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Classic Crush: 31 Photos of Betty Brosmer, Legendary Pin-Up Girl



Roy Nelson Knocks Out Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC Fight Night: Abu...

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UFC 171: Hendricks v Lawler

The Pay-Per-View Buyrate Estimates for UFC 169 and UFC 170 Are Not Awesome

Ronda Rousey might really be the biggest star the UFC has right now. That's good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it.

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13 Random MMA Fighters Who Somehow Have Their Own Wikipedia Pages

Despite holding zero victories in the UFC, these fighters have something Ilir Latifi does not: An actual Wikipedia page.

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Gegard Mousasi vs. Mark Munoz Booked as Main Event of UFC Fight Night Berlin on May 31st

It's not like Mousasi and Munoz aren't talented, exciting fighters, but there's virtually nothing at stake in the matchup and there's no local hook. Sheila Gaff vs. Benjamin Brinsa would have made more sense here.

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MMA Havoc Event At Route 66 Casino's Legends Theater

Quote of the Day: The UFC is “Not Interested Whatsoever” in Signing Holly Holm

Official CP Predicition: Holm and Rousey have booked as opposing coaches on the next, next, next season of The Ultimate Fighter and will fight in June of 2015.

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UFC Fight Night: Bazzera v Stephens

Barnburner Alert: Cub Swanson vs. Jeremy Stephens to Headline ‘Fight Night Something or Other’ on June 28th

The likelihood of the winner receiving a title shot? Kinda sorta maybe.

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Team Alpha Male Searching for New Head Coach as Duane Ludwig Leaves to Start Gym in Colorado

“It wasn’t f*cking supposed to be like this, man. I’m not going to bounce on anybody’s fight camp. Then [Faber] f*cking went and told the team and did a press release before I knew. I’m like, ‘What the hell?’...I was just giving Urijah the heads up...I think he kind of jumped (the gun).”

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UFC 118: Edgar v Penn 2

UFC 175 and TUF 19 Finale to Be Held on Same Weekend in Las Vegas, July 5-6

I don't know what's more insane — the UFC holding two events on the same day on two different continents, or the UFC holding two events on the same weekend in the same city, in the same damn venue.

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And Now He’s Retired: Steve Bosse Hangs ‘em Up Weeks After Signing with the UFC, Cites Nagging Injuries

Thanks for the memories, Steve. Enjoy that lucrative golf-career and Bob Barker ass-whooping you are inevitably destined for.

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Wednesday Afternoon Link Dump: Chael Sonnen’s Brazilian Vacation Home, Pat Barry’s GLORY Debut Set for May 3rd, Depressing Maury Povich Screen-Caps + More

Some must-see highlights from our bros around the blogosphere.

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lavigne maia crop

The ‘UFC Fight Night 38′ Danavlog Further Highlights MMA’s Need to Embrace the Instant Replay

"If I don't see it and you let it go, and if he says 'I didn't tap,' we're screwed." -- says Yves Lavigne.

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UFC 171: Hendricks v Lawler

Johny Hendricks Faces Surgery and Lengthy Recovery for Torn Bicep and Fractured Shin Sustained at UFC 171

Let's hope Hendricks can make it back by the end of the summer. The last thing we need is another absent welterweight champion.

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UFC 171: Condit v Woodley

Tyron Woodley Lashes Out at Joe Rogan for Biased UFC 171 Commentary

Even as Woodley dominated the majority of his match against Carlos Condit, it seemed like Rogan was instead doing a play-by-play about how Woodley was gassing out because he's too muscular.

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UFC 171: Sanchez v Jury

Gallery: The Ten Greatest Diego Sanchez “Come at Me Bro”moshops (So Far)

Everything about Diego Sanchez is pure, unbridled insanity.

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Classic Fight: Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 139 [VIDEO]

Hendo and Shogun's first bout went down back in November 2011, and featured five rounds of mutual abuse that was more like a two-man demolition derby than a professional MMA fight.

