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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Lineup Nearly Complete for ‘UFC 101: Declaration’

(Kenny Florian, who may be taking over for Barack Obama in 2013, plugs UFC 101 [...]

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Exclusive Interview: Miesha Tate Talks Kim Couture, Sarah Kaufman, MySpace Bulletins, and More

(Tate vs. Elaina Maxwell on her previous Strikeforce appearance.) A few weeks ago Miesha Tate thought she’d be facing [...]

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Fedor Loses…His Lawsuit Over A Honey Commercial

Fedor Emelianenko is not unbeatable, or at least not in a court of freaking law.  His [...]

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Videos: ‘Kingdom of Mayhem,’ Gina Carano Goes Toe-to-Toe With Maxim

With his shot at DREAM’s middleweight title coming up on May 26th, it’s time for Read More

The Ultimate Fighter 9.7 Recap: Hammers, Rackets, and Feet

The Ultimate Fighter 9: Pearson vs. Whitson – Watch more Funny Videos After five quarterfinal fights, the competition [...]

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UFC 98 Sweepstakes: We Have a Winner!

Ladies and gentlemen: After two weeks spent collecting your entries for our UFC 98 prize package giveaway, one name [...]

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Quick Hits: Jose Canseco Is The Loneliest Juicer In The World, + More MMA News

(Look at it this way, at least there won’t be a big traffic jam trying to get out of [...]

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Exclusive Interview: Bellator CEO Talks Tournaments, Viral Video, and the Long Struggle to Get MMA on ESPN

(238,000 views and counting.  Not bad.) We’ll admit it, when we first heard about Bellator, a tournament-oriented MMA organization [...]

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Roger Gracie to Beef Up Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Division

(Gracie locks an armbar onto Ron Waterman during his MMA debut at BodogFight: USA vs. [...]

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Punch-Out!!: The Rap Video

Punch-Out Rap – Watch more Other Funny Stuff (Props: Break via Screen Junkies) [...]

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The Seven Most Brutal KO Slams in MMA History

#7: Matt Hughes vs. Carlos Newton UFC 34: 11/2/01 (The Newton slam comes at about the 0:52 mark.  [...]

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Dana White’s ESPN Appearance: Just The Important Shit

If you watched Dana White on ESPN “E:60” last night, you [...]

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Video: Chuck Liddell Is Enjoying His Forced Retirement

From TMZ: The only thing uglier than Chuck Liddell‘s first round [...]

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Matt Hughes Won’t Engage in Bowling-Related Hypotheticals

(Props: CageWriter)Now that UFC 98 is only ten days away, it’s time to bring out the [...]

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The UFC 99 Poster That Would Have Been Epic in 2005

(Props: MMA Mania)If you were an MMA fan four years ago, you can probably imagine what your reaction [...]

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How Not to Video Blog, by B.J. Penn and Mark Pavelich

Everybody wants to video blog these days.  From Dana White to Read More

Even on Twitter, Dana White Is Kind of Abrasive

Yet another example of how Dana White’s personal style is different than that of other sports team/league owners: [...]

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Keith Jardine Needs to Fire His Agent

(Right. You tweak your nipples, but *that’s* weird.) If Keith Jardine is trying [...]

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If Jose Canseco Can Do It, Why Not These Guys?

(‘I solemnly swear to kick some Korean giant ass.’)If you’re anything like us, only now have you finally stopped LOL-ing [...]

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Videos: Arlovski’s Dance Crew, Fight Photographer Talks Ring Girls, + More

Pardon my language here, but what the fuck is Andrei Arlovski doing?  The man was once the UFC [...]

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Back at the Bottom, Gabriel Gonzaga Slated to Face Tuchscherer in August

(Blonde ambition: Chris Tuchscherer with his road-dog Brock Lesnar. Photo courtesy of Gabriel [...]

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“WEC 41: Brown vs. Faber 2″ Video Preview

(Props: MMA Mania)After their first meeting six months ago resulted in Urijah Faber getting [...]

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Quick Hits: Brazilian Time, Injuries and Replacements, + More

(Screw UFC Undisputed, Punch Out! is coming back, possibly with "The Wire’s" Sen. Clay Davis as [...]

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Sign of the Apocalypse #2,337: The Shaw Family Reality Show Is Back On

The Shaw family is a lot like herpes: nobody likes the fact that they even exist, and yet we [...]

Read More’s UFC 98 Sweepstakes Ends Today!

(That’s a very appropriate shirt, considering Lyoto Machida is about to beat you to a Blue [...]

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UFC 100 Poster: The Epic Version

(Click image to see it up close.)The original UFC 100 poster may have looked killer on [...]

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Shooto “Final Tradition” Results and Videos: Gomi Beats Down Nakakura, Hirota Upsets Ishida

(Mizuto Hirota vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida; props to MMA Scraps) Shooto’s "Final [...]

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Urijah Faber Throws Like a Featherweight

(Sandals at the ballpark? Oh, you California kids.)Behold, Urijah Faber throws out the first pitch at a minor [...]

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Rachelle Leah: Semi-Clothed, But Still Hot

(Looks like someone forgot to put her shirt on under her jacket when she left the house this morning.  Embarrassing!  [...]

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Tim Hague: UFC 98′s New Guy

Unlike recent UFC events that have featured a horde of fresh talent, there’s only going to be one [...]

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