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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Penn vs. Sanchez: This Is What Domination Looks Like

(Photo courtesy of Sherdog.) If you watched last night’s UFC event, you already know [...]

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UFC 107: Live Results & Pseudo-Clever Commentary

(‘Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.  Took the midnight train going n-e-where…’)Diego Sanchez knows [...]

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UFC 107 Preliminary Results

(Where’s a chaperone when you need one?)Preliminary results from UFC 107 in Memphis, TN await you after the jump.  If [...]

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Video: Diego Sanchez Positive-Thinks His Way Through the UFC 107 Weigh-In

You know how you can tell that Diego Sanchez‘s eccentricity is not an act?  Skip to the 3:10 [...]

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Frank Mir Has Been Eating His Wheaties

(Frank Mir pauses a moment to flex his biceps and think about his childhood. Photo courtesy of Fight [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(Strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Marcin Najman. Props: MMA Share.) – BJ Penn discusses the genius of [...]

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UFC 107 Weigh-In Becomes Adult-Themed Entertainment

(‘Kongo, I don’t respect your ground game and don’t particularly like you as a person, so you know I have [...]

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Amazingly, UFC 108 Continues to Lose Fighters

(Tyson knows you’re disappointed, but come on, look at how cute this puppy is.)If ever there is a point where [...]

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Justin Wren: Yeah, He’s Cut Now Too

(The good news is, this lovely t-shirt is probably about to see a drastic price cut.) [...]

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Matt Hughes Says He’s Fighting Renzo Gracie in Abu Dhabi This April

(See Royce?  We told you this would happen unless you started with your day with a hearty country breakfast, but [...]

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Ben vs. Ben: UFC 107 Edition

(Slightly bored versus uncomfortably intense. Who ya got? Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle’s UFC 107 press conference set.)With [...]

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Happy Friday, From the Beautiful Arianny…

Photo courtesy of Satio Photography via MMA Fight Girls. Two more great ones [...]

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Jon Jones Talks Appeal, Says He Had No Idea About Steve Mazzagatti’s Reputation

(Photo courtesy of Jones isn’t mad.  He says this several times, and it seems very [...]

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Dana White Confirms, Houston Alexander Has Served His Purpose

We knew this was coming.  Talking with Fanhouse’s Ariel Helwani, UFC president Dana White confirms that Read More

Exclusive: BJ Penn’s Coach Rudy Valentino Says Prodigy Is Happier, More Confident — And Still Wants GSP

(Photo courtesy of By contributor Elias Cepeda The feelings behind BJ [...]

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Clay Guida’s UFC 107 Walkout T-Shirt Is F*ckin’ Rad


Following the Hoelzer Reich fiasco, it’s refreshing to see an MMA t-shirt sponsor that actually [...]

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B.J. Penn’s Hands Are Looking Sharp

That’s B.J. Penn hitting some mitts at the UFC 107 open workout, [...]

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What Is It Going to Take For Ian Freeman to Put You in a Used Car Today?

(The transmission is just fine, no matter what your mechanic says.  Would a guy holding this adorable baby lie to [...]

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Video: Herschel Walker Shows Us What He’s Got

(Props: You know you’re a big deal when Frank Shamrock [...]

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UFC Hoping for a July 2010 Return for Brock Lesnar

(Oh, masturbation punches, how we’ve missed you… / Photo courtesy of ESPN.) Read More

Quick Hits: Hazelett in For Condit, Tavares in For Stevens, + More

(Do yourself a favor, skip to the 4:15 mark to see Ariel Helwani ask Diego Sanchez about the [...]

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Heads Up: World’s Strongest Man Makes MMA Debut This Friday

(Hey, at least he’s better than Jose Canseco.) Polish strongman Read More

Okay, Now Diego Sanchez Is Just Screwing With Us

(Props: Wotan420 via CageWriter) Thanks to the Internet, MMA fighters have [...]

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And Now He’s Cut: Denis Kang

(Well, it was fun while it lasted. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.) According to multiple [...]

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UFC 107 Gambling Enabler…The (Very Short) Movie!

UFC 107 Gambling Enabler – Watch more Funny Videos Some people say that there’s nothing [...]

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The Unpopular Opinion: Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz Are the Best Possible TUF 11 Coaches

(The over/under on how long it will take Chuck to remind Tito of the two times he mercilesssly kicked his [...]

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Carlos Condit Goes Down With Hand Injury; UFC 108 Co-Main Event Scrapped

(When the going gets tough, the tough go on a massive Pedialyte bender. Photo courtesy of Read More

UFC 107: The New Guys

(Lucio Linhares highlight reel courtesy of norja01.) Tucked away on the preliminary card [...]

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Videos: Jon Fitch Hates Those Decisions As Much As You Do, B.J. Penn Sounds Slightly Sick + More

Jon Fitch spoke to Fight Magazine in advance of his bout [...]

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Zuffa Bans Nazi-Themed Sponsor Hoelzer Reich

(Makes a perfect Hanukkah gift.)When Octagon newcomer Joe Brammer walked out for his debut at UFC 106 wearing [...]

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