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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Jamie Yager and Former TUF 11 Coach Tito Ortiz Embroiled in an Internet Fight

(Who’d you rather…punch?) Apparently Jamie Yager doesn’t much like being called a quitter. After watching last night’s [...]

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James ‘The Self-Proclaimed Icon’ Toney Says the Klitschkos, Ray Mercer and MMA Fighters Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Him

(Video courtesy YouTube/UppercutMagazine)IBA heavyweight champion and soon-to-be UFC fighter James Toney did an interview with Uppercut Magazine recently [...]

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Jens Pulver Is Officially Unemployed

(That’s the fight game, Jens. You turn your back for one second, and your wife has her hands all [...]

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The Ultimate Fighter 11.10 Recap: GTFO, HBBB

(Yager vs. Bryant, part 1; part 2 is at the end of the post. Props: [...]

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Pat Healy vs. Josh Thomson Added to June 26 ‘Fedor vs. Werdum’ Fight Card

(Michael Bisping’s son he may or may not have had with Kim Couture will take on Mac Danzig and Woody [...]

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No Way, Jose; Aldo Thinks Manny Gamburyan Will Get Next Shot at His Title

(Jose, don’t you know who his cousin is, bro?)

In a interview with TATAME this weekend WEC featherweight champ [...]

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The Potato Index: UFC 114 Edition

(In retrospect, eating that gallon of chili before the fight was probably a bad idea. / Photo courtesy of [...]

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Dana White Alleges MMA Websites Are Taking Kickbacks from Other Promotions to Have Their Fighters Included on Rankings Lists

(Dana had to buy these dress shoes from a guy in the airport just so he could tell $kala [...]

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Chael Sonnen: ‘Once I Get the Belt I’ll Become a Real Jerk’

Chael Sonnen is better than a "Quote-a-day" calendar and although he isn’t making any friends in [...]

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Kim Couture Arrested After Choking Personal Assistant

(Oh come on, that doesn’t look so bad. Photo courtesy of Notable ex-wife Kim [...]

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Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club

Up and at ‘em Potato Nation. Check out these articles from our friends around the MMA blogosphere, and [...]

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If Ya’ Can’t Beat ‘Em…Urijah Faber to Drop to Bantamweight

(Video courtesy YouTube ProMMARadio) In an interview with ProMMARadio this weekend, former WEC featherweight champion [...]

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And So It Ends: Lee Murray Sentenced to 10 Years in Moroccan Prison

("Oh Tito, I knew you’d come around.")BBC News is reporting that former UFC middleweight fighter-turned bank robber, Read More

Report: UFC to Host First Indiana Show This September

(Hopefully the governor of Indiana can grant Meathead a stay of mexicution. / Photo courtesy of Read More

‘Fedor vs. Werdum’ Advance Betting Lines: Wanna Make $89,150 the Hard Way?

(Feelin’ lucky?) Okay, I know it’s too early to do a Gambling Addiction Enabler on [...]

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Dana White Eyeing NYE Show in Toronto Featuring GSP vs. Koscheck Title Bout

Part 1 (Video courtesy YouTube/WrestlingObserver)During a media scrum prior to the UFC 114 press conference, UFC president [...]

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Watch Your Back, Rampage; MMA Has a New Thespian

(Video courtesy YouTube/MMAFighting)I’m not sure if Anderson Silva is using Billy Madison as a benchmark [...]

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MMA FightPicker Update: UFC 115 Pools Open for Two Weeks

(Liddell vs. Franklin hype reel, courtesy of 13berhanus.) We don’t want you [...]

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Rashad Evans’s $435,000 Check Leads UFC 114 Fighter Salaries

(Honestly, what do you hope to gain making a sign like that? You think Rampage or Rashad is really [...]

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Is Sonnen in Silva’s Head?

(Video courtesy YouTube/ProMMARadio)  Apparently Anderson Silva is fed up with Chael [...]

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FLO TV T-Shirt Design Contest: Vote for the Finalists!

(Image courtesy of Happy Memorial Day, Potato Nation! As promised, we are [...]

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Arona Negotiating for UFC Debut, Report Says

("So, do you chicks party?")Here’s one for the Pride nerds out there: A report from on Saturday [...]

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UFC 114 Aftermath: Rashad Evans, Kind of Out-of-Shape-Looking Guys Win the Day

("This is bullshit, I’ll be in my trailer. Somebody come get me when craft services arrives." / Photo courtesy [...]

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UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans — Live Results + Commentary

("I dare you to open your mouth, Rashad. Just give me one reason to tell you yo breff stank." Photo [...]

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Rampage vs. Rashad: By the Numbers

(They were so much in love. VidProps: YouTube.) With just a few hours left before they [...]

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‘Country Breakfast’ Inducted into UFC Hall of Fame

(Great, just one more thing for Matt Hughes to lord over his brother when he gets back to the farm. [...]

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Dream.14 Aftermath: Diaz Subs Sakurai, Sakuraba Continues the Aging Process

(Diaz vs. Sakurai. The actual fighting begins about the 3:15 mark. VidProps: YouTube.) His claims of [...]

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UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans Weigh-ins Live at 7pm ET Right Here, Y’all.

(‘Why you gotta act so black Rampage? You should dress and talk like I do — like a [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(Fedor Emelianenko demonstrating the Russian art of ?????????????. Video courtesy of YouTube/Machinemen)DREAM 14 weigh-ins (YouTube/DREAM)Michael Bisping kisses [...]

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MMA FightPicker Head-to-Head: UFC 114 Edition

(There’s only one song that can put Rashad Evans in the proper headspace before a fight: Lee [...]

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