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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Okay, So Tito’s Back. Now What?

The Pax Romana.  The European Renaissance.  Van Halen’s David Lee Roth years.  Just as all [...]

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Josh Barnett’s Second Sample Also Positive for Drostanolone

(In the immortal words of Bob Seger: "Shake down, break down, take down / blah blah blah-blah [...]

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UFC Press Conference Highlights: Tito Ortiz is Back, Belfort vs. Franklin @ UFC 103

(One more round for old time’s sake?) Though Dana White was hoping he could announce the signing of [...]

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M-1’s Jerry Millen Mixes Terrible Metaphors with Nonsensical Reasoning, Arrives at Predictable Conclusion

(Okay, someone give him a place, an occupation, and an object and we’ll see if he can spin it into [...]

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Kenny Florian Talks Greasy Texts, DNA Testing, and How He’s Going to Beat B.J. Penn

For this week’s column I spoke with Kenny Florian about his upcoming title fight against [...]

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Videos: Lyoto Machida Teaches Elusiveness, Fedor Speaks for Himself + Arianny Celeste Gets Violent

(Props: DreamPrideVictory) In this excerpt from Lyoto Machida‘s "Karate [...]

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Zuffa Catch of the Day: Vazquez vs. Davis, Lauzon vs. Oliveira

(In retrospect, Dan should have never accepted that "Hertz Donut." Photo courtesy of AllElbows.) The feeding [...]

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Well, There Goes Josh Thompson…And Here Comes Mitsuhiro Ishida

(For the last time, if I agree to make you guys pancakes as soon as we get home will you [...]

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He Said, Crazy Russians Said: M-1 Denies Reports of $30 Million UFC Offer

(Ice cream cones for everybody!)Now that we’ve established that Fedor Emelianenko will probably never fight in [...]

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Videos: Scott Coker on Fedor Emelianenko and Affliction, Vadim Finkelchtein Says ‘Nyet’

(Props: Sherdog via MMA Mania) Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker [...]

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MMA Steroid Busts: The Definitive Timeline [UPDATED With Testosterone Busts]

After Josh Barnett’s latest chemical misadventure took down Affliction, we decided to round up every steroid bust in the sport since early 2002, when the Nevada State Athletic Commission began testing MMA fighters for performance-enhancing drugs. The results…may shock you.

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Livin’ Lawge, Rob McCullough!

Ever been curious about what the scene is like at home for “Razor” Rob McCullough and porn star girlfriend Lexxi [...]

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Josh Barnett Is Following The Post-Positive Steroid Test Playbook to the Letter

(Forget about Barnett, get me some of whatever that chick is on.)MMA pariah Josh Barnett emerged from hiding [...]

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UFC Picks Up U.K. Welterweight Standout Paul Daley

(Props: drunkenunicorn) According to Fighters Only, the UFC has just rescued [...]

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Fedor Emelianenko and Vadim Finkelchtein: Total F*cking Retards

("Don’t worry, Fedor, there will be other offers. Say, would you like to open for a puppet [...]

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EA MMA Game Helps Send Hieron to Strikeforce, Will Fight Diaz For The Title

(‘Have you ever wanted to own a championship belt made of genuine snakeskin or whatever the hell this is? Hi, [...]

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Fedor/M-1 Global Press Conference Confirms: It’s Time We Gave Up on Seeing Fedor in the UFC

(Mike Tyson was not pleased when he learned that simply appearing in this picture entitled M-1 Global to 50% of [...]

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Videos: Classic Ken-Flo, Year of the Mo Part III + More

(Props: MMA Scraps) Here’s some "Before They Were MMA Stars" footage of Kenny Florian, [...]

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Photos: Gina Carano Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Good

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CNBC to Air Another UFC Report Tonight, This Time Without the Words “Blood Sport”!

(Props: MMA Scraps)Just a programming heads up, Potato Nation.  Tonight when your grandfather falls asleep watching [...]

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Dana White’s Big News: UK ESPN Deal?

(Those smiles could only mean one thing: Dana and the boys have cooked up a crazy scheme to steal the [...]

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Beware: Anderson Silva Is Crabby

(Ah, the good ol’ days. Photo courtesy of ESPN.) In the last nine months, Read More

UFC Picks Up Ben Rothwell vs. Chase Gormley From ‘Trilogy’ — Many More Affliction Fighters to Come?

("Hey Lesnar, I heard you like guns. WELL HOW DO YOU LIKE THESE?!?" Photo courtesy of [...]

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Anonymous Source Says UFC and Fedor Will Announce a Deal This Week

(When reached for comment, a source speaking on the condition of anonymity also confirmed for us that "Bloodsport" was totally [...]

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Is BJ Penn Going All Sarah Palin On Us, Now?

(Props: Cage Writer. Skip to the 2:15 mark to find out why is [...]

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Hot Potato: Alexia Lei

Alexia Lei is a prolific import model and former [...]

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Aleksander Emelianenko Still Chasing That UFC Dream

(Props: TSGIGOR) We don’t speak the Russkie, but according to rough translations of [...]

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Jay Hieron Isn’t Officially With Strikeforce Yet, But “Likes What They’ve Offered”

After an emotional rollercoaster of a week, Jay Hieron is still waiting to find out exactly where he’ll [...]

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Farewell, Josh Barnett. We Hardly Knew Ye

(Josh Barnett vs. Don Frye. Worth it for Don’s entrance music alone.)What do you do when you’re an [...]

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Videos: BJ Hangs With Fedor, Anthony Johnson Gets Attacked by Police Dog + More

Find more videos like this on BJPENN.COM The latest maddeningly brief video from Read More