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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


The Ultimate Fighter 9.11 Recap: Team U.K. Claims the Lightweight Finals for the Queen

(The completed TUF 9 lightweight bracket; click above for larger image. Props to Wikipedia.) With Read More

Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 99

(It’s going to take more than a Sandstorm to intimidate Rich "The Cyborg Soldier" Franklin. Just [...]

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If You Don’t Love Cro Cop After This, You Have No Heart

(Props: MMA Videos) Hey, you want to see some footage from a [...]

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Full Lineup Set For Tim Sylvia’s Boxing Debut; Arlovski’s Postponed Due to KO

(Tim Sylvia — undisputed heavyweight champion of the Comfort Inn.)Remember that thing about Tim Sylvia boxing [...]

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The Eras of MMA (Part 2: The First Superstars, 1999-2006)

If you missed Part 1, click here. The Kazushi Sakuraba Era: April ‘99 – March [...]

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Dept. of Corrections: Kimo Leopoldo Wasn’t on Meth, Wants Bob Sapp Rematch

(One more again, just for bizarre times’ sake?)When would-be California State Athletic Commission director Kimo Leopoldo was Read More

Exclusive: Wanderlei Silva Talks Rich Franklin, Anderson Silva, and Says He’ll Retire If Dana White Tells Him To

(It’s a bad day to be a focus mitt.  Photo courtesy of our friends at Fight! Magazine.)I met [...]

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Jake Shields Is Getting Better at This Trash-Talk Thing

(Man, wouldn’t it be ironic if they were actually related?)Jake Shields to Fight! Magazine following Read More

BREAKING: The UFC Acquires New Sabretooth Tiger Skull

(Props: What fuckin’ recession? Even in this economy, Zuffa has enough disposable income to buy an [...]

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Must Urijah Faber Be So Laid Back In Every Situation?

(Nothing, not even that hair net, can get "The California Kid" down.)Apparently it wasn’t enough for Urijah Faber [...]

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Cro Cop’s New UFC Deal Is, How You Say, Vague

(Cro Cop displays the customary Croatian greeting, intended to signal that one is unarmed and will only assault you using [...]

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Cub Swanson’s Forehead = F*cked Up, Plus WEC 41 Fight Videos

Gash of the year, right there; props to Bloody Elbow for the tip. Video of the [...]

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Brett Rogers Says Kimbo Slice Is ‘Gonna Get Roughed Up’ in the TUF House + More Strikeforce Press Conference Highlights

Brett Rogers at Strikeforce Press Conference – 6/6/09 – Watch more Funny Videos I wanted to get this [...]

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Marcus Davis and Dan Hardy Would Like to Know, You Into This Rivalry Yet?

Far be it from us to suggest that the animosity between Dan Hardy and Read More

EA Sports Says There Are Enough “Unaffiliated” Fighters to Compete with “UFC Undisputed”

(Forget the fighters, how far can you go without the rights to the Octagon girls?)Last week we mentioned that the [...]

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Bellator X Fight Videos: Diego Garijo Scores Comeback of the Year, Joe Soto Becomes First Bellator Champion

(Garijo vs. Awad. Props: Swallowed up in the Strikeforce/ Read More

Gina Carano vs. Cris Cyborg to Be for Strikeforce’s First Women’s Title

(Something tells me Cyborg is going to be played up as the villain in this one.) After months of [...]

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More TUF 10 News: Roy Nelson, Wes Sims Join Kimbo Slice In Heavyweight Funhouse

(Don’t fear the belly; fear the consequences.)Kimbo Slice’s chances of winning season ten of “The Ultimate Fighter” just [...]

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WEC Payouts Help Nudge Jens Pulver to a More Comfortable Retirement, Mike Brown Not So Much

(That punch alone has got to be worth $500, easy.)After a great night of fights in Sacramento, the WEC continues [...]

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Afternoon Video Dump: Anderson Silva Does Bruce Lee, Rashad Evans Rips a Dude’s Arm Off + More

(Props: Brian Rule) You loved him in "Wandy Throws the Hooks" [...]

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Announcing the Lyoto Machida “Karate for MMA” Pick-Off Extravaganza!

Now that Lyoto Machida has established himself atop one of the most competitive divisions in mixed [...]

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Even Fedor Can’t Help But Be Amused By Josh Barnett’s Antics

(Props: MMA TKO)Getting Fedor to crack a smile is no small accomplishment, but leave it to [...]

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The Potato Index: WEC/Strikeforce Double Feature

(How’s taste this career-shattering loss? Photo by Esther Lin for Showtime Sports.)What a weekend of fights, [...]

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Exclusive Video: “Lawler vs. Shields” — How the Sausage Is Made

Strikeforce…How the Sausage is Made – Watch more Funny Videos When I arrived at the Scottrade Center on [...]

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Exclusive Video: “Lawler vs. Shields” Press Conference Lightning Round

Strikeforce Press Conference Lighting Round – Watch more Funny Videos Following the Strikeforce post-show press conference Read More

Brown Breaks Down Faber, Aldo Destroys Swanson, Pulver Says Farewell at WEC 41

(Mike Brown — toughest ginger alive. Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.)I know we say this almost every time [...]

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Videos: Jake Shields vs. Robbie Lawler, Joe Riggs vs. Phil Baroni

(Props: MMA Scraps)

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Videos: Brett Rogers vs. Andrei Arlovski, Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith

(Props: MMA Scraps)What up, guys? I just got back from shooting some footage at the Strikeforce press conference, [...]

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“Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields” — Blow by Blow

("Guys, you can get some of those cupcakes *after* we take this face-off picture, okay? Guys?" Photo courtesy of Read More

“Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields” Weigh-In Results

(Kevin Randleman is athletic *and* explosive! Photo courtesy of Sherdog.) All fighters successfully weighed in today [...]

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