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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?



Rising Up From The Ashes: CagePotato Lives!

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Friday Link Dump

(Their families forbade them. Society condemned them. But love compelled them. Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle’s UFC 101 [...]

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What Have They Done To You, New UFC Ring Girl?

(Photo courtesy of’s Natasha gallery, via Fightlinker)Two questions here: 1) Have we reached the point [...]

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UFC 101 Weigh-In Results

(Look, deadlines are deadlines, Anderson. You think you’re the only employee of the Curitiba Times with a fight [...]

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CagePotato Comments of the Week: The Jones Brothers Just Earned Themselves Some Shirts

Hey, who wants a "vintage" CagePotato Hall of Fame t-shirt? Well too bad, dickface — unless [...]

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Philly Is Ready For The UFC, But Is The UFC Ready For Philly?

(Props: Cage Writer) So youse guys thought that an MMA event in Philly would [...]

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Ben vs. Ben: UFC 101 Edition

(Get ready for hell, Philly. Stay just about as hellish as usual, Pittsburgh.)You know what time it is.  With Read More

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Dana White Predicts the Demise of ‘Strikefarce’

(Props: CageWriter via BloodyElbow) Scott Coker may not have asked for a [...]

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Octagon Girl Edith Labelle Leaves the UFC Under Suspicious Circumstances

(Photo courtesy of MMA Fanhouse has confirmed that Edith Labelle [...]

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BJ Penn Apologizes to “All Parties Involved,” But Doesn’t Retract Statement About GSP/Steroids

I think we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what B.J. [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: WEC 42

(Nice t-shirt, Miguel. See? There are distinct advantages to being small enough to shop in the kids’ section at Wal-Mart.)It [...]

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M-1 Global Poops on Anderson and Brock, Claims Fedor Would Have Made the UFC Famous

Fedor Emelianenko, Strikeforce’s Scott Coker, M-1 Global’s Vadim Finkelchtein, and Showtime’s Ken Hershman held a press [...]

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UFC Fight-Booking Update: Herman Steps in For Irvin, Stevenson vs. Fisher @ UFC 104 + More

(Photo courtesy of Newsday.) — TUF 3 finalist Ed Herman, who broke [...]

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M-1 Global: Fight Promoter Extraordinaire

(Later Fedor realized that when he had asked whether they could swing by the toy store on their way home [...]

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UFC 101 Caption Contest: We Have Ourselves a Winner

(‘I’m telling you kid, with your wholesome image, my brains, and this Russian fellow’s team of upstanding businessmen, God himself [...]

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Andrei Arlovski May Have Recently Tried to Kill Himself

(Photo courtesy of MMA Mania.) Getting knocked out in two consecutive high-profile fights has to be [...]

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BJ Penn Is Pretty Sure That Georges St. Pierre Uses Steroids

(GSP’s fists later tested positive for Asskickazolol and 4-Hydroxyawesome. Photo courtesy of LA Times.) [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 101

(Just then, in mid-thai clinch, Anderson Silva realized that hurting people no longer gave him any pleasure. He could not [...]

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Videos: Gina Carano vs. Satan, Shaq Works on His Superman Punches + More

(Props: ShoSports via BloodyElbow) Yes, Gina Carano is training [...]

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UFC 101: The New Guys

(Johny Hendricks vs. Richard Gamble, 3/15/08) Saturday night will see the Octagon debuts of three [...]

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Caption Contest! Win Two Tickets to UFC 101 in Philly

(‘Don’t worry, it’s not contagious.  Just an allergic reaction to some stuff that I did not intentionally ingest.’) So you’re [...]

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Look The Hell Out Alert: World’s Strongest Man to Fight MMA

You know those “World’s Strongest Man” competitions on ESPN 2?  Really makes you wonder how that’s [...]

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Interview: Ben Rothwell Talks UFC, Lesnar, Barnett & More

(Photo courtesy of our friends at Fight Magazine)Ben Rothwell was one of the fighters who was [...]

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James Irvin Officially Becomes Most Cursed Fighter in MMA History

(Looks like somebody’s heading to the glue factory. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.) Seriously, the Read More

‘Jacare’ Signs With Strikeforce; Could a Title Fight With Shields Be in the Works?

(Photo courtesy of 411mania.) According to, Brazilian middleweight standout Ronaldo "Jacare" [...]

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Programming Note: Whirlwind Week for Cage Potato on the Radio

(When she finds out that this particular game of strip poker was rigged, we’re hoping she’ll be more flattered than [...]

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Video: Won’t You Join Randy Couture in the Gym For a Spell?

Ever wanted to go inside one of Randy Couture‘s training camps in a five-part series of webisodes designed [...]

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Josh Barnett Likely for 11/7 Sengoku Event, Will Be Drug-Tested in Japan

("So listen, you got any clean urine I can borrow?" Photo courtesy of MMA Junkie.) Read More

Strikeforce Also Looking Towards Co-Promotion With DREAM

(More oddball grappling exhibitions between fighters separated by four weight classes? Yes please! Photo courtesy of Sportsnavi) [...]

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Of All The Bands They Could Have Gotten For Dana White’s Surprise Birthday Party, Stone Temple Pilots? Really?

UFC color man/comedian extraordinaire Joe Rogan recently posted a video he shot of the magical ‘Surprise!’ [...]

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Ben Rothwell on Sparring With Brock Lesnar and Rematching Roy Nelson

(Who’s ready for round two?)Ben Rothwell hasn’t even had his first UFC fight yet, but he’s already got [...]

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