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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


New ‘TUF 10′ Trailer: Rampage Wants to Shut Up Rashad’s Big Ass Mouth

(Props: MMA Scraps) We’re less than two months away from the premiere of The Ultimate Fighter: [...]

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Suddenly B.J. Penn’s Pool Jump Seems Less Impressive

(Props:, via you haven’t been paying attention to the internet lately, you [...]

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Vadim Finkelchtein Would Like to Go Ahead and Complicate This Fedor/UFC Issue If You Don’t Mind

(‘It’s quite simple, gentleman. All we require is a suitcase full of money, a crate of automatic rifles, twelve underaged [...]

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Antonio Silva Wants Josh Barnett for Sengoku’s Heavyweight Steroid Championship

(Seriously. The man showers after every workout, and always uses fresh needles. Image courtesy of CombatLifestyle.) [...]

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Even More UFC 101 Video Hype: Extended Event Preview, Anderson on Forrest, Sadollah Is Alive and Well

"I’m gonna beat him skill for skill, round by round, I’m gonna take him apart, and I [...]

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Video: Ray Mercer Not a Fan of Head Kicks

(Props: MMA Scraps) Before Ray Mercer became known as the unstoppable [...]

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Henderson/Franklin II Still Not Listed On; Major Announcement Ahead?

(Props: Rich Franklin gives us the heads-up that the UFC may be re-thinking [...]

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UFC and Affliction Officially Look at Each Other, Shrug, and Say, ‘It’s Cool’

(You’re next, pussies.)One of the great/weird things about this business is that two men can spend months calling each other [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(So it’s officially the craziest day in MMA history now. Thanks, Dana White’s Twitter.)- Tapout is teaming up [...]

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Affliction Shit-Show Update: Fighters to Be Compensated, Affliction to Be a UFC Sponsor Again?

(Whaddaya say, best buds again?)So after this morning’s news that Affliction: Trilogy was being canceled altogether you might [...]

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Report: Frank Mir and Cheick Kongo Look to Rebound at UFC 107

("Another opponent that will tool me on the ground? YES!" Photo courtesy of MMA Frenzy.) According [...]

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Putting a Human Face to the ‘Affliction: Trilogy’ Tragedy

(Props: Getting busted on a random steroid test and running an [...]

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F*ck It, Affliction’s Cancelled

(In retrospect, the search for possible replacement opponents was getting ridiculous.)We can all stop speculating and arguing over [...]

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Question of the Day: Will Josh Barnett Be Held Responsible For The Demise of Affliction?

(Loosely translated it means: ‘Screw this drug-testing stuff, I’m going back to Japan where they know how to treat a [...]

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Videos: Marius Zaromskis ‘New Incredible Fighter’, Kikuno vs. Dida + More

(Props: OlavDigre via IronLife) Now that we all know Read More

Joe Riggs Reportedly Pulls Out of ‘Carano vs. Cyborg’ Card Due to Bad Drug Reaction

("Side effects may include headache, dry mouth, constipation, and Huttism.")Strikeforce’s monumental "Carano vs. Cyborg" card may have lost [...]

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Miguel Torres Now Sort Of A Part Of Baseball History, Kind Of

(Many years from now baseball historians will trace the explosion of the wildly popular MLB mullet fad to this one [...]

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Oh Good, Don Frye Is Here To Say Something Totally Insane

(Don Frye doesn’t offer mustache rides. He merely takes applications and approves or denies them based on merit, need, and [...]

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Afternoon Video Dump: Tompkins on Vitor Belfort, Machida: The Next Generation + More

(Props: CageWriter) Believe it or not, Vitor Belfort‘s trainer Shawn [...]

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Wanderlei Silva’s Manager Shoots Down Bisping Rumor

(Sure he’ll fight again.  But he just got the "Wings" DVD box set and, well, you know how [...]

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Josh Barnett’s Statement Is Not Exactly A Passionate Declaration Of Innocence

(‘Furthermore, I’d like to say that there’s at least a chance that I didn’t do anything wrong, and I am [...]

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Wild Rumor of the Day: Michael Bisping vs. Wanderlei Silva at UFC 105?

Before we get started, let me just point out that has an accuracy rate [...]

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Fedor Emelianenko ‘Disappointed’ By Josh Barnett’s Steroid Bust, Would Prefer Brett Rogers

(Meanwhile, Fedor’s urine test came up positive for vodka and childlike wonderment. Props to M1.) Read More

If It’s Going to Be Vitor Belfort vs. Fedor Emelianenko, We Might As Well Get Hyped

We’ll level with you, Potato Nation.  We’re a little bummed about this Vitor Belfort vs. Fedor [...]

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Obligatory Question of the Day: Is It Possible the CSAC Screwed Up Barnett’s Drug Test?

(At least people would believe him if he offered the old ‘I just wanted to look ripped on TV’ defense.)On [...]

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Fedor Opponentwatch Update: Belfort Is ‘Official’, Rogers Would Step in For 800k

(Oh, what could have been…)According to TheFightNetwork, Fedor Emelianenko vs. Vitor Belfort is really [...]

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Franklin/Henderson II Was Announced Without Franklin’s Knowledge

(Whaddya say, Rich — once more for old times’ sake?) The announcement that a rematch between Read More

It’s Time to Play: “Who Wants to Fight Fedor on a Week’s Notice!?”

(All right guys, just flip a coin for it.  Loser fights Fedor.  Winner gets an ice cream sandwich.)Remember when the [...]

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Exclusive: Jay Hieron on Affliction’s Future, Xtreme Couture’s Reputation, and Where He Might Fight Next

(Hieron vs. Jason High at Affliction: DoR. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long.)Xtreme Couture welterweight Jay [...]

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Well, at Least We Still Have Babalu vs. Mousasi…

(Props: via MMA Fanhouse) It’s a small comfort in light [...]

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