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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Alves vs. Fitch Tentatively Moved to UFC 117; Is There More to the Story?

(It looks like Thiago will have to wait a few more months before he can resume his Fraggle-bashing training.)An Read More

Videos: Silva vs. Sonnen Fan-Made Promo, The Buffer Lunge

(Props: nicktheface via Fightlinker) Will Chael Sonnen‘s [...]

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CagePotato Comments of the Week: A Show of Solidarity

(For the next few weeks, "Comments of the Week" winners will score subscriptions to our favorite MMA-rag,  Read More

Cro Cop’s Secret to Getting Back to PRIDE Form: A New Alarm Clock

 (Mirko was known for being a lightweight when it came to partying. Two Ambiens and a Zima and he was [...]

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Did Tito Rick Roll the UFC, TUF and TapouT?

(Unfortunately for the fan, Tito couldn’t sign the autograph because he couldn’t see how to spell his last name.)While watching [...]

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Bellator 16 Recap: Middleweights Bring It, Ask Where They Can Find Some Decent Barbeque

(Rex’s "first draft," courtesy of jimbonics. Click for larger version.) by contributor [...]

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Strikeforce Conference Call Notes

(Besides sporadically training MMA, Bobby Lashley has been saying his prayers and taking his vitamins and the results [...]

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Jonathan Goulet Had to Choke a B*tch Out

  (It looks like Tito isn’t the only UFC fighter who keeps his pimp hand strong.) I don’t know [...]

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Czech Beast Karlos Vemola to Make UFC Debut Against Jon Madsen in July

(Karlos Vemola HL reel, with narration by Cookie Monster. Props: gangstervideoscouk via Read More

TUF 11 Fighter Rich Attonito’s Guest Blog: Episode 5

In the wake of last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz, [...]

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Paulo Filho Thinks His Style is Too Boring for the UFC; Says Promoters Often Determine the Outcome of Fights

(Paulo could not sleep that night, as he was worried sick about what people would think about his new moustache) Read More

DREAM Cancels Light Heavyweight Tournament; Is the Organization in Trouble?

(DREAM’s master plan of eventually having puppet-only fight cards didn’t go over as well as predicted with Japanese fans)According to [...]

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Barely-MMA Gossip-Rag Update: Jenna Jameson Tests Clean for Drugs

(I was going to say "work it out for the kids," but for God’s sake, look at those little [...]

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TUF 11.5 Recap: A Living Death

(Hey Jamie, what did you think of Precious?) We’re halfway through the round-of-16, and the [...]

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Strikeforce Announce Mid-Week June 16 Show Featuring Lawler, Noons and Lashley

(At a press conference today, Strikeforce president Scott Coker said predictions of his promotion’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.) [...]

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Mondragon vs. Barnett at Strikeforce in Australia Apparently News to Strikeforce

(Geronimo started noticing huge gains when he began following the Overeem diet book he got for Christmas.) Citing [...]

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Report: Jon Jones Verbally Agrees to Murder Old Man in Utah

("He was like this when I found him.") Look, I like Vladimir Matyushenko. I like that [...]

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Gamburyan, Garcia, Henderson Lead ‘WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber’ Salaries

(Somebody should have warned Jose about those adjustable-rate mortgages. Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)

Zuffa dished out Read More

Exclusive: Loiseau Vindicated of False Criminal Affiliation; Granted License in Quebec

(Note to RACJ: Don’t make David angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry.) David Loiseau contacted [...]

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Josh Barnett Plans His [Fake] Fighting Future

(If you can’t beat [a drug test], join [a Japanese pro-wrestling organization]) Zach Arnold over at dug [...]

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Caption Contest: Win a Patriotically Ass-Kicking T-shirt From Ranger Up!

(Top: TUF 11 "Minority Report" member Kris McCray models the War Eagle Flag [...]

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Exclusive: ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor Talks UFC 113 Opponent Switch, Ring Entrances, Pro Wrasslin’ + More

Following his controversial split-decision loss to Aaron Simpson at UFC Fight [...]

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Videos: The Top Five Worst MMA Ideas

Sometimes in mixed martial arts, ideas to improve or add to the sport are born, that, although they may seem [...]

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Unfounded Mob Ties KO Loiseau’s UFC 113 Return; MacDonald Replaces Him Against Salter

(Loiseau demonstrating what he would like to do to Quebec officials who won’t grant him a license to fight in [...]

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Report: ‘Aldo vs. Faber’ Draws 150k-200k PPV Buys

(Have an AMP energy drink, Urijah. You’ve earned it. / Photo courtesy of MMAFighting.) According [...]

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MMA FightPicker Update: Make Your Predictions for Bellator XVI and Mayweather vs. Mosley!

(Alexander Shlemenko‘s last appearance, a 40-second stoppage via knees to the body against [...]

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Harold Howard is Batsh*t Crazy

(Face of a crazy man, or just a Canadian?) It looks like former UFC fighter Harold [...]

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Ben Henderson Doesn’t Want Any More Rematches

(Rematches? Bendo don’t need no stinkin’ rematches.) In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun [...]

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Chan Sung Jung “Dawn of the Dead” Highlight + More Korean Zombie Videos

(Props: spicadocious) Now that the Korean Zombie has made his [...]

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Morning Tito Update: Ortiz Claims Innocence, Blames Jenna’s OxyContin Addiction for Dispute

(Do a shot every time Tito’s attorney says "unfortunately." Video courtesy of KTLA via Read More