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summer girls beach bikini photos
Goodbye, Girls of Summer... (47 Pics)


UFC Fight Night: Maia v Shields Open Workouts

The UFC Is Making the Same Mistakes The NFL Has Made Regarding Domestic...

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Bookings, Rumors, and Cancellations Roundup: Lashley, Sobral, Aldo + More

(Lashley vs. Sapp: Battle of the Flared Nostrils)— In a new contribution for MMA Fanhouse, Ariel [...]

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Anderson Silva’s Manager Has a Point, But It Doesn’t Matter

(A brief glimpse of an offense. Photo courtesy of’s UFC 97 gallery.)Since Anderson Silva doesn’t [...]

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Mir on Lesnar: “I Probably Wouldn’t Like Me Either If I Made Myself Tap Out in Ninety Seconds”

Watch Frank Mir Talks About His Upcoming Fight with Brock Lesnar on RawVegas.tvA little less than three months out [...]

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Bisping and Hughes Not Impressed With Silva’s Performance

(BOOM, THAT JUST HAPPENED. Photo courtesy of, I was waiting for this one. On Michael [...]

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Ray Mercer Is Straight-Up Murdering That Heavy Bag

So yeah, this is really happening. In the above promo for Adrenaline MMA’s "Bragging [...]

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How’s Taste My Dystopian Vision of the Future?

(The war, she is hell.)Here’s the explanation we were given to go along with this photo: "Mixed Martial Arts star [...]

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“Cyborg” Santos Still Hiding Behind Woman Problems, Doesn’t Care What Josh Barnett Says

(Few people can be terrifying while wearing a tiny bikini. Hats off to Cyborg.)Cris “Cyborg” Santos isn’t going to let [...]

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Old Dog, Same Tricks

(Chuck picks the exact wrong time to go to his happy place.) I know, I know — more Read More

Rashad Evans Gazes Into the Abyss, and the Abyss Gazes Back Into Rashad Evans

(Retired man walkin’. Props to MMA Scraps.) Among the notable writers and fighters [...]

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Lombard Smokes Lozano, Menne Advances At Bellator III/IV

(Image courtesy of Bellator Fighting Championships‘ ongoing tournament series made a stop in Norman, Oklahoma, [...]

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Oh Yeah, Nick Diaz Tested Clean, Homey

(Much like Bob Reilly, Nick Diaz is very interested in agriculture.)In a bit of news that escaped our [...]

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The Potato Index: UFC 97 Aftermath

(A tough night in so many different ways. Photo courtesy of our supercomputer had trouble dealing with [...]

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Mayhem Chokes Out Hose, Confirms DREAM Title Fight at Kingdom MMA

Returning to the ring for the first time since his decision loss to Read More

Dana White: “I’ve Never Been Embarrassed of a UFC Fight Like I Was Tonight.”

(Props: CageWriter) Anderson Silva may not have had a problem with his performance at Read More

Dead Leg!

(Props: MMA-Core)I don’t know about you guys, but where I come from we refer to the above behavior [...]

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Anderson Silva Doesn’t Give A Damn What You Think

DayPortPlayer.newPlayer({articleID:”78571″,playerInstanceID:”9D883FDE-2C33-7B2F-A9C0-AF5ECED27990″,domain:””,categoryID:”2412″});(Post-fight presser footage, via Silva seems to be getting too used to disappointing fans.  Check the [...]

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Videos: The Fight That Retired Chuck Liddell, + More From UFC 97

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua took home a $70,000 Knockout of the Night bonus for putting Read More

“UFC 97: Redemption” — Liveblog, Covered in Cheese Curds and Gravy

(Young kid named Thales goes to jail for the first time, and gets thrown in a cell with a mean-looking [...]

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UFC 97 Undercard Results

(Photo courtesy of this set on Spoilers after the jump…

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Videos: UFC 97 Weigh-Ins, Friday Danavlog

CageWriter brings us this video of UFC 97‘s headliners weighing in yesterday in Montreal. Read More

Friday Link Dump

(Artist’s rendition of the coming carnage.  Check out more illustrated UFC 97 predictions at Anderson Silva comes [...]

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Chuck Liddell’s Revamped Game Plan: Avoid Right Hands

(Yep, still painful to watch.)Want to know how Chuck Liddell’s going to beat “Shogun” Rua at [...]

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Don Frye Don’t Know the Meaning of the Word ‘Retirement’, Goddamnit

("And that’s for Pearl Harbor, you son of a bitch!" Photo courtesy of MMA legend/ Read More

Video: Danavloggin’ Like it Ain’t No Thang

Dana White UFC 97 Video Blog – 4/16/09 – Watch more Funny Videos Well, it looks like we’re [...]

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Let’s Get a Little Perspective on Anderson Silva’s Title Reign

(Props: MMA Fanhouse. Skip to 4:44 for the good stuff.) At yesterday’s UFC 97 conference de presse [...]

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Ben vs. Ben: UFC 97 Edition

(‘No, it isn’t funny. What happened to the dress I bought you? The one with an actual neckline? It’s [...]

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Scandal of the Day: ‘Bully Beatdown’ May Be Totally Staged

(Remember him?) Shocking allegations from MMATKO (via TheGarv) that could shake the [...]

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Win a DVD in the ‘Never Surrender’ Caption Contest!

To commemorate the DVD release of Never Surrender on April 28th, LionsGate has given us [...]

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The Unsupportable Opinion: Thales Leites Has a Good Chance at UFC 97

(He owns at least one working bicep.  That’s a good sign, right?)Let me be real, son.  Anderson Silva [...]

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Xyience Founder Demonstrates The Importance of Paying Taxes, Not Cheating UFC Fighters

(Bad news.  That check you’ve been waiting on for three years now?  There’s a chance it’s not really "in the [...]

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