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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


One Day, Every Fighter in MMA Will Train at Either Greg Jackson’s or Xtreme Couture

(‘I think I know where you’re going wrong. Coloring or blow-drying too often can damage the strands and make your [...]

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Videos: MMA Has Some Real World Applications, + More

Clerk Beats Down Armed Robber – Watch more Funny Videos For those of you [...]

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No, You Geniuses: Strikeforce Should Counter-Program UFC 105

(He thought that the throne would give him pleasure; the salesgirl at Pier 1 Imports specifically told [...]

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Videos: Kimbo Slice Wants to Hurt Your Caterpillar, TUF Is ‘Still As Real As It Gets’

(Props: via BloodyElbow) This Kimbo Slice character — [...]

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Gray Maynard Says He’s Not Deserving of a Title Shot Yet, But Warns “It’s Coming”

Next Wednesday Gray Maynard will try to help escort Roger Huerta out of the UFC at Spike TV’s [...]

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Bob Sapp Gets Another Chance at Super Hulk Glory

(Sapp gets embarrassed by Ikuhisa Minowa at the DREAM Super Hulk Tournament’s opening round in May.) [...]

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Video: Dana White Gets Personal Against Mayweather vs. Pee-Drinking What’s-His-Name

(Props: "What made Floyd Mayweather a pay-per-view star was Read More

The Unpopular Opinion: Let Fighters Be Actors…For As Long As They Can Pull It Off

(Someone’s got big bracelets to fill.)Fighting and acting have at least one thing in common: most people see trained professionals [...]

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Tito Ortiz’s Self-Deception Skills Are Still Second to None

When it comes to making self-aggrandizing statements that vastly overstate his own importance and ability, no one in MMA even [...]

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Videos: Rodney King’s Next Opponent, Juan Manuel Marquez Drinks Pee + More

Get your tickets, Philly fight fans: The world’s most famous police brutality victim [...]

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Jackson vs. Evans Fight Postponed Due to ‘The A-Team’

("I’m gettin’ that belt back, sucka.") It looks like Rashad Evans has another reason [...]

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Natasha Wicks: Fulfilling Your Schoolgirl/Golf Caddy Fetishes for Only $400

(‘I do declare, Mr. Beauregard!’ Photo courtesy of Waters Golf.)A few weeks ago we were a little surprised [...]

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Interview: Wes Sims on Homelessness, Highs and Lows, and Being a “Certified Black Man”

(This guy’s first mistake? Getting that close to Wes Sims. His second mistake? Not running away when he realized [...]

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Phil Baroni Possibly Starring in MMA Werewolf Movie

Vampires: Old and Busted. Werewolves: New Hotness? According to [...]

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UFC Fight-Booking Roundup: Jones vs. Hamill, Davis vs. Saunders + More

("Bones" and "Osteoporosis" warm up before UFC 100. Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.) According to reports [...]

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Judge Says No Plea Deal For Drunk-Driver Accused of Killing Tapout’s Mask

The Orange County Register has an update on the case against Jeffrey David Kirby, the man accused of Read More

Mousasi Won’t Be Super Hulking Anymore, Exhibition Injury or Sudden Attack of Good Sense to Blame?

(Maybe Guy Mezger was on to something about not wanting to get thrown on that shitty mat.) [...]

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‘How Bruce Lee Changed the World’ Caption Contest: The Winners

(Photo courtesy of Sherdog.) After giving tender consideration to nearly 200 of your entries, we’ve selected [...]

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Videos: Mike Goldberg in ‘Legally Blonde’, Mousasi on the Steroid-Donkey + More

(Props: CagePotato reader "David D.") There are some things in this mad, mad world that [...]

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Mike Swick Still Wants Hughes, But the UFC Still Needs a Legitimate Challenger For GSP

(This game of strip poker would have been a lot more fun if Swick had any desire at all to [...]

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Videos: “Bully Beatdown” Makes Some Improvements, Belfort Trains For Franklin, + More

  Okay, so MTV’s "Bully Beatdown" may not be quite as organic as the first season tried [...]

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CagePotato Photo Tribute: The Punch-Face

(Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida) The moment of impact is never flattering. Here are 21 examples of the [...]

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‘TUF 10′ Episode 1 Preview: Big Men, Bigger Mouths

(Props: With The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights kicking off eight days from now, Spike [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: Fall 2009

(Lyoto Machida walked into the gym that day just to learn a little jiu-jitsu, but he walked out as a [...]

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Gina Carano Scores Lead Role in Upcoming Steven Soderbergh Action Flick

(Ready for her close-up. Image courtesy of According to Variety, Oscar-winning director Read More

Video: Dan Quinn’s Emotional Farewell to Ross Clifton

As many of you know, gone-before-his-time super-heavyweight Ross Clifton was a friend and [...]

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Anderson Silva Chooses Elbow Surgery Over Middleweight Rematches

(If Dan had only faked an injury, it would have been a totally different story.) After [...]

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MMA Fighter Ross Clifton Reportedly Dead at 32

(R.I.P., big fella)Ross Clifton, the MMA fighter perhaps best known for his bout with Ken Shamrock at a [...]

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Pesky Steroid Suspensions Got You Down, NFL Players? Why Not Try Some MMA?

(In the NFL, being caught for steroids means never having to say you’re sorry.)While we’ve been caught up talking up [...]

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Friday Link Dump

 (Via Fightlinker: Is this worse than the Oregon/Boise State sucker punch? On one hand, at least [...]

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