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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Great, Now Gabriel Gonzaga Is Out With Staph Too

(No matter how many times they told him not to walk around the gym barefoot, he just wouldn’t listen. Yet [...]

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Nick Diaz Ain’t Scared to Fall Off a Bike, Homey

(Props: The Garv)We have no idea why it took us so long to see this, but at last [...]

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Report: GSP vs. Dan Hardy Slated for March in Newark — Wait, Seriously?

(Don’t worry, buddy, Cory Booker has done wonders with the murder rate.) If MMA [...]

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Erin Toughill Dumps Barrel of Haterade on Kim Couture

("If hatin’ is your occupation, I probably got a full-time job for you." More hair-raising photos of [...]

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Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown: It’s Not Just Sengoku and Dream For NYE, It’s Sengoku vs. Dream

(Aoki has been on the internet all day trying to figure out who these Sengoku jokers are. It would probably [...]

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Videos: Fight Night Danavlog, Horodecki Talks WEC, + More

The Dana White video blog has once again reared its head to give us a [...]

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PSA: War Machine Is Losing It

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Score Some Fedor-Sweater-Stripes in Our Six Deuce Caption Contest!

(Props: Six Deuce Clothing) Though the Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory was Read More

In MMA, It’s Still Better (Financially) To Be Famous Than Good

(Photo courtesy of Esther Lin.)It’s a fact of life in the world of MMA: when it comes to [...]

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Matt Hughes Will Still F*ck Up a Deer When He Needs To

(We haven’t seen anything look this lifeless in Hughes’ arms since the end of the second B.J. Penn fight. [...]

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Report: Wanderlei Silva vs. Michael Bisping in Australia

("Damn it…what did I just come down here for?") Contradicting previous reports that Wanderlei [...]

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WEC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Strips Down for the Troops

Watch Brittney Palmer – Girl of the Month on Brittney [...]

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Kimbo Slice’s TUF Finale Opponent May Be MMA’s Worst Kept Secret

(‘Look dog, I spent five hours baking this loaf of bread. Now you eatin’ it one way or another.’)Spike TV [...]

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Fact Check: Tito Ortiz May Have Exaggerated the Extent of His Injuries

(The beanie?  Tito says it’s to cover up his exposed brain matter. Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine.)I was [...]

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Better Know a Judge: Lester Griffin, the Guy Who Scored It 30-27 for Forrest

(Scorecard image courtesy of BSurely. Click to enlarge.) Read More

Videos: Andrei Arlovski vs. Jean Claude Van Damme, Georges St. Pierre vs. Taylor Swift

(Props: MMA Mania) When we first saw this trailer to Universal [...]

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More Great UFC 106 Photos

(‘Just great, Anthony. Because of you, now Josh is squinting.  Do you hear me?  Squinting!’)As usual, Fight Magazine [...]

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Phil Baroni Earned His Money at UFC 106

(‘Best eva!’ just doesn’t have the same ring of authority when you say it through a bunch of gauze.)Dana White [...]

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Darrill Schoonover Gets Stop-Lossed; Returns to Active Duty After ‘TUF 10′ Finale Fight

("Hey. My eyes are up here.") The Ultimate Fighter’s Darrill Schoonover isn’t just a promising heavyweight [...]

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UFC 106 Complete Salary Figures

(If you ask us, that’s worth 50 grand right there. Photo courtesy of the Toronto Sun via [...]

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The Potato Index: UFC 106 Aftermath

(Though they were locked in a tender embrace, Forrest couldn’t fight the feeling that they were slowly drifting apart. Photo [...]

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The Strangest Thing Happened to Me at the Raw Vegas UFC 106 Afterparty

So there I am at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone after UFC 106, relaxing, enjoying some adult beverages, when the Raw [...]

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Thomson/Melendez Rematch Re-Re-Re-Scheduled for ‘Strikeforce: Evolution’

(Photo courtesy of Sherdog.) In the 17 months that Josh Thomson has been Strikeforce’s [...]

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Greatest MMA Highlight Video of the Year: “Courage”

(Massive props: GYVIDEOS, The Killers) Cro Cop‘s head kicks. [...]

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UFC 106 Aftermath: End of Night Bonuses, Griffin vs. Ortiz III + More

(Tito Ortiz complains about not getting UFC 106‘s Fight of the Night bonus, and [...]

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UFC 106: Live Results + Commentary

(Bruce Buffer is fairly confident that Griffin will outstrike Ortiz to a unanimous decision. Joe Rogan is peaking on [...]

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Strikeforce Challengers Results: Kerry Vera Puts A Hurting on Kim Couture

Strikeforce Challengers went down in Kansas City last night, and as you can see from the video above, [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(Fabricio Camoes preps for UFC debut. Via The Garv) – All fighters make weight for UFC 106. ( Read More

Josh Koscheck: Still Pretty Much A Jerk

You know how some people have this magnetic quality to them that makes you want to like them, no matter [...]

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Herschel Walker’s MMA Debut Set for January 30th

(Photo courtesy of Tie courtesy of Elton John.) Heisman Trophy winner, two-time NFL [...]

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