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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


UFC 189 World Championship Fan Event - Dublin

CagePotato Presents: The Top 10 Fights to Watch For the Rest of 2015

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UFC Looking to Counter-Program Strikeforce in April; Strikeforce Could Retaliate Against WEC Pay-Per-View

(Now there’s a couple of guys you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark boardroom.) What, you [...]

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Interview: Clay Guida on His Renewed Motivation, RV Living, and More

(We don’t want to tell you what to do or anything, Clay, but a little bit of leave-in conditioner would [...]

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At Least Naked Chuck Liddell Is In Good Company

(Some clever son of a bitch is still patting himself on the back for coming up with [...]

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Exclusive: DirecTV/Versus Dispute Likely to End Next Week [UPDATED]

By CagePotato contributor Jonathan SnowdenThousands of MMA fans will turn on their television Saturday night, looking for some manly action [...]

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Jens Pulver’s WEC 47 Walkout T-Shirt Kicks So Much Ass

(Above image courtesy of Below images courtesy of TapouT.) No [...]

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So What Can James Toney Do, Anyway?

Here at the Potato, we realize that many of our readers are longtime boxing fans, [...]

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Maybe It’s Easier Than We Thought For The UFC to Make Nice with “Rampage” Jackson

(Via Rampage Jackson’s Twitter, with the message: "A gift from the UFC. Wanna make a black [...]

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Highlight Videos of the Day: Wanderlei Silva “God of War,” Cris Cyborg “All Hail the Queen”

(Props: KahL-One) Though putting it together nearly killed him, [...]

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Even More James Toney Notes: Randy Calls Dibs, Toney’s Roid-y Background + More

(Image courtesy of Guys, we had the craziest dream last night. We dreamed [...]

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Uh-Oh: James Toney Has Hired Juanito Ibarra as His Trainer

(Friends forever. Or until somebody steals from somebody else like a total scumbag. Sorry, alleged scumbag. Photo courtesy of [...]

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James Toney’s UFC Signing Proves Anything Is Possible With Perseverance and Semi-Coherent Internet Videos

(Apparently it doesn’t even matter if no one can understand a single word you say, either.) [...]

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‘Sengoku Raiden Championships 12′ Bout Order and Preview

(Yoshihiro "Kiss" Nakao — still pretty creepy. Photos courtesy of A day after [...]

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Tom Lawlor’s Hulkster-Themed T-Shirt: Awesome or Not Awesome?

($19.99?! Well, now it’s just not financially practical for me to tear it off my body [...]

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Hype Videos: Bowles vs. Cruz, Dos Santos vs. Gonzaga

(Props: This Saturday’s WEC 47 card presents a [...]

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‘Strikeforce: Nashville’ Tickets Go on Sale This Week + Unfortunate Rumor of the Day

Behold the sparse, no-bullshit poster for Strikeforce: Nashville, which clearly takes its design cues from [...]

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So, Any Heavyweights Feel Like Fighting Josh Barnett in Dream a Couple of Weeks From Now?

(If you think the Dream promoters won’t throw this kid in there with Barnett, then you haven’t been paying close [...]

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Dan Hardy Now Basically Just Trying to Piss People Off

(At least he’s got a sense of humor. That’s the second best thing to have in [...]

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Michael Bisping vs. Dan Miller in the Works for UFC 114 in May

It looks like the UFC has already decided who Michael Bisping‘s next opponent will be in the [...]

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Cloverfield Monster Wanders Onto Set of ‘TUF 11′ [UPDATED]

(Props: BloodyElbow) We know what you’re thinking: At some point, CagePotato should stop [...]

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A Slightly Repentant Marcus Davis Ponders How Best to Plot Dan Hardy’s Demise

(I don’t know Marcus, I thought some of those photos were quite fetching.) Read More

10 Completely Necessary MMA Rematches

(What, you think this is over, KJ? Naw homey, it’s just beginning.) Lately you may have seen us [...]

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Exclusive: ‘The Fighter’s Mind’ Author Sam Sheridan Discusses the Psychology of Fighting

By CagePotato contributor Elias Cepeda Released in 2007, Sam Sheridan’s A Fighter’s Heart took [...]

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Three Title Fights Slated for April Strikeforce Show; Overeem vs. Rogers Likely for May

While the date of Fedor Emelianenko‘s return is still uncertain, Strikeforce is moving ahead with [...]

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Some Fun/Weird Facts About the TUF 11 Fighters

Introducing TUF 11 Cast | UFC | [...]

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Marcus Davis Learned Nothing From the Frank Mir Death Threat Controversy

(Uh-oh.) Yeah, that’s Marcus Davis on Twitter, publicly stating that he hopes Read More

CagePotato Ban: Bringing Back Your Old Self

(If you see the old Wandy, please call our missing-legend hotline at 1-888-AX-MURDR.)  “I’ve rededicated myself, I’m completely [...]

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Josh Barnett Says Nobody Wants to Fight Him

(His body is in the ring, but his mind is still back in the locker room, trying to come [...]

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When Good Friends Trade Bad Intentions

(Let’s hope that when Evan Dunham fights a friend, he stops after he hears the first crack.)by Cage Potato contributor [...]

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MMA FightPicker Recap: Aaron Rampey Rules Leaderboard With Iron Fist

(Holy freakin’ crap.) First off, our sincere apologies to anybody who tried to collect their chips [...]

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CagePotato Stats: The UFC Performance Bonus Leaderboard

Chris Lytle, Joe Lauzon, Anderson Silva, and the rest of the UFC's frequent bonus-grabbers.

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