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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Dana White Confirms, Houston Alexander Has Served His Purpose

We knew this was coming.  Talking with Fanhouse’s Ariel Helwani, UFC president Dana White confirms that Read More

Exclusive: BJ Penn’s Coach Rudy Valentino Says Prodigy Is Happier, More Confident — And Still Wants GSP

(Photo courtesy of By contributor Elias Cepeda The feelings behind BJ [...]

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Clay Guida’s UFC 107 Walkout T-Shirt Is F*ckin’ Rad


Following the Hoelzer Reich fiasco, it’s refreshing to see an MMA t-shirt sponsor that actually [...]

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B.J. Penn’s Hands Are Looking Sharp

That’s B.J. Penn hitting some mitts at the UFC 107 open workout, [...]

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What Is It Going to Take For Ian Freeman to Put You in a Used Car Today?

(The transmission is just fine, no matter what your mechanic says.  Would a guy holding this adorable baby lie to [...]

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Video: Herschel Walker Shows Us What He’s Got

(Props: You know you’re a big deal when Frank Shamrock [...]

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UFC Hoping for a July 2010 Return for Brock Lesnar

(Oh, masturbation punches, how we’ve missed you… / Photo courtesy of ESPN.) Read More

Quick Hits: Hazelett in For Condit, Tavares in For Stevens, + More

(Do yourself a favor, skip to the 4:15 mark to see Ariel Helwani ask Diego Sanchez about the [...]

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Heads Up: World’s Strongest Man Makes MMA Debut This Friday

(Hey, at least he’s better than Jose Canseco.) Polish strongman Read More

Okay, Now Diego Sanchez Is Just Screwing With Us

(Props: Wotan420 via CageWriter) Thanks to the Internet, MMA fighters have [...]

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And Now He’s Cut: Denis Kang

(Well, it was fun while it lasted. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.) According to multiple [...]

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UFC 107 Gambling Enabler…The (Very Short) Movie!

UFC 107 Gambling Enabler – Watch more Funny Videos Some people say that there’s nothing [...]

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The Unpopular Opinion: Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz Are the Best Possible TUF 11 Coaches

(The over/under on how long it will take Chuck to remind Tito of the two times he mercilesssly kicked his [...]

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Carlos Condit Goes Down With Hand Injury; UFC 108 Co-Main Event Scrapped

(When the going gets tough, the tough go on a massive Pedialyte bender. Photo courtesy of Read More

UFC 107: The New Guys

(Lucio Linhares highlight reel courtesy of norja01.) Tucked away on the preliminary card [...]

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Videos: Jon Fitch Hates Those Decisions As Much As You Do, B.J. Penn Sounds Slightly Sick + More

Jon Fitch spoke to Fight Magazine in advance of his bout [...]

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Zuffa Bans Nazi-Themed Sponsor Hoelzer Reich

(Makes a perfect Hanukkah gift.)When Octagon newcomer Joe Brammer walked out for his debut at UFC 106 wearing [...]

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Jon Jones Seeks No-Contest Ruling After DQ Loss to Hamill

(Tell him, Dana…) After he was slapped with a disqualification loss following the 12-6 [...]

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Like It or Not, ‘TUF 11′ Kicks Off on March 31st

("Tito, you ever notice how our chins start at the same height, and yet the top of your head [...]

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That’s a Lot of Wrinkles For One Fight Poster

The UFC sent out an email today announcing the ticket pre-sale for UFC 109 in February.  Maybe it’s [...]

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Hey Roy Nelson, There Is Such a Thing as Too Self-Deprecating

(Okay, that’s just mean. Props: MMA TKO)If you couldn’t tell by his decision to use Weird [...]

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Amir Sadollah Returns Next Month Against Brad Blackburn

(Photo courtesy of Sherdog) Fresh off his unanimous decision victory over veteran brawler Phil Baroni at [...]

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Video: Fedor Emelianenko’s Korean Snickers Commercial

("Fyodoroduh!" Props: BloodyElbow) Fedor Emelianenko is so beloved in Korea that [...]

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The Potato Index: TUF 10 Finale Aftermath

(Jon Jones doesn’t know what to tell you. Sometimes you eat the bear and, well, sometimes you get disqualified for [...]

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Paul Buentello Is No Longer Welcome at AKA

(With no one around to tell him how to train, Buentello just guesses what a workout might look like based [...]

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Dana White: Dan Henderson ‘Not Worth It’

(Dan also took his stapler and three boxes of ballpoint pens from the supply closet. Photo courtesy of Read More

TUF 10 Finale Fighter Salaries: Edgar Leads the Pack, Kimbo Receives Meager Portion of Bread

(Brendan Schaub does his best impression of Darrill Schoonover’s stomach. Photo courtesy of Read More

Okay, Now Dan Henderson Has Signed with Strikeforce

(Dan doesn’t usually pick up hitchhikers, but you got such a pretty mouth…)After months of speculation from the [...]

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This Is Getting to Be a Habit For Dean Lister

(Lister vs. Leites, 12/4/09. The video appears to have some problems midway through, but you aren’t missing much.)Dean [...]

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Six Deuce Fedor-Sweater Caption Contest: The Winners!

The votes have been tallied, and your complaints have been recorded. Earning themselves Read More