gracie Arrested Following Alleged Beating of Nightclub Doorman in New York

The last time Renzo Gracie beat the hell out of somebody in New York, we all had a good laugh about it. But his latest public altercation sent him to jail on Sunday night — and might tarnish his good-guy reputation.

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fast food fights

Eleven of the Greatest “Fast Food Fight” Videos on the Internet

The fast food fight bridges the gap between humanity's insatiable thirst for sustenance and violence in a way that Medieval Times has never truly been able to exploit. Here are 11 of the best ones.

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Ratings Tell the Tale: Pro Wrestling Is More Popular Than Ever — And MMA Promoters Need to Pay Attention

Wrestlemania XXX proved that professional wrestling is as popular as ever. Are indie promotions benefiting from that success — or are they driving it to begin with?

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_tBruce Buffer10

Michael Buffer and Bruce Buffer Profiled on HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ [Video Preview]

"Michael's like a fine bottle of Bordeaux, and Bruce is like a shot of Jack Daniels."

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VIDEO: Another Khalidov Victory, and the New “Mamed Khalidov Challenge”

Our challenge is simple, UFC castaways: See how long you can last against Khalidov before he inevitably defeats you.

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Bob Sapp Retires: A Legendary Life, In GIFs

Bob Sapp was an entertainer. His career touched professional wrestling, acting, and fast-food pizza. He was so much more than just a huge guy swinging his fists at his smaller opponents — although he was that, too.

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Is Gina Carano Training at Black House?

This picture of Gina Carano has been making its rounds on the Internet this weekend. As you can see, it depicts Gina Carano either pre-workout or post-workout holding a Black House t-shirt within a Black House gym.

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bjorn rezizejfk

What the Hell Do We Make of Bellator 120?

If nothing else, Bellator 120 was a perfect example of the inherent insanity that makes MMA special.

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