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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Ben vs. Ben: Strikeforce “Carano vs. Cyborg” Edition

(‘Let’s talk about boys!’)With Strikeforce’s big Gina Carano vs. "Cyborg" Santos main event on Showtime just [...]

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Videos: Shaq Shills for the WEC, Jesse Taylor is Ready for War + More

(Props: Well this is interesting. The WEC convinced die-hard MMA fan Read More

Strikeforce Kicks Out Phil Baroni (Sort Of), Picks Up Matt Lindland

(Kickin’ asses, breakin’ hearts, and stealin’ robes from Courtyard Marriotts. Props: Strikeforce distributed a press [...]

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Either Forrest Griffin Is Dead, Or Someone Is Very Confused

Oh, Detroit News.  I can’t help but think that this headline was not properly proofread before being posted [...]

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Question of the Day: If Gina Carano Loses, Does Women’s MMA Take a Hit?

(In retrospect, Gina’s high heels might have been a better choice for a red carpet event than Cyborg’s Read More

How Not To Prepare For a UFC Fight (or, Why You Don’t Hang Around Behind T.J. Maxx)

(If this is what’s going on inside a T.J. Maxx, why would you even need to go out back to [...]

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And Now, Your Moment of Zen: Josh Barnett Does Tag-Team Wrestling

(Props: Sav Sci Blog via Fightlinker) MMA’s most notorious steroid abuser [...]

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‘TUF 10′ Hype Videos: Rampage, Rashad, Yoda, Kimbo, Sims + Nelson

(Props: Spike via BloodyElbow) Spike TV has released a whole mess of [...]

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Interview: Cris “Cyborg” Santos Talks Gina Carano, Josh Barnett, and More

After weeks of build-up to her fight with “the face of women’s MMA,” Cris [...]

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Not Content With Screwing Up MMA Events, Nick Diaz Signs Boxing Contract

(With the addition of Diaz, the boxing world now gives 13% less of a fuck than before.)Apparently a full schedule [...]

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LOLZ of the Day: MMA Classics, Recreated in MS Paint

We’d like to direct your attention to a thread on the UG titled Read More

Old Men Enter, Young Man Leaves: UFC Brings Back Matyushenko, Ditches Leites

(Photo courtesy of Yesterday, we mentioned that the UFC had made the unexpected [...]

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The “MMA Live” Curse: Is Randy Couture Next?

(Try all you want, but you can’t argue with a collage, people.)As long as we’re dwelling on MMA [...]

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Stayin’ Positive: “The Barn Cat” Talks UFC Release, Future Plans, and More

If you’re anything like us you were surprised and a little saddened to hear that one of the UFC’s more [...]

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Videos: Tito and Dana Swap Spit, Natasha Wicks Is Single + More

(Props: How happy is Tito Ortiz to be [...]

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UFC to Counter-Program “Carano vs. Cyborg” With UFC 100 Replay

(In the edited-for cable version, Lesnar says "I’m gonna drink a [Bud] Light because Bud Light [is the best], [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: Strikeforce – Carano vs. Cyborg

(The temptation to suggest a tickle fight for the belt must have been damn near overwhelming for Scott Coker.)As Strikeforce [...]

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What Have You Done to Bud Light, Brock Lesnar?

(Well done, Fightlinker.)Last night a friend of mine sent me this disturbing report about a downward [...]

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Kenny Florian Discusses What Went Wrong and Why Penn Will Beat Sanchez

(Props: CageWriter) Now that the dust has settled on his second unsuccessful run [...]

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UFC Quick Notes: Silva, Hallman, the Death of the Danavlogs, PRIDE on Spike + More

(The Hallman/Hughes story. Could Matt Hughes be getting one more shot at revenge before he retires?) [...]

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Injury to Bowles Could Keep WEC Belt Out of Circulation For A Little While

(‘Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to get to the bar so we can show this to some drunk [...]

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Fight Flashback: Gilbert Melendez vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida @ Yarennoka!

(Props: Mad Xyientist) While cruising MMAMoneyline earlier today, I was rather [...]

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The 10 Most Cursed MMA Events of All Time

If it wasn’t for bad luck, Strikeforce’s upcoming “Carano vs. Cyborg” card wouldn’t have any luck at all. [...]

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Now That Tito Ortiz Is Back, Is This What We Have To Look Forward To?

In this video Tito Ortiz takes great satisfaction in the knowledge that while [...]

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What’s Up, Jesse Taylor?

By now hopefully you’ve had time to process the news that the highly-anticipated Nick Diaz/Jay Hieron [...]

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Training Video: Cris Cyborg Is Satan

(Props: cnovs13 via Moth2Flame) When you watch this video of Read More

Tim Sylvia to Begin the Rebuilding Process at Adrenaline IV

With the cobwebs finally clearing from his devastating knockout loss against Ray Mercer, Tim [...]

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WEC 42 Payouts: The Little Man Recession Drags On

(Miguel’s show money might have been better, but amateur financial planner Brian Bowles gave him some compounding interest all upside [...]

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Nick Diaz Has Officially Screwed Strikeforce; Jesse Taylor to Step In Against Hieron

(‘I just got one question: who here has some rolling papers?’)Nick Diaz’s love of marijuana is [...]

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Videos: Fedor Disses Brock Lesnar, Roy Jones Jr. Reacts to Anderson Silva’s Performance + More

(Props: solidsnakebite via Reggadi) And all this time, we thought Read More