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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


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Fight Night 70 Highlights/Results: Romero Obliterates Machida, Larkin,...

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It Will Be Demian Maia Fighting Anderson Silva in Abu Dhabi

(Demian Maia puts a hurtin’ on Jason MacDonald at UFC 87. Photo courtesy [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(Cain Velasquez’s pro debut, just for kicks. Props: MMA Scraps)- Michael Bisping gets testy on UFC 110 conference [...]

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It Won’t Be Chael Sonnen Fighting Anderson Silva in Abu Dhabi

(‘Nate, whaddaya say we call it a draw and go get some cheeseburgers?’ Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine)The [...]

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Gegard Mousasi Will No Longer Require the Services of M-1 Global

According to a report on Sherdog, Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi has ended his [...]

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Videos: Nine-Second Knockout of the Day, Rampage Gets Slammed in Nike Commercial

There’s nothing we love more than unregulated MMA shows held in parking lots. This lost [...]

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Someone Better Tell Jose Canseco What a Mean-Mug Is, And Quick

(Something tells me this photo wasn’t Nick’s idea.) The above photo of Jose Canseco smokin’ and jokin’ with [...]

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Never Fear, Anderson Silva Will Fight Someone at UFC 112

(‘And don’t let me catch you looking at my little sister again!’) Good news for those of you [...]

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MMA Mythology #1: “Dog Fight” is proud to introduce MMA Mythology, a new comic collaboration with illustrator/highlight video editor Kahleem "KahL-One" [...]

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Rolles Gracie: One and Done

("Don’t worry about it, Rolles. Listen, why don’t you stick around Vegas for a while and Read More

This Day in Fighting History: Tyson vs. Douglas

(Props: The Rumble) What do you say we take a break from talking [...]

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Great, Now Vitor Belfort Is Out of UFC 112 With an Injury

(8:03 am: Vitor learns about World of Warcraft. 12:16 pm: Vitor calls in sick to training, orders a pizza. [...]

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Axe-Wound of the Day: Kampmann Out of UFC 111 With Monster Gash; Ellenberger to Replace

(Photo courtesy of The poor bastard you see in the picture above is UFC [...]

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Josh Koscheck Is Being Photoshopped Into a Living Death

(Images courtesy of The UG.) Who knows what will happen when Read More

Frank Trigg? Yeah, He Got Fired Too

(Frank’s the guy in the background who is being assured by Josh Rosenthal that everything is going to be [...]

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James Toney Gets a Bigger Megaphone, Remains Just as Incoherent

(Props: Cagewriter)At least now we know that the difficulty we had understanding James Toney’s previous video [...]

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The 25 Most Essential MMA Twitter Feeds

(Arianny Celeste self-shot bikini pics: The reason why Twitter was invented. Photo courtesy of Read More

Videos: Goran Reljic Calls Wrestling in Croatia “A Disgrace,” Chuck Liddell Used to Talk Real Good

Our chums at just posted their most recent video of Read More

Pink Slip Day in the UFC: Coleman, Nover, & Hague Cut After Losses

(‘Is this about those stolen Octagon bracelets you found in my locker?  Because I was just holding those [...]

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Congrats, Amir…

(Props: via MMA Weekly Insider blog) You definitely earned this one. [...]

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MMA FightPicker Update: Catch ‘KOTC Vengeance’ on HDNet This Friday

Sure, regional events like King of the Cage and Rage in the Cage don’t have the [...]

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Chael Sonnen Not Advertising His MMA Credentials in Oregon Statehouse Bid

(He’s got all the vague platitudes you want, but as soon as you ask about specific policy proposals suddenly it’s [...]

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Renzo Gracie Isn’t Going to Pretend That Rolles Didn’t Look Terrible at UFC 109

(Funny, I don’t remember this position being taught in those Gracie Jiu-Jitsu instructional videos. Photo courtesy of Read More

Videos: Not Another Fighting Movie Written by Hector Echavarria; Big Nog Talks UFC 110 Matchup With Velasquez

(Props: Bloody Elbow) As the story goes, Thomas Edison was [...]

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Newsflash: Spike TV Broadcasts of UFC PPV Prelims Are a Good Idea

(‘Dairy is rape, you son of a bitch!’ Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine.)You can file this under the [...]

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Photo of the Day: Fedor Will Smoke Your Ass in Table Tennis, Too

(Props: TSGIGOR via the UG) As much as he likes to portray himself as an [...]

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Video: Chuck Liddell and Anna Trebunskaya Make the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Swimsuit 2010: Models | Video | Read More

Josh Koscheck Tries to Sell Us on a Grudge Match Between Him and Tito Ortiz

  Personally, I blame Chael "Epic Troll" Sonnen, who recently proved that even if you have a [...]

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Things That Get Joe Rogan Fired Up, Vol. XVIII: Ice in the Octagon

Those of you who missed the Spike TV broadcast of the Melvin Guillard-Ronnys Torres [...]

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The Hammer: Mark Coleman’s 5 Greatest MMA Moments

(Skip to the 3:15 mark to hear Coleman’s thoughts on the rule changes in MMA that [...]

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Does Anderson Silva Want to Fight Anybody?

Anderson Silva is a tough nut to crack. We know he doesn’t want to fight Read More