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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Classic KO: Thiago Alves Lays Jeff Cox Down to Sleep

(Props: ‘SmashedAceHole’ on the UG. Fight starts at the 3:03 mark.) Before he [...]

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Jamie Varner May Never Fight Again; Cerrone vs. Henderson For Interim LW Title in September (UPDATE)

(Oh, please. In my day, we’d fight with three broken hands. Photo courtesy of Read More

Compared to This Ad Campaign, “Fedor Will Return” Seems Downright Brilliant

(Looks like someone unwittingly captured one of many moments of utter despair in the life of an NYC cab driver.  [...]

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Are You Really Ready to Pay for a WEC Card? Really?

(Just a couple of poor boys fighting over scraps of food and tens of thousands of dollars.)This week I Read More

Video: Greg Jackson and GSP Are Gunning for Thiago Alves’s ‘Safety Zone’

(Props: MMA Mania)"It’s finding what’s called a ‘safety zone’, and that’s a place that when he’s in trouble [...]

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Fight-Booking Alert: Diaz vs. Riggs, Swick vs. Kampmann

(Photos courtesy of According to a new report on FiveOuncesofPain, a welterweight rematch [...]

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Ask the Potato

(Un-freaking-canny, isn’t it?)It’s been too long since we’ve answered all your stupid questions.  For that, we apologize.  For the smart-assness [...]

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The 10 Greatest UFC Events of All Time (#10-6)

The UFC’s first 132 events have given us over 15 years worth of legendary battles, shocking finishes, and [...]

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Fight-Related Controversy of the Day: Dirty Move or Misunderstanding at Champions of Champions 2?

(Props: MMA Fanhouse) Remember that big kickboxing card in Jamaica that we alerted you to [...]

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Yet Another Crushing Blow For The Last Living Limp Bizkit Fans: No UFC 100 Concert

(The man who helped set off a jerk-off facial hair revolution.)Those of you who planned a trip to Las Vegas [...]

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Videos: Tito Ortiz Talks Future Plans, UFC 101 Preview + More

(MMA Fanhouse)In this installment of the Tito Ortiz Talks About All the Cool Stuff He’s Got [...]

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Drew Fickett Hits Bottom; Fight With Shannon Ritch Canceled Due to Intoxication

(Let’s remember the good times…)Drew Fickett used to be the most entertaining drunk in MMA. But [...]

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‘Ultimate Chaos’ Results and Videos: Lashley Tears Through Sapp, Yvel KOs Rizzo, Atencio Breaks Hedderick

(Bobby Lashley vs. Bob Sapp. Props to MMA Scraps.)We were promised a train-wreck — what we [...]

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Bob Sapp Outweighs Bobby Lashley By 66.8 Pounds (!!!)

(We’ve always said that Bob Sapp is a modern day Christ figure. At last, photographic proof courtesy of Read More

Friday Link Dump

(Lack of MMA on TV got you down? Check out some live kickboxing action tonight.  Also available on [...]

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Affliction’s Tom Atencio Talks “Ultimate Chaos” Fight, Doesn’t Give a Damn What the Critics Think

(What’s he looking for?  A war.)I spoke with Affliction VP Tom Atencio for this week’s SI column on [...]

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CagePotato Comments of the Week

It’s been a minute and a half since we’ve done our weekly t-shirt giveaway, and if [...]

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Jon Jones Doesn’t Think Lyoto Machida Is Christ or Bruce Lee

(Bones puts a hurtin’ on Andre Gusmao at UFC 87. Photo courtesy of MSNBC.)Saying [...]

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Can The Internet Be Trusted to Make Important Career Decisions For Young MMA Fighters?

Recently Fight Magazine launched a contest on their website where they [...]

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This Just In: Bob Sapp Sucks!

Sometimes I think that Bob Sapp was sent to earth by the gods to teach us [...]

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Frank Lester, Mike Ciesnolevicz, Tim Boetsch Released From the UFC

(War Machine, Unidentified Mayhem Monkey, and Frank Lester: Worst game of FMK ever.)It seems that an insane amount [...]

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Hot Models Prevent Ugly Scene at UFC Photoshoot

(Props: via MMA Mania) Man, don’t you hate it when you’re partying at Read More

No Shirt, No Problem: Chuck Liddell Came to Party, Bitches!

(Props: CP reader Ryan.)Over at Barstool Sports a reader sent them an email in a misguided effort to [...]

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Bisping to Pursue Worst Possible Strategy Against Henderson at UFC 100?

(This night was going so well, and then Bisping just had to launch into a chorus of "Rule [...]

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Update: Roger Huerta to Spend His Last 15 Minutes in the UFC Being Smothered by Gray Maynard

Remember Roger Huerta? Mexican guy, lightweight, used to bang a lot of hot Read More

Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva Score ESPY Nominations for ‘Best Fighter’

(Click here to cast your vote for this guy. Or whoever you want. No pressure.) Nominees [...]

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“Rampage” Jackson Is Getting Sued

Though former UFC champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was never charged with causing a pregnant woman to lose her [...]

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Lee Murray Breathes The Air of a Free Man For a Few Fleeting Moments

(Everyone wants their picture in the paper, right?)Former MMA fighter turned bank robber Lee Murray was Read More

UFC Cracks Down on More Fighter Sponsors

(The American Kickboxing Academy team poses during a Dethrone Royalty photo shoot. Yes, that is Josh Thomson’s [...]

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Rumor of the Day: Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin This Fall?

  "I’m not his father, okay, he can do whatever the hell he wants to do. I’m his friend, [...]

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