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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?



Fight Night 89 Results/Highlights: Thompson Outguns MacDonald, Cerrone...

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Ray Mercer Knocks Out Tim Sylvia in Nine Seconds at Adrenaline III

(Props: MMA Scraps) Jens was rightRay Mercer [...]

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UFC 99: Das Liveblog

(‘All I do is drink one shake for breakfast, another for lunch, then follow up with sensible dinner.  Many thanks, [...]

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Videos: The Danavlog Enters Final Preparations for UFC 99

With UFC 99 now just a couple hours away (don’t forget to join us for [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(So you wanna be an Ultimate Fighter?  A UFC retrospective by CP reader B.J.)- Lee Murray tried to break out [...]

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UFC 99 Pick-Off Contest: Our Turn

Just a friendly reminder to those of you who have yet to enter your UFC 99 picks in Read More

Paul Kelly: Roli Delgado “Has Just F*cked Up Royally”

(It didn’t last. Nothing perfect ever does. Props: BloodyElbow)From Paul Kelly via the CageWarriors [...]

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UFC 99: The New Guys

(Peter Sobotta highlight reel. How do you say "I FINISH FIGHTS!" in German?) The Read More

Videos: Affliction “Trilogy” Hype, + Cro Cop Goes to the Bathroom and Is Therefore Beatable

So here’s a little taste of how Affliction is hyping their third (but Read More

Ben vs. Ben: UFC 99 Edition

(Unless you’re bringing an aggressive woman or loose dog over 60 kilos with you into the Octagon, be [...]

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UFC 99 Weigh-In Results

All fighters made weight today in Cologne, Germany, for tomorrow’s UFC 99 event — though things got off [...]

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Quote of the Day: Kimbo Slice Is Ready to Go

(Whoever does Kimbo’s manscaping is a genius. More chest-hair photoshops right here.)From MMA Weekly:“He came [...]

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Yeah, Cheick Kongo Has a Bit of a Size Advantage Over Cain Velasquez

(Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle’s UFC 99 press conference set.)For all our talk about how far [...]

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When It Comes to MMA and the UFC, It’s Still the 90’s in Germany

(Wandy and Rich can’t even get an open workout in without being bothered by this crap.)Oh, Germany.  Your [...]

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Tim Sylvia vs. Ray Mercer Boxing Match Returns to MMA Rules After Being Deemed Illegal by ABC

In an interview done with Steve Cofield yesterday, Jens Pulver warned his longtime friend and Read More

Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg Will Do Their Best to Make 145 Pounds in Strikeforce Title Fight

(Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Santos tosses around her 200-pound husband during a Showtime photoshoot. [...]

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Don’t Get Excited About Seeing Gomi in Affliction Just Yet

(Gomi’s contract stipulates that he is allowed to start a post-fight melee at a time of his choosing, but he [...]

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The Eras of MMA (Part 3: The Modern Age, 2003-Present)

If you missed it, check out parts 1 and 2 of this series.The Fedor [...]

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Videos: Genghis Con’s Randy Couture Tribute, ‘Countdown to UFC 99′ Velasquez/Kongo Hype

(Props: Genghis Con) MMA highlight film whiz Genghis Con is back with a two-part [...]

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The Ultimate Fighter 9.11 Recap: Team U.K. Claims the Lightweight Finals for the Queen

(The completed TUF 9 lightweight bracket; click above for larger image. Props to Wikipedia.) With Read More

Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 99

(It’s going to take more than a Sandstorm to intimidate Rich "The Cyborg Soldier" Franklin. Just [...]

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If You Don’t Love Cro Cop After This, You Have No Heart

(Props: MMA Videos) Hey, you want to see some footage from a [...]

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Full Lineup Set For Tim Sylvia’s Boxing Debut; Arlovski’s Postponed Due to KO

(Tim Sylvia — undisputed heavyweight champion of the Comfort Inn.)Remember that thing about Tim Sylvia boxing [...]

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The Eras of MMA (Part 2: The First Superstars, 1999-2006)

If you missed Part 1, click here. The Kazushi Sakuraba Era: April ‘99 – March [...]

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Dept. of Corrections: Kimo Leopoldo Wasn’t on Meth, Wants Bob Sapp Rematch

(One more again, just for bizarre times’ sake?)When would-be California State Athletic Commission director Kimo Leopoldo was Read More

Exclusive: Wanderlei Silva Talks Rich Franklin, Anderson Silva, and Says He’ll Retire If Dana White Tells Him To

(It’s a bad day to be a focus mitt.  Photo courtesy of our friends at Fight! Magazine.)I met [...]

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Jake Shields Is Getting Better at This Trash-Talk Thing

(Man, wouldn’t it be ironic if they were actually related?)Jake Shields to Fight! Magazine following Read More

BREAKING: The UFC Acquires New Sabretooth Tiger Skull

(Props: What fuckin’ recession? Even in this economy, Zuffa has enough disposable income to buy an [...]

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Must Urijah Faber Be So Laid Back In Every Situation?

(Nothing, not even that hair net, can get "The California Kid" down.)Apparently it wasn’t enough for Urijah Faber [...]

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Cro Cop’s New UFC Deal Is, How You Say, Vague

(Cro Cop displays the customary Croatian greeting, intended to signal that one is unarmed and will only assault you using [...]

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Cub Swanson’s Forehead = F*cked Up, Plus WEC 41 Fight Videos

Gash of the year, right there; props to Bloody Elbow for the tip. Video of the [...]

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