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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Affliction COO Says “Trilogy” Isn’t the End, Has No Idea Where You Got That Notion

(‘So how about if, like, at first I’ll let you beat me up some, then I start to come back, [...]

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Mauricio Rua Agrees to Take His Next Loss This Fall

(Shogun’s hands are so heavy, he can barely lift them by the end of round two. Photo courtesy of Read More

Videos: ‘UFC 99: The Comeback’ Preview, Faber vs. Krazy Horse

(Props: MMA Mania) Rivalry is the over-arching theme in this in-depth video preview [...]

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Rashad Evans Is Apollo Creed; Lyoto Machida Is Ivan Drago

(Throw the damn towel, indeed. Props: MMA Videos.) We in the MMA world always [...]

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MMA’s 10 Most Insane Freak Show Fights

Ah, the freak show: Where honest competition meets the insatiable human desire to see something weird, typically in Japan. We [...]

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Affliction’s Third MMA Event Gets a Name and a Poster

(Image courtesy of via MMA Mania)As our friend Kris Karkoski points out, "Naming [...]

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Yes, There Will Be a ‘UFC 2010 Undisputed’

With UFC 2009 Undisputed an unqualified success both here and abroad, we won’t [...]

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Is “Shogun” Rua Getting the First Crack at Lyoto Machida?

(Gotta love Dana White’s newfound love of Twittering.)Well, look who stopped by the UFC office yesterday, oddly right [...]

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It’s Official — Quinton Jackson and Rashad Evans to Coach ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights’

(The question is, will Rampage get hit so hard he does "The Carlton"? Props [...]

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Brett Rogers Says He Wants to Hurt Arlovski; Not Interested in Being ‘Bouncey-Bouncey’

(On second thought, no, I wasn’t going to finish my sandwich. Please, by all means. Props to Read More

Hot Potato: Miesha Tate

  Yeah, that’s Miesha Tate showing off some of her assets (hi-yo!) in the new issue of Read More

If You’re Going to Xtreme Couture, Beware the “Greenlight”

Shawn Tompkins talks Greenlighting – Watch more Funny Videos There are two similar, but slightly different meanings [...]

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Machida and Rampage May Be Fighting in September, Won’t Be Coaching Against Each Other on ‘TUF’

UFC light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida and #1 contender Quinton Jackson are letting some cats out [...]

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The Ultimate Fighter 9.9 Recap: In Your Face

("Back, and to the left…back, and to the left…")With Jason Pierce pulled from the competition [...]

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Frank Trigg Coming Back to the UFC, Can a Reunion Fight With Matt Hughes Be Far Behind?

(When Frank Trigg finds himself in a jam, he just asks that suave son of a bitch in the mirror [...]

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Video: Shawn Tompkins Talks Brazilian Time, His “Fighter House,” + More

Shawn Tompkins talks training, future stars – Watch more Funny VideosI stopped in to Xtreme Couture while I [...]

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With Machida on Top, Is the UFC’s Light-Heavyweight Division Still ‘Stacked’?

(Lyoto may have put an entire weight class to sleep on Saturday. Photo courtesy of the last [...]

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Video: Gina Carano’s Boobs Are Fun to Play With

(Props: via TheGarv)During their recent Maxim Hot 100 2009 Special, E! got Gina [...]

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Belfort Tells Mousasi to Lose Weight, Mousasi Tells Belfort to Man Up

(It’s time you and Vitor had a talk about that investment portfolio he’s been managing for you. You better sit [...]

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Bizarre Call-Out of the Day: Mark Coleman Knows Lyoto Machida’s Weaknesses

(Photo courtesy of The Sun.) Thanks to his befuddling style and tendency to make opponents look [...]

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Mayhem Calls Jacare a “Vagina-Head Brazilian”

(Image courtesy of Props to MMA Mania for the tip.) Nothing like a crude [...]

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K.J. Noons Ditches Manager, Could Be Headed to Strikeforce

(What do you want to bet that particular hunk of metal and leather is hanging in a San Diego pawn [...]

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Bookings News: Aoki, Mousasi, Filho and More All Get Fights

(The flannel is coming back, bitches.)Fresh off this morning’s Dream.9, which we’ll go ahead and call a success [...]

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Hughes, Machida, Evans Top UFC 98 Fighter Payouts

(When you’ve got a championship belt on your shoulder and 200k in your pocket, all the ladies want a [...]

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Why Yves Lavigne Was Getting Booed on Saturday…

(Props: MMA Bloodbath) If you were paying attention during UFC 98, you probably noticed that every [...]

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Video: Dana White Might Be Overcompensating For His Homophobic Slur

Instead of releasing a timely, orderly stream of video blogs for UFC 98, Dana White and co. opted [...]

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Dream “Super Hulk” Videos: This Is What A Freak Show Looks Like

(Props: MMA TKO) If you sacrificed sleep to watch Dream.9 or [...]

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DREAM.9: Blow by Blow

(You know, Jason, it would be nice if your junk transitioned to a renewable energy source. Photo courtesy of Read More

Gina Carano Plays With Dolls

(Carano with Lil’ Gina.  Neither of them will go out with you.)Awww, having her own Round 5 MMA action figure [...]

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Heads-Up: DREAM.9 Liveblogging Starts Early Tomorrow at 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT

(It was at that moment that Jose realized his life had become unmanageable. Photo courtesy of [...]

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