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Benson Henderson

Ben Henderson Becomes the Latest Fighter to Mistake Rustam Khabilov for Khabib Nurmagomedov, Agrees to June Showdown With “Tiger” in Albuquerque


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Head Kick Knockout of the Day: Drew Fickett Gets Smoked by Luis Felix at CES MMA 22

We wish we could say that Drew Fickett turned his career around when he found sobriety — that he became a terror on the regional circuit, and will be returning to the UFC any day now. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be in the cards.

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Is This “One-Second Knockout” Really the Fastest Knockout in MMA History? [VIDEO]

A timecode runs in the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen, stopping at 1.13 seconds, which would be incredible if it was an accurate reflection of when the fight ended. But it's not, really.

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UFC 171 Weigh-in

Definitively Ranking the Top Five Welterweight Contenders Following UFC 171

Nick Diaz will *not* be featured on this list.

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Nick Diaz Threatens Johny Hendricks With an Ass-Whoopin’, But Seems Pretty Happy For the Most Part [VIDEO]

"You wanna see drama queens act drama, you wanna see real motherfuckers act real?" Um. Yes?

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UFC 171: Condit v Woodley

Carlos Condit Suffered Meniscus Tear, Possible Torn ACL in UFC 171 Loss to Tyron Woodley

Carlos Condit's UFC 171 fight against Tyron Woodley started badly and got worse from there.

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diego tweet

Diego Sanchez Blames UFC 171 Loss to Myles Jury on Raw Quail Egg

You read the headline right. Diego Sanchez took to twitter earlier today to explain why he lost to Miles Jury at UFC 171. It wasn't due to age, strategy, or simply fighting from a previous era. No, the culprit was steak tartare with a side of raw quail egg...

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hendricks resized

UFC 171 Results: Why Are We Talking About Everyone BUT Johny Hendricks?

Hendricks defeated Robbie Lawler in one of the greatest fights in recent memory...but nobody really cares about that. Instead, all the buzz is about two stars of a bygone era—Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre.

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UFC 171 Results: Johny Hendricks Becomes New Welterweight Champion With Unanimous Decision Win Over Robbie Lawler

Plus: Tyron Woodley earns a TKO win over Carlos Condit thanks to a blown-out knee, and Myles Jury outpoints Diego Sanchez.

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UFC 168: Siver v Gamburyan

Dennis Siver Tests Positive for Testicle-Preserving Banned Substance

Dennis Siver has failed his UFC 168 drug test. The Russian-German fighter tested positive for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). For those not in the know, the drug is typically used post-steroid cycle. Its purpose is to restore the size of the testicles and kickstart testosterone production.

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Bellator 112 Results: Curran Submits Straus With Clutch Rear Naked Choke, Koreshkov Blasts Burrell

Injury considerably dimmed Bellator 112's star power, with War Machine and Joe Riggs withdrawing from the season 10 welterweight tournament due to injury (as well as Mark Scanlon but he's not as high profile). We received unheralded fighters Nathan Coy, Cristiano Souza, and Paul Bradley.

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‘UFC 171: Hendricks vs. Lawler’ Weigh-In Results [UPDATED...Hendricks Makes Weight on Second Attempt]

Will Diego Sanchez cartwheel his way to the stage? Only one way to find out, Nation.

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Friday Link Dump: Carlos Condit’s Title-Shot Promise Gets Nixed, Ronda Rousey’s New Legal Beef, Crazy Texas Mugshots + More

Some must-see highlights from our bros around the blogosphere. Click and support!

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Quote of the Day: Dana White Says Sonnen vs. Silva is Still Not Signed on Account of TUF Brazil 3 Issues

"It's not over money either. I can't tell you. It has to do with the show (TUF Brazil 3). It has to do with the show, that's all I can tell you."

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Daniel Straus Had to Cut His Damn Dreads Off to Make 145 Pounds at Yesterday’s Bellator Weigh-Ins

Between Straus's new hairstyle and the sudden removals of War Machine and Joe Riggs, the Bellator 112 poster has become one of the most outdated and inaccurate posters in MMA history. It's a crazy world, man. Everything is subject to change.

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: ‘UFC 171: Hendricks vs. Lawler’ Edition

Peoples is getting put to sleep at UFC 171. And for the first time since UFC 168, those peoples won't be the audience (*swishes three-pointer*)

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