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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Josh Koscheck vs. Anthony Johnson to Co-Headline UFC 106

In their scramble to shore up UFC 106‘s lineup after the loss of Brock [...]

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Well, There Goes Our Plan For How To Get UFC 106 Tickets

(What, you thought she was interested in your personality?) Disturbing sports-related news out of Philadelphia today, Potato Nation.  [...]

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UFC 104 Payouts: Win Money and Bonuses Keep Pat Barry Off Skid Row

(Cain Velasquez works hard for his money, so you better treat him right.  Seriously, you better.  Photo courtesy of [...]

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Videos: How to Punch Like a Russian, Vitor Belfort Just Does What He’s Told + More

(Props: TheFightNerd) If you’ve ever wondered why Fedor Emelianenko throws his [...]

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‘EA MMA’ First Look: Fedor’s Ecstatic Armbar

(Top image courtesy of via Fightlinker; for comparison, a similar shot from Read More

1.4 Million People Watched UFC 104 Prelims on Spike TV

(Props: URDirt)The UFC’s latest attempt at broadcasting some of their preliminary fights on Spike TV went off much [...]

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Is Strikeforce Going to Get Screwed Out of Overeem-Fedor?

(Overeem, pictured here shortly after eating the 2003 version of himself.)After winning his second meaningless fight [...]

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Brock Lesnar’s Camp Confirms That He’s Been Sick as Hell

(Good job, Brock, now the whole stadium’s sick. Photo courtesy of via MMA Mania.) [...]

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Rampage Jackson: ‘The UFC Looked Like A-Holes This Weekend’

("…I, on the other hand, look like a very intelligent and compassionate person." Photo via [...]

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UFC Website Wastes No Time Rebranding UFC 106

Last week UFC 106 was headlined by the heavyweight title fight between Brock Lesnar and Read More

Lesnar/Carwin May Be Postponed Until January

Shane Carwin has updated his Twitter page with some info from his manager, and now it [...]

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Lesnar Out of UFC 106 Fight Due to Illness, UFC Still Hasn’t Told Carwin?

Well, this is terrible news.  According to Yahoo! Sports, Brock Lesnar has pulled out of his heavyweight title [...]

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Cecil Peoples: Leg Kicks “Certainly Don’t” Finish Fights

(Pat Barry vs. Dan Evensen @ UFC 92. Somehow Barry skates by on those useless leg kicks.) Everyone’s favorite [...]

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Paulo Thiago Gets a Tough UFC Rookie Instead of Alves at UFC 106

(Jacob Volkmann vs. Travis McCullough, 7/19/08) Paulo Thiago may have lost his opponent in [...]

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The People to Blame For Rua’s Loss Are…Rua’s Cornermen?

(Neckpunch! Photo courtesy of the scramble to figure out what went wrong and exactly how wrong it [...]

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Even ESPN Thought Rua Was Getting That Belt at UFC 104

Cage Potato reader B.J. sent us this screenshot of shortly after the main event at UFC 104 concluded.  Either [...]

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UFC 104 Aftermath: Machida/Rua Rematch Coming Up, Barry Makes Out Like a Bandit, Sonnen Moves Onward and Upward

(Dana White discusses the impending Machida/Rua rematch, and UFC 104′s other fighters weigh-in on last night’s controversial decision. [...]

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Dream.12 Quick Results and Videos: Overeem, Sakuraba, Alvarez and Zaromskis Rule the White Cage

(Overeem vs. Thompson. Props to DreamCageFights. And special props to Michael Schiavello for predicting that this fight wouldn’t [...]

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UFC 104: The Liveblog

(Let’s all take one last look at Shogun and then call it a day. Photo courtesy of [...]

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Ben Rothwell Made Some Unfortunate Fashion Choices at the UFC 104 Weigh-In

(Photo courtesy of’s weigh-in gallery.)Ben Rothwell told us that he’d be unveiling a [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(The Danavlog makes some final preparations for UFC 104.)- Machida comes in light; Johnson, Tibau, and Neer all come in [...]

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Ben vs. Ben: UFC 104 Edition

(The suit may make your opponent feel like a bum, but we’ll see who’s laughing when the sponsorship money gets [...]

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CagePotato Comments (and E-mail) of the Week

Before we get to our favorite comments of the week, we’d like to give some love to CagePotato reader James W., [...]

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Five MMA Fights That Happened Too Early


When it happened: 4/14/00, at UFC 25
When it should have [...]

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Interview: Bellator CEO Rebney Talks YouTube, Network TV Deals, + More

After a surprisingly successful first season that made great use of viral video and a time slot on [...]

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Friendly Reminders: MMA Halloween Costume Contest Needs Your Entries, UFC 104 Liveblog Tomorrow Night

(Clever, Kimbo…) The MMA Halloween Costume Contest that we announced last week is slowly picking up [...]

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Dana White Denies Kimbo Got Special Treatment on ‘TUF 10′, Hypes UFC 104 + More

(Props: MMA Fanhouse) Following yesterday’s UFC 104 press conference, Read More

Now This Is An Understandable Sucker Punch

On Tuesday we showed you what was undoubtedly the worst sucker punch we’ve ever seen in a pro [...]

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Fitch’s ‘BIG Fight’ May Be Alves Rematch After All

(Fitch vs. Alves, 6/28/06.) Though we previously eliminated Thiago Alves in our Fitch’s-next-opponent guessing [...]

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UFC 104 Danavlog, Pt. 3: He’s Like a Child, In the Body of a Giant Baby

The 10/20 edition of the Danavlog is full of bad omens. After getting a bullshit [...]

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