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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Videos: Genghis Con’s Lyoto Machida Profile, Rashad Evans Talks Pee-Pee + More

(Props: GenghisCon) Just as he did with Rashad Evans, Genghis Con has [...]

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The Santino Defranco ‘TUF 9′ Blog #6: Damn You, Parce

(Jeff Lawson lives like he fights: Balls to the wall.)Sorry for missing last week’s blog. I have been [...]

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Happy Freaking Birthday, Bruce Buffer

(I dare you to watch this entire video and remain unpumped.  No, check that. I [...]

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Ben vs. Ben: UFC 98 Edition

(‘I come only to drink my own urine and win decisions. And I am all out of urine for at [...]

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Fedor Emelianenko, Josh Barnett Verbally Agree to Affliction III Match

(Josh’s "retarded proctologist" bit always brought a half-smile to Fedor’s face. Photo courtesy of Yes, Affliction has [...]

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The Ultimate Fighter 9.8 Recap: Adam Lambert Loses in Shocking Upset

TUF 9.8 Stoppage and Kara DioGuardi Strips Down – Watch more Funny Videos Last [...]

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Matt Brown Says Screw It, Won’t Fight at TUF Finale

(‘Why won’t you die!?’)Apparently deciding that if he can’t fight Anthony Johnson he’d rather fight no one at [...]

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Spencer Pratt Helps Create Worst MMA Rap Video Yet

Here’s how you know your MMA rap video is off to a really [...]

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New York Assembly to Vote on MMA Regulation Bill on June 3rd

(Vote ‘yes’ or Matt Serra will eat this baby. Photo courtesy of After months of debate and [...]

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DREAM Releases Fight Order for Epic 5/26 Card + More Japanese GP News

(Image courtesy of Maybe the word "epic" is overused on the Internet. Certainly Read More

Good News, Phil Baroni Is Still Acting Totally Sweet

(Baroni was kind enough to take a break from filming the new "Miami Vice" movie in order to drop by [...]

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The Unsupportable Opinion: Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida Is The UFC’s Best Title Fight in Nearly a Year

(Ready to make some magic, gentlemen?)Right off I’ll admit it: there isn’t anything glamorous about the Rashad Evans- Read More

Cheick Kongo Steps Up to Face Cain Velasquez at UFC 99

(Kongo dodges Al-Turk’s ferocious breakdancing attack at UFC 92. Photo courtesy of From a new [...]

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Videos: UFC 98 Danavlogs, ‘Kingdom of Mayhem’ Part 2 + Machida vs. Ishii

(Props: MMA Fanhouse) Dana White has been a busy little [...]

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Heath Herring Out of UFC 99, Nation of Germany Left Stunned and Reeling

(Yep, that’s what it looks like about four hours before you acquire a nasty virus.)Fresh off the news that Read More

WAMMA Now But An Empty Shell

(Let’s cut to the chase.  Is Fedor going to have to give back the belt or not?  Because his family [...]

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Andrei Arlovski vs. Brett Rogers Added to ‘Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields’ (!)

("Pee-pee-pee" vs. "Wobble-Wobble": Who ya got!?)Ho, baby. From a new press release sent out by Strikeforce:ST. [...]

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‘Behind the Octagon’ to Stream Backstage Video at UFC 98

(Image courtesy of Click for larger version.)The UFC has a special treat for those staying in [...]

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Oppressive German Regime Bans Minors From UFC 99

(May contain scenes of graphic violence.)Say you’re a German teenager and you were really looking forward to seeing Read More

Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 98

(Oh man, when Frank Mir hears Rashad launch into that joke about the two old nuns who stumble into the [...]

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Anthony Johnson Pulls Out of TUF 9 Finale With Injured Knee

(Photo courtesy of Bummer of the day, you guys: The welterweight scrap between Read More

Must See: Genghis Con’s Rashad Evans Profile + Bob Sapp’s Exercise Video

(Props: Genghis Con) In advance of Rashad Evans‘s title fight against Lyoto [...]

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Hey Time Warner Customers, You May Be Losing Your HDNet

(Just think, if you lose HDNet now you might miss Bob Sapp vs. Kinnikuman II: The Reckoning.  If you let [...]

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Video Hilarity: Brock Lesnar Lives to Hunt, Anderson Silva Is A Talented Mimic

(Props: Card on the UG) The good thing about hiring a former [...]

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Mirko Cro Cop Announces His UFC Return; Will Fight Al-Turk Next

(Mirko celebrates his 2002 K-1 victory over King Hippo.)Holy crap! It seems that scoring wins over Read More

Dana White Invades New York for ‘UFC Undisputed’ Media Push

  (Don’t you mean, "Just landed in nyc, *pussies*"? Image courtesy of UFC 2009 Undisputed [...]

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Video: BJ Penn Says He’s Done Fighting in Nevada

In B.J. Penn’s latest video blog he answers some fan mail and discusses his ongoing case against Read More

Wanderlei Silva Wants to Make This UFC 99 Fight a Little More Interesting

(‘You put mouth and money in same place, yes?’)Either Wanderlei Silva desperately wants to hurt former friend/current bitter [...]

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Kimbo Slice Planning to Re-Emerge as a Pro Boxer

(Kimbo poses with five of the college students he tutors. Photo courtesy of you’ve surely noticed, [...]

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Videos: ‘Countdown to UFC 98′ Preview, Hari KO’s Schilt

(Props: FightOpinion)In the above excerpt from the UFC’s next Countdown show (which premieres Thursday at [...]

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