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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


CagePotato Power Rankings Updated

(Rising and falling: Nate Marquardt and Randy Couture. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.) Following UFC [...]

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Videos: Why We Love MMA, Carwin on Lesnar + More

(Props: logangee via Watch Kalib Run) If you ever find yourself [...]

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You Needed ‘Inside Info’ To Know That Leben Was In Trouble?

(It’s okay, Chris.  I sometimes pass out while combing my hair, too.  Photo courtesy of last time [...]

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Note to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: Brock Lesnar Is Not Bob Sapp

While MMA is a wild bag of unpredictable tricks inside the cage, once the fighting stops it’s [...]

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Fun Fact: Todd Duffee Didn’t Actually Score the Fastest KO in UFC History

(Props: Altofsky) According to Mike Goldberg, Todd Duffee‘s seven-second pwnage of Read More

GSP, Cris Cyborg, Nate Marquardt and More MMA Stars Tapped for 2009 ADCC Tournament

(Highlights from the 2007 ADCC tourney. For part 2, click here.) [...]

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Ed Herman: “I’m Pretty Sure My Knee’s Torn Out”

(Dammit, Ed.  You start yawning like that and pretty soon the whole arena will be doing it.  Photo courtesy of [...]

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The Potato Index: UFC 102 Aftermath

(What do you get when you have a big left hand and not much else? One highlight in a [...]

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Randy Couture’s Fight-Night Video Blog

(Props: For part one of the 8/29 Randyvlog, which features Couture’s pre-fight preparation, [...]

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UFC 102 Fighter Payouts: Randy Couture and Big Nog Take Home the Lion’s Share

(Even when you’ve knocked your opponent into a 180-degree tailspin, the Bad Boy eyes are always watching. [...]

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Randy Couture Is Going To Be With The UFC Until Judgment Day

(Even Couture’s best Jughead impression failed to impress the judges. Photo courtesy of the LA Times.)Turns out that [...]

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Chris Leben’s Submission Indecision

(Props: MMA-Core)Depending on your interpretation of what you see here, either Chris Leben couldn’t decide whether he wanted [...]

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Couture, Nogueira, Rosholt, & Marquardt Pocket Bonuses, Dana White Promises More Shows in Pacific Northwest

(‘Wait, what happened to that dude Frank Mir beat up?’/Photo courtesy White referred to each of his [...]

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UFC 102 Live Results + Commentary

("So, I feel that I’ll be comfortable wherever the fight goes, and as long as I can stick to my [...]

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UFC 102 Preliminary Card Results

("That was me, Gabriel Gonzaga, before I joined Nutrisystem and Alcoholics Anonymous." Photo courtesy of this [...]

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M-1 Breakthrough Videos: King Mo Smashes the Smashing Machine, Fedor Taps Mousasi in Exhibition

(Fight starts at the 4:22 mark. Props: MMA Linker) As expected, Read More

Friday Link Dump

(Mike Russow chats with Cage Writer on the eve of his planned execution of Justin McCully.)- Couture is [...]

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Gina Carano Breaks Her Silence

(Props: ShoSports) Twelve days after her crushing loss to Cris Cyborg — and subsequent [...]

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Must-See: DREAM Welterweight GP Highlight Reel, Anderson Silva Boxing at Wild Card Gym

(Props: spicadocious via Fightlinker) This kickass highlight reel — [...]

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Mark Kerr Has No Chance In Hell, Oddsmakers Say

(For reasons that are still unclear, "Neanderthal Knight Rider" never got picked up by any major network.)Former Smashing Machine Read More

Ben vs. Ben: UFC 102 Edition

(They never sleep and they’ll never die.)Well, here we are once again.  Time to battle it out over questions of [...]

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UFC 102 Press Conference Recap: Dana White Talks Penn vs. Sanchez, Lighter Weight-Classes, Those Showtime Bastards

("One more question, then I gotta get the fuck out of here. Yes, Helen Thomas. What’s on [...]

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Video: Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers Have Their First Staredown

(Props: M1mixfight via MiddleEasy) …and as you can see, the [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 102

(Between the Frank Mir fight and "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot," I’d say some apologies are in [...]

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Fight of the Day: Ray Sefo vs. Mark Hunt

(Props: Redneck) You may have heard stories about Mark [...]

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And So Begins Our News Ban of ‘The Sun’…

(You know why that girl is covering up her cooch with her cell phone? Because she’s classy. Photo courtesy [...]

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Ask The Potato

(Nothing says, ‘I regret that gang rape now that I’ve been arrested for it almost two decades later,’ quite like [...]

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Demian Maia Talks Marquardt, Silva, and Giving Fans the Submission Finishes They Paid to See

(Yep, that’s about where most of those guys who said they were going to keep it standing usually end up.)When [...]

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Rumor: Kenny Florian vs. Clay Guida @ UFC 106

("He’s at that age where he won’t listen to a word we say. He’ll come home past midnight and [...]

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Video: Fedor Emelianenko Gives His Take on Brett Rogers Matchup

(Props: MMA Fanhouse) Fedor Emelianenko doesn’t talk trash about his opponents, [...]

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