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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Gina Carano Will Have to Be Consoled By Her Six-Figure Paycheck

(Well look at Strikeforce trying to harness the power of the Internet. Who do they think [...]

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Randy Couture: “I Have Nothing Else to Prove”

At UFC 102 in Portland on August 29, former UFC champ Randy Couture takes on Read More

Video: Mike Swick Can’t Strike

Despite all the things he does well as a fighter, Mike Swick is not a very [...]

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Mitsuhiro Ishida Claims Gilbert Melendez Was Greasy

(Photo courtesy of Strikeforce.) As first reported by and confirmed by Read More

UFC 102 In-Depth Video Preview

(Props: Heavy via MMA Mania) This coming weekend will be a quiet one in [...]

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Smacktalk Roundup: Brett Rogers Suggests That Overeem “Man Up,” Overeem’s Manager Calls Rogers “Brainless”

While hanging around San Jose for this past weekend’s Strikeforce event, Brett Rogers gave [...]

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Dana White Still Set on Making Anderson Silva Fight His Friend

(If you loved him, Anderson, you’d want him to be happy. And if you wanted him to be happy, you’d [...]

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WEC Fighter Cole Province Tests Positive for Steroids

(Photo courtesy of Sherdog.) According to MMA Fanhouse, WEC featherweight prospect Cole [...]

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Scott Coker Viciously Punk’d by Cris Cyborg

("Cris? Do you think that maybe *I* could be on top tonight?" "Get a decent win streak together and [...]

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Video: Joe Rogan Drinks His Own Urine

The first few minutes of this video from Joe Rogan’s website feature the UFC analyst/comedian doing some moderately [...]

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The Potato Index: Strikeforce – Carano vs. Cyborg Recap

(Whoa, whoa, Cyborg. Didn’t Strikeforce ask you very nicely to refrain from messing up Gina’s face if possible? The girl’s [...]

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Chuck Liddell Joins ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’

(What can you say? The man’s a natural…) Dana White might have forced Chuck Liddell into [...]

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Strikeforce Hasn’t Given Up on Nick Diaz

("…so I came to the point where I knew my life had become unmanageable, and if I was going [...]

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Now That Gegard Mousasi Has “Arrived,” Where Can He Go?

(Wait for the very end to hear this bit of subtle teamwork.
Gus Johnson: "The Armenian…"
Mauro Ranallo: "Assassin."
Gus Johnson: [...]

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Cyborg vs. Carano: What the Ref Saw

(Props: MMA-Core)If you’re one of the people taking issue with referee Josh Rosenthal’s stoppage of the Read More

Strikeforce Results: “Cyborg” Smashes Carano, Mousasi Destroys Sobral

That sound you heard during the final few seconds of the first round in [...]

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‘Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg’ — Liveblogging for the Ladies

("Hey, I’m Gina!" "I am the one known as ‘Cyborg’.""Look, whatever happens tonight, I just want you to know that I [...]

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Gina Carano Weigh-In Pics and Video

(For lots more Carano vs. Cyborg weigh-in pics, [...]

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Friday Link Dump: Carano/Cyborg Weigh-in Edition

(Gina Carano was young and full of hope once.)- Gina Carano: 143 lbs., "Cyborg" Santos: 144.5 lbs.  ( Read More

Programming Note: Cage Potato Returns to the Radio Today

(The radio: where no one can tell how insincere you are based on your facial expressions.)Just a reminder that we’ll [...]

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BJ Penn Won’t Wait to Take on Diego Sanchez

("All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, the blood of my opponents, and I’m [...]

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CagePotato Comments MS Paintings of the Week

(Props: Hywel Teague; hint) (Props: Mouastarz209; hint) Yesterday we took a [...]

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Wait, Now McCrory and Leites Aren’t Cut From the UFC?

(Cancel those food stamp applications, boys.  Things are going to be okay.)Just as the MMA world had digested the news [...]

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Ben vs. Ben: Strikeforce “Carano vs. Cyborg” Edition

(‘Let’s talk about boys!’)With Strikeforce’s big Gina Carano vs. "Cyborg" Santos main event on Showtime just [...]

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Videos: Shaq Shills for the WEC, Jesse Taylor is Ready for War + More

(Props: Well this is interesting. The WEC convinced die-hard MMA fan Read More

Strikeforce Kicks Out Phil Baroni (Sort Of), Picks Up Matt Lindland

(Kickin’ asses, breakin’ hearts, and stealin’ robes from Courtyard Marriotts. Props: Strikeforce distributed a press [...]

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Either Forrest Griffin Is Dead, Or Someone Is Very Confused

Oh, Detroit News.  I can’t help but think that this headline was not properly proofread before being posted [...]

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Question of the Day: If Gina Carano Loses, Does Women’s MMA Take a Hit?

(In retrospect, Gina’s high heels might have been a better choice for a red carpet event than Cyborg’s Read More

How Not To Prepare For a UFC Fight (or, Why You Don’t Hang Around Behind T.J. Maxx)

(If this is what’s going on inside a T.J. Maxx, why would you even need to go out back to [...]

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And Now, Your Moment of Zen: Josh Barnett Does Tag-Team Wrestling

(Props: Sav Sci Blog via Fightlinker) MMA’s most notorious steroid abuser [...]

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